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The Most Independent and Unbiased News Sources in US Today

In a world where money and vested interests have control over journalistic integrity, thankfully there are still a few independent and unbiased news sources. These are the ones that try to maintain a neutral status and give the readers a factual representation of reality in the world.

Here we have a list of the most independent news sources in the US that are probably the most unbiased news sources.  They belong to the dominant, mainstream media which are gigantic yet very credible.

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List of the Independent And Unbiased News Sources

Definition of ‘Independent and Unbiased News Sources: News sources and media outlets are considered “Independent” when they are not controlled by the vested interests of the government, corporations or any other social, economic or politically powerful entity. They are also called ‘Alternative Media’ to clearly distinguish them from the mainstream media.


High – The news sources that denote high indulgence in Facts only.
Mixed – The news sources that indicate a balance of both Facts and Opinions.

Most Unbiased News Sources in the US

News sources and media outlets are considered unbiased when their reporting is neutral, impartial, without any prejudice and based entirely on facts.

1) Associated Press – One of The Best Unbiased News Sources

Created and owned by five New York newspapers, Associated Press is a multinational, non- profit news agency headquartered in New York City. It also has other radio and television stations as partners.

This is one of the most unbiased news sources we have today.

From covering breaking news to investigative reporting, Associated Press uses objective language and refrains from sensationalism. The employees at Associated Press prevent bias and favoritism by maintaining a strict neutral decorum of behavior and activities.

Factual Reporting- Very High

2) Reuters

World’s leading international news agency, Reuters is always at the forefront of real-time breaking news that has a high-impact global multimedia content. Reuters is known to provide news that is unbiased, free, and extremely objective.

Using minimally biased language in reporting, Reuters is the corporate industry’s main source of rational information for big corporate houses and working executives.

Reuters strives to preserve the news that it gives an independent, full of integrity, and completely free from any social or economic bias. They refrain from using emotional terms and making value judgments concerning the facts, in order to report accurately and fairly.

Factual Reporting- Very High

3) Bloomberg News

Headquartered in New York City, Bloomberg News was founded in 1981 by businessman Michael R. Bloomberg. Bloomberg News is a division of Bloomberg L.P. This organization has a gamut of services like a global television network, digital websites, radio stations, newsletters, and magazines under its corporate umbrella.

The main activities that it concentrates on is public health, art and culture, the environment, education, and even governance. While breaking stories they take care to use objective headlines that border lightly on emotions.

Bloomberg connects important decision makers to a live set of processed data, people and original thoughts. With very well written articles and adherence to unbiased reporting, Bloomberg News provides refreshing content to the readers.

Factual Reporting- High

4) PBS News/ PBS NewsHour

For more than three and a half decades, Americans and global citizens of every age and culture have relied on MacNeil/Lehrer Productions for objective and unbiased reporting. Naturally, then we believe that this is one of the most trusted news programs in television.

Using credible sources of information, PBS News publishes factual information that utilizes loaded words to favor liberal causes. The PBS NewsHour program has a decidedly unique advantage as it has paced broadcasts above its competitors, that allow for more in-depth details to be included.

PBS News produces high-quality journalism that is sourced, unbiased news and factual reporting. In its, NewsHour, PBS covers serious issues as well as current affairs, in the most thorough manner.

Factual Reporting- High

5) The Wall Street Journal – Highly Popular as Unbiased News Sources

Launched in 1889 and headquartered in New York City, The Wall Street Journal is an international business newspaper that solely concentrates on money, finance, investments along with corporate news.

When reporting regular news, The Wall Street Journal uses simple words that are facts and represent information in the most neutral manner. Factual research reveals that they have never failed a fact check regarding news reporting and their news articles are properly sourced to credible media outlets.

The Wall Street Journal’s newsroom staff has a reputation for non-partisan and unbiased reporting. Although the Journal’s top editors stress on the need for independent and impartial news, it does have a streak of pro-liberalism.

Factual Reporting- Mixed

6) Axios

Axios media or Axios is a rather new American news and information website that was founded just a couple of years ago. Its mission is to make the readers aware of the news and information that “matters” and is one of the most unbiased news sources.

Focussing on business, technology, politics and media trends; Axios aims at delivering the cleanest, fastest, smartest, most efficient and trustworthy experience for the readers. It often indulges in quoting people making official statements and factual research reveals that Axios has never failed a fact check.

Axios also prefers native advertising instead of banner ads, pop-up ads or even clickbait titles. The website’s articles are known for brevity, minimal usage of loaded language and sourcing to credible media outlets.

Factual Reporting- High

Most Independent News Sources in the US

1)  Truthout

Truthout is a non-profit, progressive news organization that has a website. It also publishes a daily newsletter that is dedicated to providing fair news.

Truthout does not accept any advertising in order to maintain high ethical quality while publishing political news articles, opinion pieces, and video reports. They reveal injustice and provide a platform for ideas that transform through investigative journalism.

Their power lies in critical analysis, urging the readers to think and take their own decisions based on the presented facts.

Factual Reporting- Mixed

2) Reason

Reason, an American libertarian magazine that is published monthly was founded in 1968 by Lanny Friedlander. It boasts of having a circulation of around 50,000.

With a tagline of “free minds and free markets,” Reason has a huge array of topics that include politics, culture, news, analysis, and of course commentary.

The magazine deals with the news from a libertarian perspective. Although libertarian beliefs vary, they are commonly described as being socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

If you are looking for a fresh alternative to a right-wing and left-wing opinion, then Reason can be the best read.

Factual Reporting- High

3) Democracy Now – A Good Option Of Unbiased News Sources

Democracy now produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Their reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with influential people, that cover the world’s most critical issues.

Run on voluntary donations from its varied listeners or readers, Democracy Now stands out from the other dominant media consolidations, especaially on this stand.

On Democracy Now, you will hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, and providing a proactive perspective on global events.

Since it is an independent news program supported by the audience, editorial freedom is never hindered by corporate or government interests.

Factual Reporting- High

4) Reveal

Founded in 1977 as nation’s first non-profit investigative journalism organization, Reveal is known as one of the most unbiased news sources, innovative and a credible media outlet.

Popularly, Reveal is known to be a center that caters to deep investigations and meticulous reporting. For it engages and empowers the general public through its great investigative journalism.

They publish factual information that uses influential words to favor liberal causes.

It is known for revealing scandals or corruption in government agencies and corporations. The news stories that Reveal covers, spark action, improves lives and protects the democracy.

The award-winning journalists at Reveal hold the powerful accountable for government fraud, human rights violations and threats to public safety.

Factual Reporting- High

5) The Intercept

Launched in 2014 by First Look Media, (which is a non-profit organization) The Intercept is a news organization that flashes news about national security, digital privacy, government secrets, politics, and even international affairs.

Founded by former Guardian columnist, Glenn Greenwald, it is dedicated to fearless reporting and adversarial journalism. It focuses on the freedom of the press, providing aggressive content and imposing transparency.

The Intercept favors progressive liberalism. It provides well informed but sensational crime and detection stories.

Factual Reporting- High

6) ProPublica – One of the Unbiased News Sources

Founded in 2007 by businessman Herbert Sandler, ProPublica is an independent, non-profit organization based in New York City. It boasts of doing an in-depth study and covers topics like governance, political agenda, business matters and of course crime.

As a non-profit media outlet and an unbiased news source, ProPublica’s work is funded by the donations of its readers. It leaves no stone unturned, as far as issues with social and economic relevance are concerned. The focus is always on the stories that may threaten public trust and betrayal.

ProPublica’s reporting has contributed to immensely to the betterment of society at large. It aims to bring about change by highlighting all the wrongdoings of people and organizations in power.

Factual Reporting- High

7) The David Pakman Show (YouTube)

Hosted by David Pakman, The David Pakman Show is a nationally syndicated progressive talk show which airs on tv and radio. The focus of the show is modern North-American politics and society. He also very often touches topics that are socially relevant, with the aim of questioning the general morales.

The David Pakman Show is noted for interviewing a large number of extremist personalities in an effort to expose their views. Pakman often does this as he knows that these guests engage the audience the most.

The David Pakman show is a bastion of independent news media in an era of chaos and disorder. He articulates the details with finesse and speaks objectively with a grounded voice.

Factual Reporting- Mixed

8) The Majority Report with Sam Seder (YouTube)

Hosted by actor-comedian Sam Seder, The Majority Report with Sam Seder is a listener supported, internet talk program. The show has big discussions regarding news, events, and politics that are viewed from a progressive angle.

As an independent online podcast, The Majority Report sticks to honest representations of Sam Seder’s political adversaries and getting beneath the surface in politics.

Sam Seder is articulate and fearless thereby producing podcasts that are relevant and informative. His USP is to offer premium subscriptions to the podcasts with an explanation.

Factual Reporting- Mixed

9) The Jimmy Dore Show (YouTube)

The Jimmy Dore Show is hosted by James Patrick Anthony Dore, who is an American stand-up comedian and a political commentator. His political views are known to be liberal, that find popularity with anti-establishment issues too.

The Jimmy Dore Show is actually a commentary series that focuses on politics. It is published under The Young Turks banner, that boasts of having more than 400,000 readers or subscribers. In his talks, Dore claims that he exposes conspiracy theories.

He adds humor to the serious issues of our political and social discourse while giving a perspective the mainstream media will never give. With a refreshing and liberal point of view, Jimmy speaks of the truth with power and integrity.

Factual Reporting- Mixed

List of the Establishment Media As Unbiased News Sources

Establishment Media: The media houses exhibit certain long-standing biases and promote an existing system of governance and thought. This is at the expense of new and objective perspectives and is known as the Establishment Media.

Credible media being the need of the hour, you can trust them with the sources and facts since they have a status quo to maintain.

1) The New York Times – Top Contender For Unbiased News Sources

The New York Times was founded in 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond George Jones. It prides itself with the fact that it has never ever stopped publishing since then.

The New York Times’ coverage includes News (World news, National news, Business news), Opinion pieces, editorials and a lot of entertainment/leisure features. Considered as one of the most reliable sources of information, The New York Times is high on the popularity charts.

Using credible sources for reporting and disseminating news, the New York Times’ story selection is typically balanced. They look at the issues from a progressive perspective, and their views are regarded as liberal.

Factual reporting – High

2) USA Today

USA today is an internationally distributed American daily founded in 1982 by author and columnist Al NeuHarth. It covers national and world news, including entertainment and pop culture.

They launched their website in 1995. It is now an award-winning website that is updated consistently. USA Today network is known to provide unbiased reporting with “A Principles of Ethical Conduct For Newsroom” This can be viewed here.

The unique feature is its style that can easily boast of having influenced local, regional and national newspapers worldwide.

USA Today publishes factual information that utilizes loaded words and generates trustworthy information using credible sources. Concise reports and informational graphics are USA Today’s most distinctive features.

Factual Reporting- High

3) The Washington Post

Headquartered in Washington D.C., The Washington Post was founded way back in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins. It is most read newspaper in the US capital and is counted as one of the leading daily American newspapers that comes without any bias.

Over the years, it has distinguished itself through its spectacular political reporting. This includes the activities within the White House, the working of the Congress, and even the US government that is in power.

According to Pew Research, it appears as if The Washington Post finds more favor with liberals rather than the conservatives.

Hiring the best and brightest reporters and producing big scoops, The Washington post is arguably the most forward-thinking in present times. It also believes in trying new digital strategies that have boosted readership.

Factual inclination and trustworthy information make The Post one of the most credible sources in the US today.

Factual Reporting- High

4) ABC News

Founded in 1945, ABC News is the news division of the American Broadcasting Company also known as “ABC”. This corporation is owned by the Disney Media Networks division of the Walt Disney Company. Incidentally, way back in 1943, ABC began as a radio network, and today is heralded as one of the most unbiased news sources.

A mainstream media source, ABC News prides itself for its clean fact check record and a low-on-the-emotions content.

ABC always cross-checks its sources and the information so that no fault can ever be found.

Hiring experienced and respected journalists, ABC’s reporters make dedicated efforts in in-depth research and are meticulous in the dissemination of news. They make a good-faith effort to be thorough and fair to the facts.

Factual Reporting- High


So if have been wondering if all “news” is paid and completely biased as regarding influencing the general public’s opinion, then the above list of unbiased news sources should reassure you. Yes, good journalism is very much surviving robustly through these independent, unbiased news sources that also include some big established media houses.

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