Alexa has thousands of different skills that vary from telling you what to do and help you choose your tasks for the day. Amazon Echo device enables users to control their smart home with simple verbal commands. But, not many people know about Alexa gamesAmazon’s Alexa device boasts of some fun games that are engaging and perfect for entertaining family and friends.

We’ve curated a list of games to play with Alexa that you can play using your Echo device. From voice games to educational games, be it a memory game, adventure game, board game, or interactive game, Alexa users are definitely in for a surprise. 

How to Command Alexa to Start Playing the Game?

Well, no one wants to waste time using the wrong voice command. We’ll tell you what exactly should be said to Amazon Alexa, so that the voice assistant plays your game.

Here are a few examples:

1) “Alexa, begin Dungeon Adventure.”

2) “Alexa, open Bingo.”

3) “Alexa, play Would You Rather.”

4) “Alexa, start Akinator Safari.”

So, if you’re stuck and unable to play an interactive game, remember to use words like ‘begin,’ ‘start,’ ‘play,’ and ‘open’ followed by the name of the great game. Alexa will understand what you’re trying to say and get it started.

56 Best Alexa Games for the Ultimate Fun

What would you go for? Choose an adventure game or kid-centric educational games or voice games? Also, at times, Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, works better if you jot down notes, so we’d recommend you keep a paper and pencil handy. Although it cannot replace the board game fun, Amazon’s Alexa is here to stay and slay!

Alexa Games Based on Adventure and Stories

1. Dungeon Adventure

1 dungeon adventure alexa games

Image Credit: Greg Clarke/Flickr

Dungeon Adventure is perfect for those who love fantasy role-playing. In this Echo game, Amazon Alexa app is your guide and the Dungeon Master. You are the hero of Ravensburg town and have  Your job is to save your town from the attack of evil necromancers and the monsters.

As the game progresses, you get to build on your character’s attributes like intelligence and strength. The best interactive game on Alexa, The Dungeon Adventure, also contains various monsters and traps.

The Amazon Alexa skill here is dynamic which means that the content is updated in real-time based on inputs from the developer.

Check out Dungeon Adventure

2. The Magic Door

the magic door

Have you ever played an adventure game with your smart speaker? If not, you might want to start here, since it is not easy to go back to Alexa’s voice app after listening to a game with actual voice actors.

One of the most interactive Alexa games, you get to solve riddles, collect unknown and secret items, and assist the mystical creatures in the magical land with original adventure stories. Do not forget to turn on notifications to enable this Amazon Alexa skill.

Check out Alexa The Magic Door

3. Escape The Room

Escape the Room is a great game designed to test your game skill based on your observation powers. You are trapped in a room and have to solve puzzles to make your way out of it.

There are five escape room designed based on the difficulty level that you choose. The interaction takes place by using three basic actions and a chain of voice command for Alexa users. 

Check out Alexa Escape the Room

4. Jack Ryan: November Morning

Based on the Jack Ryan series by Amazon Prime Video, this interactive game has five chapters. Each game requires the players to solve puzzles and uncover new information based on a clue, which leads to the end.

You are the leader of a trio of CIA field operatives chasing a cunning and intelligent enemy. Do keep a paper and pen handy to keep track of the new hints and clues the game throws at you. It is one of the most interesting Alexa games we’ve played so far.

Check out Jack Ryan: November Morning

5. Earplay

One of the best Alexa games, Earplay has stories that players influence with their choices. It consists of audio stories, voice acting, sound effects, where you become a part of the story through voice games. 

Earplay has five stories for you to choose from, making the Echo game fit for the entire family. Though it is one of the most highly rated skills on the Amazon Store, not all the stories in the Earplay skill are suitable for all ages. Parental review and guidance is essential for playing it.

Check out Earplay

6. The Dark Citadel

If you’ve played and loved the famous online game Dungeons and Dragons, you will love The Dark Citadel too. An interactive game filled with adventure, the player in The Dark Citadel has to save the kingdom of Alderton. Amazon’s Alexa narrates the background story and your quest very well. She allows Alexa users to ask questions in-between, thereby making it fun and interactive. 

Be prepared for a war against the enemies and put up a fight by forming strong alliances. With fantasy sound effects and an all-immersive track, quite similar to the one they have in Game of Thrones, The Dark Citadel is one of the best Alexa games. The chapter-based gameplay requires you to crack clues and find the hidden items as you progress.

Check out The Dark Citadel

7. Yes Sire

One of the best Alexa games, Yes Sire, requires you to answer questions to determine your fate.

You are a medieval lord who is trying to live under and survive a temperamental king’s reign. The monarch won’t be happy if you are too rich or too poor. So, use your smart skill, save yourself and be as witty as possible with the trivia questions!

Check out Yes Sire

8. RuneScape Quests – One Piercing Note

RuneScape is an online role-playing game. As an adventurer, you are given the task of solving the murder mystery of the abbey. Unlike The Wayne Investigation, this game is Alexa-free, which helps you keep up with the atmosphere of the deserted abbey, which may or may not contain a demon.

Well, some of the details are pretty gruesome. There, we’ve warned you. Plus, parental guidance is essential for kids.

Check out RuneScape Quests – One Piercing Note

9. Hunt The Yeti

hunt the yeti

If you have played the popular computer game Hunt The Wumpus, which was released in 1972, you will find similarities in Hunt The Yeti. Also known as Yeti Hunt, this adventure game is a fun interpretation of its predecessor. Ask Alexa to launch the game and layout the rules. 

Are you up for the challenge? One of the most interesting Alexa Games, Hunt The Yeti, feels like a good old classic game wrapped in new packaging and you would not want to stop playing it. 

Check out Hunt The Yeti

10. Infected

One of the best games you can play with Alexa, Infected, is based on a book written by James Schannep. It puts you in the middle of a zombie attack.

If you want to try another choose-your-own-adventure style game, you must give this audio game series a shot. You can decide to take on the zombies armed with nothing except your bat. Or, how about grabbing your stuff and heading up to the attic? You can also find refuge in the basement. 

The game is designed for adults, and there’s plenty of dark humor. The dark twists and turns keep all players engaged. Have you heard of the celebrated voice actor and novelist R.C. Bray? He narrates the game.

Check out Infected

11. The Vortex

Some Alexa games are exceptionally made and well put-together. The Vortex is surely one of them. With a science-fiction narrative, the game skill to fight and survive aliens is what you need.

Build characters, create your own army, form new relationships, and make your presence felt in the running story. The Vortex’s storyline is very detailed, and you would want to play the adventure game over and over again.

Check out The Vortex

12. The Wayne Investigation

The game might have been designed to promote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it is super fun to play. If you are on the lookout for Alexa games that require you to unravel mysteries, you must play The Wayne Investigation.

The game is a bizarre mix of noirish music, voice actors, various sound effects, and Alexa. The smart speaker prompts you to make your choices and also chimes when you make a poor choice.

Check out The Wayne Investigation

Alexa Games To Play With Friends

13. Meanie

Unlike the conventional Alexa games, Meanie is fun and a laugh riot when played in big groups. While playing Meanie, you allow the virtual assistant to be mean to you and your friends. 

Wish to take revenge with a friend who beat you in a game the other day? Ask Alexa to be specifically mean to an individual. Please note that to play this Alexa game, every participant must be 18 years of age. Sorry kid, you’re not allowed! 

Check out Meanie

14. Truth Or Dare – Spin The Bottle

truth or dare

Image Credit: Julie Jordan Scott/Flickr

This game is a combination of two-party games, and there are no points for guessing which ones. Alexa spins an imaginary bottle and tells you the name of the person it lands on. From there, the player has to choose between truth or dare.

Depending on your or your friend’s answer, Alexa chooses from the 220 questions and tasks that she has up her sleeve. 

Check out Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle

15. Would You Rather

would you rather

Image Credit: Christian Borquez/Flickr

One of the best Alexa games, Would You Rather, has the potential of turning a regular social gathering into a great party scene. The classic game makes its way to Amazon Echo with a series of weird and entertaining questions. 

The Alexa enabled device recognizes when a player does not give a complete answer. Would You Rather can be played as a party ice-breaker, or with a group of friends. Your family will love this Alexa game as it’s kid-friendly. You can let Alexa listen for longer if a player needs some time to answer.

Check out Would You Rather

16. True or False

The idea of this Alexa enabled game is simple. You only have to answer true or false to a chain of questions that the smart speaker, Alexa, throws at you. While some questions are straightforward, others might be tricky.

Every time you guess correctly, you might end up learning something new since the Amazon assistant often follows up with more facts. One of the best Alexa games that can be played in multiplayer mode, True or False, is a real fun game.

Check out True or False

17. Either Or

This party game makes players choose between two silly and cheerful scenarios. Alexa voice app then tells you what percentage of people agree with you and select the same. The questions are unique, fun, engaging, and perfect for family gatherings.

You are in for a blast if you are a Harry Potter fan. They have a Harry Potter edition included in this Amazon Alexa skill, which is unexpectedly entertaining. One of the best Alexa games, Either Or, is an excellent ice breaker. 

Check out Either Or

18. Song Quiz

song quiz

One of the most exciting additions to our Alexa games list is Song Quiz. The voice assistant plays a snippet of a song as a clue. The players guess either the name of the song or the artist.

You can choose any decade between the 60s to 2010s and play the game either solo or with a group of friends. 

Now and then, the Alexa enabled device tells how skilled you are. For instance, that you are among the 18% who got both the song and the artist right for a particular song. 

Check out Song Quiz

19. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Amazon Echo already has a rock paper scissors game built-in that can be played right out of the box. But to spice things up and add an entertainment quotient, use the more advanced version, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. 

One of the best kid-friendly Alexa games, it takes into account the number of times you win and also declares a winner.

Check out Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Alexa Word Games

20. Word of the Day

word of the day

One of the most interesting Alexa games to play, Word of the Day, goes beyond just teaching players a new word every day. 

Say, “Alexa, open Word of the day,” and the word pop game will begin. Not only new words, but Alexa also checks and questions your expertise later. One of the best educational games for those who want to increase their vocabulary skill.

Check out Word of the Day

21. Spelling Bee

If you think you are a master of spellings, you must play this fun Alexa game. Spelling Bee is all about guessing the correct spelling of words, ascertaining the right meanings of words, and giving examples in which the word would deem fit. 

You can either play the game live and challenge your friends to compete against you or play solo. The game includes stimulating daily challenges and gets addictive. 

Check out Spelling Bee

22. Hanagram

There are not too many games that work with the Amazon Echo button yet, but Hanagram is one of them. In this two-to-four-player anagram game, the voice assistant reads out a category, gives the player clues, and announces each letter out of order.

Players then buzz in and guess what they think is the correct answer. One of the best Alexa echo device educational games, Hanagram, is the most highly rated games on the Amazon Store. 

Check out Hanagram

23. Categories Game

Have you played Scattergories before? Very similar to that, you get a letter in the Categories game. Each word you give should start with that letter. Alexa then reads out the categories, one at a time. 

This isn’t the most competitive mode, so even if you give the most obvious answer, you won’t be penalized. However, in the board game Scattergories, if you and the other player give the same answer, no one gets the point.

Check out Categories Game

24. Word Play

Have you played Wheel of Fortune before? It is similar to playing Wheel of Fortune but, of course, without the light-up letters.

For this interactive game, Let us assume that your word starts with “b” and “l,” and you guess bland. Alexa then tells you that “b,” “l,” and “a” are in the right positions, “d” is in the wrong spot, and “n” is not there in the word at all. Opting for the word “blade” next would be a good idea.

Check out Word Play

25. Heads Up

To play one of the most exciting Alexa games, Heads Up, you need to buy a deck of cards that contain the words you need to guess. Alexa provides you with the hints you will need to correctly guess the word on the card correctly.

Players have to try to guess the meaning behind the clues given by using their imagination. You can also avail of an ‘adults only’ deck which has mature content that is not suitable for younger players. 

Check out Heads Up

26. Guess My Name

Although you can play this Alexa game alone, it is a lot of fun when played in a group. Alexa gives you a series of trivia questions and clue in your chosen category be it actors, countries, or animals.

Your task is to guess what you think she is describing and make sure you do it correctly before anyone else does. Guess My Name is one of our most favorite Alexa games. 

Check out Guess My Name

27. Amazing Word Master Game

An interactive game to learn and play with words. The Echo assistant says a word. You have to reply with a word that starts with the last letter of Alexa’s word. Don’t worry; she calls out the last alphabet of her word.

The longer your word is, the more points you get. The game is on till someone fails to answer to the next word pop or you say Exit.

Check out Amazing Word Master Game

Kid-friendly Alexa Games

28. The Queen’s Mathematician

the queen's mathematician alexa games

The game is a combination of choose-your-own-adventure and math. Your task is to rescue the queen who has been kidnapped by tricky, arithmetic-loving elves.

To save the queen, players must solve problems that involve addition, subtraction, or even saying which number is higher or lower. Say, “Alexa, play The Queen’s Mathematician,” and she will start it.

Check out The Queen’s Mathematician

29. Animal Game

The best Amazon Alexa skill for kids, Animal Game, is ideal for making your young one familiar with the names of all the inhabitants of forests, the zoo, and the entire animal kingdom.

You think of an animal. Amazon Alexa app then asks questions to try to figure out the name of the animal. We tried to stump Alexa with a platypus, but she figured it out after 17 questions. The kids love to outsmart the Alexa voice app!

Check out Animal Game

30. Kid’s Court

Although the name suggests that the Alexa game is meant for the little ones, Kids Court can be very entertaining for the elders as well. The kids are the ultimate rulers of their court. 

Every time there is an argument or two parties do not agree on the same thing, they take the matter to the neutral kid’s court. The decision taken by the little munchkins is final and no one can alter that. 

Fun fact – You will also learn some basic things about the US judicial system.

Check out Kids Court

31. 1-2-3 Math

One of the best Alexa games for all Math-lovers, 1-2-3 Math is an excellent choice for everyone who is interested in dealing with numbers. Excellent for testing elementary Math skills, this Alexa game is educational and fun. 

You can choose the difficulty level from easy, medium, and hard. Every correct answer earns you points. Make sure to calculate quickly and come up with the correct answer. 

Check out 1-2-3 Math

32. Curiosity

All kids are curious and Curiosity is the best Alexa game you can play with them. The voice command gives you a variety of topics to choose from, for example, productivity hacks, science, or the moon. 

Once you select a topic, Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa gives you a fun fact and interesting perspectives about what you chose. It is an interactive game and excellent for increasing general awareness and imparts valuable information. 

Check out Curiosity

33. Disney Hits Challenge

Out of all Alexa games for kids, our favorite is definitely Disney Hits Challenge. Most children love everything about Disney cartoons and shows and are big fans of certain characters.

Try to answer the maximum number of answers correctly, play along with your kids, and score the highest points. This is one of the few games where the younger ones might perform better than you.

Check out Disney Hits Challenge

34. Bamboo Math

Bamboo Math

One of the most popular Alexa games for the juniors of the house is ideal for children aged between 5-12. One of the best educational games to get the young ones thinking and involves basic Arithmetic calculations. 

The virtual assistant comes up with hilarious situations from time to time in the form of math queries and the kids will have an exciting time laughing at the amusing puzzles first and then solving it. 

Check out Bamboo Math

35. The SpongeBob Challenge

One of the best Alexa games for kids, The SpongeBob Challenge, is a simple game that you would want your child to play. The game is pretty easy to play, and it requires you to use your memory. All you have to do is remember the orders given by the customers to the Krusty Krab crew.

It, therefore, is a great memory game that can be played with young kids. Well, no harm in trying out games that are fun as well as beneficial for them, right?

Check out The SpongeBob Challenge

36. Animal Workout

One of the best Alexa games for kids, Animal Workout, is another get-up-and-move game. It asks kids to do exactly what the animals are doing.

Moo if you are acting like a cow, flap your wings like a butterfly, and stick your tongue out like a giraffe. Alexa plays music for around 15 seconds for every animal.

Well, you might want to move your furniture for playing this game. There, we have warned you.

Check out Animal Workout

37. Sesame Street

sesame street best alexa games

Image Credit: USAG- Humphreys/Flickr

One of the best Alexa games, Sesame Street, enables you to play hide and seek with Elmo, everyone’s favorite red monster. To give your kids clues as to where Elmo is hiding, he makes silly sounds.

Children also get to learn the word of the day and talk to the little red monster in this Alexa skill.

Check out Sesame Street

38. Silly Things

One of the best Alexa games for kids, Silly Things, is designed to get the young ones moving. The Amazon’s voice assistant prompts them in performing different actions, which range from posing for selfies to pretending that they are inside an invisible box.

A perfect interactive game for kids, Silly Things is a must.

Check out Silly Things

39. Freeze Dancers

One of the best Alexa games for kids, Freeze Dancers, is a mix of Simon Says and musical chairs.

Alexa plays a tune, all the players dance until the music stops, and then everyone freezes in place. The first child to lose his/her balance is the first one out!

Check out Freeze Dancers

40. Hide and Seek

One of the most interesting Alexa games, your kids can play this one as much as they like with the voice assistant.

While playing this skill, all the players hide in the same room as Alexa and speak loudly to her. She gets three chances to guess where exactly you are hidden correctly. Are you game to pick your best hiding spot? Alexa will ask you how many people are playing the game to spice up things a bit. 

Check out Hide and Seek

Alexa Games for Parties

41. Who Drinks

One of the best Alexa games you can play, Who Drinks, will jazz up your house party scene. Irrespective of whether you call it Jug Oval, Kings, or King’s Cup, there is a fair chance that you have played some of the other versions of this game.

In the case of Who Drinks, the voice assistant takes over the role of the playing cards and begins clockwise. Alexa can also come up with categories. For instance, nap time. So, the last person has to put his/her head on the table drinks.

Check out Who Drinks

42. Party Game

Another interesting party choice that makes it to our Alexa games list is Party Game. If you have a deck of cards but want to spice things up a bit, this Alexa skills kit offers some twists on a theme similar to ‘Who Drinks’ we’ve listed above.

Players first deal with the entire deck of cards. Next, they look at the cards they have got to check if they need to do what Amazon’s voice assistant commands them to. However, this game has one flaw if you do not ask for the next prompt quickly; the game exits.

Check out Party Game

43. Country Drinking Game With Cale Dodds

Do you love country music? Think you know everything about it? Country Drinking Game with Cale Dodds, one of the most gripping Alexa trivia question games, will make you prove your skills.

The host, Cale Dodds, asks the players several questions about country music. If you answer correctly, you get the point, and if you don’t, you have to drink. 

If you have paired your Amazon Alexa device with the echo button, you can also use the Amazon Echo button to respond to the questions.

Check out Country Drinking Game with Cale Dodds

Alexa Games Based on Game Shows

44. Deal Or No Deal

Up for a fun fact? Meghan Markle used to open the briefcases on the show “Deal or No Deal” in 2006. Those hunting for Alexa games based on the reality shows they have grown up watching must now miss out on Deal or No Deal.

You pick a briefcase to hold on to with the hope to get the ultimate prize – $1,000,000. Slowly, you open the other briefcases to know what you have lost! Keep a pen and paper handy to remind yourself which cases you’ve already opened. You can also do this via the Alexa app.

Check out Deal or no Deal

45. Guess The Price

Though Bob Barker is not there to ask questions and this isn’t quite ‘the’ Price is Right, but this Guess the Price game still makes you feel like you are on the game show.

Just like in the game show, players will be guessing the price of different items. If you can guess the exact price correctly, you get bonus points. But, anything close to the actual is good too.

Check out Guess the Price

46. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Based on the television game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, this one is one of the most played Alexa games. The only difference between the game show and the Alexa enabled device game is that you do not win any actual money here. All the other rules are the same.

The voice assistant will ask you 15 questions over the span of a week. Correct answers will earn your points which reflects the worldwide rankings. When you are clueless about the answer, feel free to opt for a lifeline. Keep winning and remember not to exhaust all your lifelines for the easy questions.

Check out Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

47. Jeopardy

jeopardy best alexa games

Yet another classic game that you can play with Amazon Echo is Jeopardy. Alexa Jeopardy makes the players a part of the show’s episode airing on TV on the very same day. Players get to guess the secret extra sixth ‘clue’ that appears on each episode of Jeopardy.

Always remember to frame the answer in the form of a question. So, are you game to take part in America’s favorite quiz show and get your hands on this skill?

Check out Alexa Jeopardy

Miscellaneous Alexa Games

48. Bingo

bingo best alexa games

Bingo is one of the cool Alexa games, this fits in the definition of a fun and perfect party game. You can use the Alexa app on your smartphone in case you need any kind of assistance while playing the voice-based game.

It can also be seen on the Alexa app. Every time a player says ‘Bingo’ during the game, the game is over. If you don’t have bingo cards, you can download them for free from

Check out Bingo

49. Myth Buster

One of the most interesting games Alexa to play, Myth Buster, is a little fun skill that you can play whenever you’re bored.

Alexa gives you a statement, and you have to guess if it is true or false. The statement is either a myth or a fact, and the player is asked for his/her validation. Then, the voice assistant gives you details that help you understand the facts better.

Check out Myth Buster

50. Mind Maze

One of the best games to play with Alexa, Mind Maze, is slightly complicated, and you might find it challenging to solve. Playing Mind Maze feels like you are trying to navigate a maze in the dark.

Mind Maze requires some serious concentration so that you do not end up moving in circles. Well, time to go beyond 3D and 4D maze games.

Check out Mind Maze

51. Golden Ticket

Are you a movie buff? If you think you are one, Golden Ticket will test your skill. This Echo device game gives you two film titles. You have to correctly guess the name of the actor who starred in both.

Does it sound easy? Well, it is harder than it sounds.

Check out Golden Ticket

52. Question Of The Day

question of the day best alexa games

This Alexa skill gives you a new head-scratcher every morning. The topics range from arts and literature to entertainment and science.

You can also hear how others have answered. Are you ready to test your knowledge?

Check out Question of the Day

53. Lemonade Stand

Made in honor of one of the earliest video games, the version of a lemonade stand on Alexa games is upgraded, different and fun. It is a simulation-based Alexa game and the player becomes a lemonade stand owner.

This non-stop fun game can go on for as long as you want, and it is fun to play with children. Players gain experience points and more money as they play.

Check out Lemonade Stand

54. Beat The Intro

How about playing Alexa games specially made for music lovers? Well, Beat the Intro is a music quiz game with a twist. Players get to test their knowledge of music from tracks selected from the world’s most prominent artists, along with top hits from all categories. The quicker you identify the tracks, the faster you move up the charts.

Check out Beat the Intro

55. Twenty Questions

How about playing a game in which you think of something and let Alexa guess it? Twenty Questions does precisely that. The game is as simple as this, and probably all of you are already familiar with the rules.

To guess it correctly, Alexa can ask you a maximum of twenty questions. You need to answer in a yes or no truthfully. Well, trying to stump Alexa is not fun.

One of the most fun Alexa games you can play, Twenty Questions is unmissable.

Check out Twenty Questions

56. Price It Right

One of the best Alexa games, which is most fun when played in a big group of friends and family, Price It Right requires you to correctly guess the actual and accurate price of a given item. The one whose answer is closest to the product price wins the round.

Most of the items that the voice assistant throws at you are on sale on Amazon. The Alexa game is an ode to the good old classic game of the same name. It is simple, yet exciting. So, are you ready to challenge your peers?

Check out Price It Right


Now we know that Alexa makes an excellent game master, and the virtual assistant can surely keep you entertained for hours. She offers different games across a range of genres including tic tac toe.

We’ve enlisted the best Alexa games which gives you another reason to stay hooked to the smart assistant. These can be played with your friends, family, or even solo. Players can also post their scores on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook! Do let us know which of these fun skills would you play first. 

(Article Updated on 9th March 2021)