minecraft-logo-notch-markus-persson-mojangWe at TechNorms have written about Minecraft before, and usually in a positive tone. It’s a fun game. You wander around the wilderness, building shelters or whatever you want really while trying to survive against everything that goes bump in the night. Minecraft is all about whatever you want to make it.

That DIY spirit even includes the graphics. Markus “Notch” Persson, the developer, was nice enough to include a built-in graphics switcher. What that means is you can download “texture packs” for Minecraft that completely swap out the visuals. There’s a huge community of people out there making texture packs, and of course, they’re all totally free. Don’t be shy with donations for people whose art you really enjoy, though.

Sill, hunting down decent texture packs can be something of a chore. Here are a couple colorful (and not) alternatives to the usual visual scheme in Minecraft.

Here’s a List Of The Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs

LB Photo Realism

This one gets top billing for being my favorite. If you’ve got some higher graphics power, then you can run a mod that really does have photo-realistic graphics. It’s incredible.

The only downside (besides the higher processing requirement) is that it has to be installed via mcpatcher, a mod manager for Minecraft. Still, the installation isn’t difficult and photo-realistic visuals are totally worth it.


Download LB Photo Realism


This is another favorite of mine. CartoonCraft simplifies the textures present in Minecraft in favor of bright colors and a cheery aesthetic. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect from something named CartoonCraft.


Download CartoonCraft

Painterly Pack

Of all the texture packs I tried, Painterly Pack was the most interesting. Go to their ***website and you’re presented with a sort of massive questionnaire. Instead of simply giving you a texture pack, the Painterly people kindly give you the option of selecting each individual texture to download.


I won’t lie, choosing a graphic for every part of the game takes forever. The advantage, though, is that they offer a lot of choices and whatever you end up with will be your choice.

From the graphics I picked, the Painterly Pack is decidedly not HD but still colorful. Not as colorful as CartoonCraft, though. Painterly occupies a certain happy medium. If you’re willing to spend a ton of time picking out graphics, this should work.



Download Painterly Pack

Diamond Craft

Diamond Craft was certainly the funniest texture pack I found. Like the name suggests, it turns almost every block in the game into a diamond. Or at least it gives them the appearance of a diamond.

Either way, it looks pretty cool to see everything in bright diamond blue. I don’t know if I’d actually play with this on, but points for originality.



Download Diamond Craft


When I was researching, an idea hit me. What about a Lego texture pack? How cool would that be? I quickly found and downloaded LegoPak.

It’s a bit of a disappointment, honestly. Seeing everything in Lego form is undeniably awesome, but the colors behind the Legos are kind of bland.



Download Lego Pak


Transparent was easily the most creative idea I came across. This texture pack uses the singularly unique idea of making all blocks independent except for a small framework to indicate their placement.

The catch is that the valuable materials like gold and diamond are not transparent, and you can see them now. It makes mining infinitely easier when you can see through the ground.

On an unrelated note, being able to see through the ground is amazing. The ground in Minecraft is always riddled with tunnels, and with Transparent you can actually see them all. It’s awe-inspiring.



Download Transparent


Hardcore gamers will probably remember Borderlands, the 2009 shooter-RPG known for its exceptionally colorful cell shaded graphics. Thankfully, somebody decided to bring that aesthetic to Minecraft.

In BorderCraft, everything is rendered in bold black outlines and colorful cell shading. It makes for a strange texture pack, but I liked it. The only issue is that it somehow changes the text of the game, a minor annoyance.



Download BorderCraft

Black & White

Black & White is exactly what it sounds like. This texture pack renders the world of Minecraft in shades of fetching gray. The water, lava, and a few trees (not sure why) remain in color, though. These give off a sort of Sin City aesthetic. It’s pretty cool.



Download Black & White


No, this isn’t the game. However, somebody did make an HD texture pack based off of Bethesda’s latest smash hit. It looks a lot like LB Photo Realism, but not quite as good.

Bottom line is that if you’re a Skyrim fan who’s taking a break from a marathon session, this will feel just like home. Requires mcpatcher.



Download Skyrim


Summerfield is another solid HD texture pack. It’s a little more stylized than LB Photo Realism but in a good way. Everything is drawn in smooth, appealing colors. If you’ve got mcpatcher, it’s worth installing.



Download Summerfield

Whatever you pick, there’s probably a texture pack out there somewhere that will fit your needs. Minecraft is awesome like that.

What texture pack does you use? Let us know in the comments.

  • Kyle Nazario says:

    The Skyrim link was broken. It’s fixed.

    • Rebecca Thacker says:

      how in the world do you install a texture pack and it wants me to install 100 more frickin things just for nothing. why is that?

  • i use the tron texture and SMP’s Revival texture

    • The Donaburger says:

      Just tried The Minetron Texture Pack-Should be on this list-Now for Revival

  • James Biddle says:

    my 15 year old son got me hooked on this game. I told him that this game was so dump before i started playing . know i can’t stop playing .

  • Lol this lost all credibility with me without Eldpack or Dokucraft on here.

  • Sphax pure bdcraft. The freshest and most fun texture Pack i’ve come across so far.

    • matty1994 says:

      Yeah i use Sphax, the best one out there in my opinion

    • lil' devil says:

      Sphaxourebdcraft is by far the BEST TEXTURE PACK EVER……
      now if only i could use it 🙁


  • Robert Rose says:

    these textures r all epic 😀

  • Here’s an idea y not make ur own pack?

    • Gmaildude says:

      It takes forever to make one….DANG WHY YOU ASKING IT SO….UMMM *FAIL*

  • Mum_of_4boys says:

    i loved the photo’s it look’s great my favorite is i dont know really all of them are good!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Morinpatrick says:

    these texture packs are all fails

    • Gmaildude says:

      WHY YOU SAY?

  • Thaleslagemann says:

    LEGO PAK 😀

  • BlazingRed0810 says:

    I like summerfields better.

  • i kike to use doku craft.

  • Connor Hares says:

    Faithful Texture pack. It keeps the basic look, but adds a nice touch, you guys should get it

  • good morning craft should be in the top ten

  • Tariqrama03 says:

    i tryed one it dint work but its stil looks good

  • awesome thnx for the pack luv it

  • cool but not cool 😀

  • Johny_solon says:

    tydoku should be one of the best and FVDisco’s texture pack as well

    • Logan Garrett says:

      Ya, FVDisco’s for sure!!

  • I was just searching everywhere for actually good texture packs, when it said 10 best packs i though (I doubt it) but i was deperate enough to try this anyway then…..
    what do you know?1 🙂

    These really are the 10 best texture packs ive ever seen o_o

  • Acura102 Ev says:

    How do i set these as my texturepacks? someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

    • just go on minecraft wiki then from there pick which texture pack you want read through it will explain then make sure you download the Mc patcher for it too work and from there you should have it email me if u want more info or if you want me to send a link gesture12@hotmail.co.uk

  • Getlifeman says:

    Summerfield  IS BEST !!

  • dokucraft

  • you have to drag the whole texture pack folder to your minecraft’s texture pack folder

  • Gmaildude says:

    Skyrim is the most HOLY COW ITS NOT THAT BLOCKY FEELING ANY MORE so its like your not even playing minecraft

  • Gmaildude says:

    Well out of all of them i think that lego pack was the most childshess

  • I love lb photo realism and the diamond was soo funny that i would almost really die cause of that laughing XD OMGG HAHAHAH CD

  • my computer is not fast enough to have a long sight distance, so i downloaded Simplecraft and now i can see as far as possible!

  • truehazelnut says:

    ya sphax rules i think they should have advertied it!!

  • Stickfaicofminecraft says:

    love the borderlands

  • i think summerfilds is way better than all these

  • I use Conquest and Ovo’s Rustic. I tend to lean towards the more realistic packs. Sphax is pretty cool too though.

  • laurentiuD1998 says:

    Best texture pack is Misa’s Realistic Texture pack 🙂

  • I like the John Smith texture pack and the Mine Wars texture pack cause im epic like that

  • Soartex Fanver is a tremendous texture pack. I have been using Soartex for a long time and the original creator stopped working on it and I was so sad but some fans decided to pick it up. Thats where the fanver comes from. It’s just a really clean and smooth pack.

  • sphax is bye far the best texture pack

  • Eetu Palo says: