Sikbox Logo Have you been on a blog or a website where you just type in the search query and a dropdown box shows the relevant search results? This kind of Live Search feature saves time for the visitor and he can quickly check for other posts on the topics that might interest him.

Until now implementing this kind of feature on your blog meant making a lot of changes in your blogs code, but now with Sikbox you can add this feature to your website in a jiffy.

SikBox “Live Search” Features:

Sikbox allows any blogger or website owner to add a “Live Search” box to their site. Its your website’s fancy but functional personal search engine. It’s extremely lightweight and works really fast.

  • Easy to install and use
  • No programming required
  • Extremely fast and lightweight
  • Fully customizable via skins or CSS
  • Image search support
  • Free as in beer

SikBox – Installation in 3 Easy Steps:

Sikbox supports all major blogging platform like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal. Before you implement this feature on your site, you can just key in your domain on the Sikbox website and see the live search results for your blog right there. You can then add it on your site in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Customize Your Search:

Customize SikBox Search

Sikbox lets you customize the way the search results would appear on your site. You can select the number of results that would show up (Option of 5,10 and 15 results), as well as choose a different template for your search box. If you are comfortable with CSS customization, SikBox lets you create your own theme.

Step 2 – Try out the Live Search:

Try out The Sikbox Live Search

You can key in any keyword  and check the search results for your website. For best results type in a keyword or phrase about which you write often. If don’t like the way the search results look, just modify the template in step 1.

Step 3 – Copy and Paste the code on your website:

Implement the Sikbox Code

The best thing about Sikbox is that you can add it anywhere on your blog. You can insert it in a single post or put it on the sidebar. Just copy and paste the code shown in step 3 anywhere on your site. Check out the SikBox demo for below

SikBox Live Demo for TechNorms:

Here we have inserted the Search box in the post itself. Key in any keyword like “Gmail”, “Chrome” or “Firefox” and see how it works. The best place to insert it however would be the sidebar of your blog.


SikBox has made the complex process of implementing live search on blogs very easy. It’s not only easy to implement but provides excellent results. If you would like idea of live search results on the Fly on your blog, try out Sikbox Live Search.