Chrome - © TechNorms If you love music and listen to it online you must be familiar with – which is world’s largest online music catalogue and popular Internet radio site for streaming music. Wouldn’t it be great if you could play songs right from your browser without opening any media player or a music website?

Since Google Chrome opened support for Extensions some amazing extensions have been created. A Google Chrome extension called Free Music Player helps you play music from directly. It’s not only easy to use but also very convenient. Let’s see how it works  and look at some of its features and settings. Free Music Player for Google Chrome In Action: Player in Chrome - © TechNorms The Music Player integrates the interface into Google Chrome. When you install this extension, you would see a button for Music Player player at the top right corner of your browser.

When a song is playing you can just hover over the button to see the name of the song. The button itself shows the remaining playtime of the song.

When you click on the player button you get a dropdown of the songs playlist. You can play or pause any song from this list. Player Dropdown - © TechNorms

It has the option to repeat songs or stop after playing a specific song. You can also enable the scrobbling of songs with this extension. You have to give permission to this extension access to your account.

Playing Songs With The Free Music Player:

When you first install the extension you need to visit the your account and go to a playlist page. You can visit any artists album or your own playlist page. Once there, click on the Music Player Button and it will pick up the songs from the page and remember them. You can then close the website.

Playlist Library - © TechNorms

When a new song starts playing you get notifications about the name of the artist and the song above the system tray.

Song Notifications - © TechNorms Music Player Extension – Settings & Features:

You can access the options for the extension by right clicking on the Player button in the top right corner.

Access Options - © TechNorms

You can select if you want to see notifications for new songs, playing previews if the song isn’t found and select an external song search engine.

Settings - © TechNorms

Some Features of this extension:

  • Scrobbling support
  • No Flash Required
  • Play music in background
  • A Simple music player integrated into Google Chrome
  • Can play  recommendations and albums in one click
  • New Song Notifications


Like most of you I like listening to music while surfing the internet or even while writing blog posts. I’m thoroughly enjoying this extension and I think so will you. Give it a try.

Install Free Music Player Extension for Google Chrome.

Let us know if you liked it and if it met your expectations in the comments section below.