Women are now playing a vital role in software companies and with some remarkable success. There’s no index or graph where you could see data related to female coders, but now thanks to HackerRank, we have some solid stats at hand.

The Hacker Rank conducts coding challenges to help programmers get a job at the best companies in the world. A large number of developers from all over the world take part in challenges to show their expertise in various programming languages.

According to a test survey by HackerRank, the programming challenge test consisted of 17.1% female developers while male participation was 82.9%. That is a significant margin, but the women are closing in with each passing year.


[clickToTweet tweet=”India and Italy have the highest percentage of female coders, while women from Russia, Poland & China score the best.” quote=”According to HackerRank data, India and Italy have the highest percentage of female developers, while women from Russia, Poland, and China score the best.”]

Top Countries With the Largest Share of Female Coders


India has the largest share of female programmers, as seen in the chart above, with an impressive 22.9% share of all participants. Surprisingly, United Arab Emirates comes a close 2nd with 21.0%.

The United States is the second largest contributor of male programmers, but the female coders don’t even make it on the top 10 list. It is at 11th rank with a 14.8% contribution.

Top Countries Which Have the Best Female Developers


Although India has the most female coders, they are placed at the 9th position overall in the world, when it comes to performance. Once again, United States miss out on the top 10 spot, ending up on 14th rank.

In the class of best female programmers, Russia tops the list with an average score of 244.7.

How the Top 10 countries Stack up in the Software Development Arena

#1 Russia


Information and Technology is one of the most vital sectors of the Russian economy. Since the year 2000, their IT is growing at the rate of 30-40%. Russia is the third leading country in the offshore software development and controls 3% offshore software development market in the world.

Russia has their home grown internet Search Engine – Yandex. It is the most popular Search Engine among Russians. It is used by 53.8% internet users across the country. So their dependence on external sources is reduced significantly.

Russia shows the promise of homegrown Internet companies.

#2 Italy


Italy is a well-known country for the business economic sector as well as the second largest manufacturer in Europe.

In the case of the IT sector, major investment areas for the Italian Software Industry are E-Commerce, Cyber Security, Security, Business Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Outsourcing and Offshore software development.


#3 Poland


Information and Technology sector is one of the most vital sectors of Polish national economy. Various multinational companies have set up research and development centers in Poland.

Companies world over prefer Poland for their highly qualified labor force. Poland has some great Universities that churn out good quality graduates every year. So the overall future of the IT sector looks bright in Poland.

#4 China


The technology industry in the China has developed rapidly in the last few decades. Chinese Information Technology market is booming. On the bright side, World’s largest e-Commerce market is in China mainly driven by fast-paced infrastructure growth and a burgeoning technology-savvy population. Also, some world-class companies have set up their base in China.

On the dark side of IT, China encourages illegal cyber-crime practices by bankrolling hackers which have led to a significant growth of computer-related crimes in 2016.

An academic release in 2012, by University of California and Institute for Global Cooperation, allege that Cyber black market of China negatively affected 110 Million internet users (22%) and 1.1 Million websites (20%) in 2011.


#5 France

france-female-developersFrance is third largest Information and Communication Technology sector in Europe. In the France, Cloud Computing is growing at a fast pace. The French market consists of over 100 dedicated data center for companies around the world.

The headquarter of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) is located in the Paris, France. The country has a world-class telecommunication network which will further fuel the requirements for software developers.


#6 Romania


Romania is the fastest booming market in Eastern and Central Europe. In Romania, there are around 10,000 specialists in the IT industry. Romania is the third leading country after India and China in the offshore software development. It controls 5% offshore software development in the world, beating Russia among other.

Romanian IT industry has shown 40-60 percent growth every year, since 1994. Romanian Government has played a vital role in the growth of IT industry in the country.


#7 Germany


Information Technology is one of the major industries in the Germany.

Every year Germany hosts one of the world’s largest IT fairs – CeBIT. Last year around 3,300 exhibitors from 70 countries participated in this show and is considered to be a barometer for the current trends in the computer industry.

German companies have filed, around 12% of International Patent applications in the field of Information and Communication Technology which shows a high level of research and innovation taking place in German IT industry.


#8 Singapore


State own Singtel provides the internet in Singapore. Singapore has a major economic base on Information and Communication Technology. Singapore was placed as the most Tech Ready Nation in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Tech Report.

According to the survey of Deloitte, Singapore has world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, which further boosts the prospects of IT industry in that country.

#9 India


India is world’s second largest Information Technology exporter, and it is identified around the world for its rapid growth in the IT sector. This industry contributes up to 40% in the country’s GDP. Information Technology services have its beginnings from Mumbai in 1967.

IT Services and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are the two principal parts of the Indian IT industry. The research industry is focusing goal towards the cloud computing, mobile computing, and software as service (SaaS).

India provides the world with tremendous cost advantage when it comes to IT related projects which has made it a hot destination for global IT companies.

#10 United Kingdom


The United Kingdom’s software development industry includes the companies that develop system software, application software, web pages, and databases. UK programmers write, modify and test software extensively.

Software development industry is playing an important role in the United Kingdom’s economy.



In the above article, we have seen the role of Software development, Information and Communication Technology (I&CT) industries in the economy development of various countries. Some of the countries have a major economic dependence on the I&CT and Software related services and which has contributed to the increase of their GDP.

The Hacker Ranks testing report gives us a brief idea about women’s contribution to the Information and Communication Technology industry.

With the advent of educational programs and governments supporting the growth of this sector in coming years women’s in this sector contribution is bound to increase.