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10 Apps that help you improve your Typing speed, while having some fun

Improve Typing SpeedTyping speed is once again becoming something every computer user should find ways to improve. As more of our daily lives involve being on computers, learning how to type efficiently is a skill everyone can benefit from. While some of us may remember typing classes and computer skills courses in school, not all of us have had the pleasure of learning how to type quickly and effectively.

Learning how to improve your typing speed is something anyone can do and with a few online tools, programs and practice – you can be typing furiously in no time.

Are you ready to improve your typing speed?

10 – Typingtest.com


TypingTest.com should be the first stop to grade your typing skills as they currently stand. You can very quickly choose how long you want to type for and a type of sample. For myself, I chose “1 minute” and “Rules of Baseball.”

You then have the set amount of time to type out what is in front of you to test your words per minute (WPM) and how many errors you committed during that time frame. This is a good judge of how well you type in sequence and can give you a better idea of where you want to go.

9 – Keybr.com


Keybr.com is another typing test like TypingTest.com except for this site they do not give you pre-defined text to type. This can be a more accurate way of checking WPM because it really forces you to be more accurate without your brain filling in the gaps while you type. When you click on the screen, you are given a set of scrambled words and spaces.

You begin typing, and the keyboard below the scrambled words shows you what keys to type next as well as any errors in red. This may seem like a more difficult type of typing test to some, but this really shows just how you brain processes what you need to re-type.

8 – TypeFaster Typing Tutor

typefaster typing tutor

TypeFaster Typing Tutor (try typing that three times fast) is a freeware program that can help tutor you in typing faster and more effectively. This program focuses on how to teach you to “touch type.” Touch typing means that you do not look at the keyboard when you type, instead you simply type and watch as your sentences form on the computer screen.

This can be a much more efficient way of typing, and the more you practice with TypeFaster Typing Tutor, the easier it becomes to make it a habit. This will improve your typing speed and give you confidence in your typing abilities.

7 – How Fast Can You Type the Alphabet?

how fast can you type the alphabet

How Fast Can You Type the Alphabet may seem like a really basic game, being able to type the alphabet extremely fast is a key indicator that you know where your keys are on the keyboard. This feat alone can improve your typing speed.

When your fingers and hands work together to find the right keys, especially when touch typing, you can speed up the amount you type no matter what you are working on. How Fast Can You Type the Alphabet is a great tool to see if you truly know a QWERTY keyboard or not.

6 – Stamina Typing Tutor

stamina typing

Stamina Typing Tutor offers a traditional method of typing as well as an alternative method that has proven to be more effective for those that have some issues with trying to type the way “everyone else does.” If you find yourself trying to learn to type properly and having issues with pain or just feel uncomfortable, give Stamina Typing Tutor a try.

The best thing about Stamina Typing Tutor is that it does not take its self as seriously as other typing software out there. You are given amusing sounds, images, and even music to practice to which can make it a little less like work and more like entertainment when practicing your typing prowess.

5 – RapidTyping

rapid typing

RapidTyping is a visually stunning freeware program that allows you to look at something more interesting while practicing your typing skills. This particular title is geared towards adults and kids which makes it the perfect way to start. If you are finding it difficult to stay focused when typing, RapidTyping offers the environment to keep you interested and typing.

From the get-go, it offers an online keyboard that shows you where to place your fingers and how to move them to type the most effectively. Rapid Typing is a great way to get started and keep practicing to get better at speed typing.

4 – Typing Invaders

typing invaders

Typing Invaders is a fun way to take a break from working on your skills and putting them to more practical use. In order to win Space Invaders, you have to type the correct words and sequences to shoot your way through the aliens coming after you. For anyone who has ever played Space Invaders, this is a nostalgic way to see just how you are improving your typing speed, accuracy and skill while having fun with it.

3 – QWERTY Warriors

qwerty warriors 2

QWERTY Warriors is a fun way to practice spelling short words with a goal in mind. While this may not seem like a way to improve typing speed and accuracy, you are wrong. By forcing you to type to “shoot and kill” your enemy before they can get to you, you are in race for your virtual life. This can motivate a struggling typist to “stay alive” while playing the game.

You would be surprised at what a motivator a simple game such as QWERTY Warriors can be to improve typing skills along with giving you a break from more traditional methods of typing training.

2 – Typeracer

type racer

Typeracer might be the right place to “take a break” from typing classes and practice, especially if something like QWERTY Warriors is not your thing. You can enter typing racers with other users on the site. When the green light prompts you to go, you type the complete sentence in front of you in a race against other users.

This not only tests how fast you type per minute but forces you to type correctly and go back to fix errors if you make them before continuing. This is a great way to test accuracy, speed and compete against others to motivate you to type more efficiently.

1 – Typingweb

typing web

Typingweb offers a free typing tutorial service that anyone can sign up for. It has “courses” you take online that start you out with the basics of typing and work your way up to more advanced subjects. Since it is all done on the web, you do not need to download any software to get started. As you begin to work your way through each course, you can gauge your progress as well as see areas where you need improvement.

Typingweb offers a way for anyone to learn how to type from the ground up for free where other websites, classes, and software can cost a fortune just to learn the basics. Once you have these basics down, there is nothing stopping you from being a typing machine.

How well do these apps work in improving your Typing speed?

There are a lot of people out in the world that cannot type accurately or quickly. If you are one of those people, you can change that with just a bit of practice each day. While I have ranked these web sites and software titles in the order I think they can help the most, you will notice that I have used games to help bolster skill, accuracy and to keep you interested in speeding up your typing skills.

If you want to truly increase your typing speed, you should make sure the experience is a mix of both work and play. If you set yourself up in such a manner, you won’t burn yourself out before you really see an improvement in your typing speed.

If you have any other websites or programs that have helped you or that might help others, let us know. We are definitely interested in how our readers at TechNorms are working to increase their own typing speed.