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TeuxDeux Is A Simple And Functional To-Do Web App

imageWeb based To-Do applications are a good way of tracking things to be done since they are available from any location with internet.

TeuxDeux is brand new web app designed by the veteran designer blogger, Swiss Miss. Its minimalist design helps you focus on the things you need “to-do”, rather than looking around.

TeuxDeux Usage and Features:

TeuxDeux is really easy to use and helps you keep a list of all the things you need “to-do” . It’s easy to organize the lists by simply dragging and dropping them around. The interface lets you look at the complete week in one glance.

You see what you need to do within the context of time, workload, and progress, and if needed sort out the lists quickly without reloading the page.

TeuxDeux Week Interface

You can view the events of the past and see what remaining to be done or plan ahead. TeuxDeux is essentially a Weekly to-do list, but there are something’s that don’t need to be done right away, but you want to remember them. In this case you can use the “Someday” section at the bottom.

The basic App is Free, but the developers may charge a minimal fee in future for a Premium version. This basic version, however, would always be free.

TeuxDeux Features:

  • Week overview of to-do tasks
  • Checking off done tasks
  • Delete tasks
  • Drag and Drop tasks
  • Someday bucket (to-be done some other day)

TeuxDeux in Action:

To get a better understanding of how this awesome app works, view the video demonstration of TeuxDeux in action.


TeuxDuex is a simple To-Do list organizer and would suffice the needs of most of to-do list fans. Check it out and let us know if you liked it and if there are any other services or apps you use to track your to-do lists?