(1) starter imageIn June of 2011, Google introduced the +1 feature. The quickest way to explain this feature is to compare it to the Facebook “Like” option. When you hit Like on Facebook, it shows your interest in anything from status updates, pictures or videos and more. Google takes this concept a step further with +1.

When you +1 something on Google, it not only helps results show what is most popular among users but it also lets you share it with others across the various services Google has to offer. While Facebook also allows you to share web sites with your friends, Google lets you either share it with all your Circles or limit what you share.

As of August 2011, Google now utilizes the +1 as a way to share on Google+. This allows you to share things from across the web using the +1 platform. If you visit a site using it, you can click the +1 button to share what you have found. This means that the +1 feature allows you to share across the web as opposed to just things happening on Google+. This is where +1 has the Facebook Like function beat.

How to use the Google +1 feature

If you have not begun using the Google +1 feature yet, you probably have seen it on a variety of web sites you visit on a daily basis. Google boasts that more than one million web sites are using it. Now that you can easily share what you +1 on Google+, and as the social network grows, chances are more web sites will be using it in no time.

At TechNorms, we utilize the +1 feature to help share our articles amongst users and those who would be interested in our tech expertise.

This is an article on using CCleaner to clean your registry and keep your computer free of temporary files. The +1 button is located next to the Do You Like This Post text. You can click it to +1 the post.

(2) ccleaner article to illustrate vt 1

If you hover over the +1 button, it will prompt you to click it so you can publically share the page.

(3) hovering over 1 button

When you click the +1 button, not only does it let you know you have shared it, another box will appear underneath the message that will let you share on Google+.

(4) sharing option

Begin typing a message in that box and it will show you what the snippet with look like in your stream along with letting you choose which Circles to share it with. Once you have added your own information, click “Share” to share it to your Stream and add it to your +1 section on your Google+ profile.

(5) 1 to share with Circles

Visit your Google+ profile now, you will see the post appears in your Stream and is being shared with the Circles you chose. They can now +1 your post, comment on it or share it.

(6) 1 shared on my stream

When you share something you have +1’d, Google now calls this a +Snippet. Web designers can choose how a +1 displays snippets.

Not everyone will have access to sharing with +1 this way just yet, if you are impatient and do not want to wait for the rollout in the next week or so, you can sign up at the Google+ Platform Preview. Once signed up, you will begin to take advantage of certain features Google has yet to release publically on Google+. The group will even alert you to changes so you can be the first to check them out.

How to change +1 settings in Google+

If you are unfamiliar with the +1 section of your Google+ profile, click on the “Profile” link in the top header bar.

(7) profile

You will see the +1 link in the profile header bar. Click on it.

(8) profile bar

Whether you share a page that you have clicked the +1 button on or it, it will show up here for your Circles to check out when perusing your profile. If you opt not to share it via +1, this is the only way your Circles can see what you are out on the Internet +1’ing.

(9) 1's link

Before the +1 button was released to web designers, you could only +1 content that appeared on any of the Google networks. Now that it has been rolled out all over the Internet, you can turn on what you can and cannot +1 via your Google+ profile.

In order to do this, you want to click on your mini-picture in your Google+ profile. This is at the top right of your screen. Click on the “Account Settings” link.

(10) settings

Now, click on the “Google+” link in the Account Overview section on the left side of your screen.

(11) settings 2

Scroll down and find the “Google +1” bold header. If it is on, you can already begin +1’ing on any site on the Internet using the function. If it is off, you want to click “Edit” to enable it.

(12) settings 3

Simply click the circle next to “Enable” and click “Save” to begin your +1 campaign on your Google+ profile.

Does Google +1 make it easier to share?

When the +1 feature was first released by Google, most wondered if it would have an impact beyond bolstering search results or showing how popular a page was on the Internet. Then, when Google+ was released, most of those signing up for a field test invite wondered if the +1 was made for the social network all along. Those users were right.

Google +1 allows you to quickly share any page where a site has enabled the feature within seconds. While Facebook does the same, you have more control over what you share and who you share it with Google+ and the new integration of +1 into the social network.

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