google blogger app for iosGoogle seems to be giving more attention to its free blogging platform, Blogger. We’ve already told you about the new interface for Blogger that Google has started rolling out recently. Now, Google has just given additional love to Blogger by way of releasing a new mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Released as a universal app, the mobile Blogger app was first introduced for Android devices. Now, after a couple of months, Google has finally realized that it’s now time to give the same mobile blogging functionality for iPhone and iPod Touch (its also compatible with iPad but won’t scale up properly to the correct HD display). The result is this Blogger app.

About Google Blogger iOS App

We don’t have to dwell to long on discussing what Google Blogger is all about. Google Blogger is a widely used blogging platform since ages ago. In fact, many famous bloggers have started their blogging career using this free blogging platform.

For its Blogger app for iOS devices, Google made sure to make the app as simple as possible. With one ultimate aim – to provide a fast, efficient and simple way of blogging tool for people who are always on the move. Of course, these people need to have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to use the app.

Features of Google Blogger App

As mentioned, Google Blogger app is a pretty simple tool created with one simple purpose – to let you post on your blog even while you’re on the move. The key here is that you have to be mobile to appreciate what this app can do. This might also be one of the reasons why Google made this app as simple as possible without sacrificing its functionality.

blogger ios app blog view

According to the app’s description on the App Store, Google Blogger lets you do the following tasks:

  • Switch between your Blogger account/blog
  • Post pictures from your device’s camera roll or pictures you’ve just taken using your device
  • Add labels posts
  • Add location information
  • Save a post as draft or publish immediately
  • View a list of all your saved or published posts

Using Google Blogger iOS App

The app’s simplicity is one of its key features. From the simple design to the simple process of posting, this app will get you started into mobile blogging as soon as you fire it up. The first thing that you have to do upon opening the app is naturally to register to your existing Blogger account. If you have no Blogger account yet, you can still sign up to create a new account.

blogger app sign up screen and post canvass

Right after you’ve sign up, the app immediately takes you to the posting screen where you can immediately write your first post. When typing your post, you don’t have too many options at all. The main post composition screen consist only of the post title, post content, and labels. The rest of the icons that you can see on the screen are the “Save” and “Publish” on the top part of your device’s screen and the camera, image and location feature options below.

Take note, the app uses plain text editor. You really don’t have too much options to choose on this screen. To move to another screen, you have either save or publish your post immediately.

blogger ios app post list view

There is also has another view, this time for listing your previous posts. Just below the screen are three options that you can tap – for writing a new post, link to your blog and various options that you might want to play around with. These options include – switch blog, image settings, feedback, privacy policy, terms of services and sign out.

And those pretty much sum up what the Blogger iOS app can do. Although these are pretty basic features, they are still valid reasons on why you should use Google Blogger app.

Should you use the Google Blogger iOS app?

If you’re still maintaining a Google Blogger account, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t using Google Blogger iOS app. Even if you don’t normally blog while on the move, I’m pretty sure that at some point, you’ll find yourself needing to post on your blog while on the move. This app will surely come in handy during situations like that.  But as mentioned, this app is simple but functional.

Get the Blogger App from the App Store or Download it directly to your iOS device.

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