Have you ever dreamt of surprising your overseas Spanish friend with a Hola amigo! Como Estas? Why not try and learn Spanish all by yourself? Learning languages has become very feasible and convenient after the advent of language apps. As it happens, one keeps looking for the best app to learn Spanish. Well, we will help you identify one.

The best thing about learning a language from an application is that you can learn it at your own pace and whenever you have time. Also, it is a great skill as it opens up a slew of new opportunities in your careers. In that sense, learning Spanish could be more beneficial, looking at the language’s high growth rate.

Some Amazing Facts About Spanish

  • Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world with an estimated 414 million speakers throughout the globe
  • 31 countries have Spanish as their official language
  • The USA is expected to become the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world by 2050, with an estimated population of 132.8 million speakers
  • Experts have stated that it takes only 24 weeks to attain professional proficiency in the language
  • Regarded as the most romantic language on the planet, Spanish is the third most used language on the internet

Check The 13 Best App To Learn Spanish Easily

Want to start learning the language all by yourself? Check out the 13 best apps to learn Spanish, apps that can help you in your quest.

1. Duolingo

duolingo spanish learning app

Duolingo is your one-stop shop for learning every major language in the world. With a broad user base of 300 million around the globe, this best app to learn Spanish delivers an uber experience and a fun learning process.

If you are just taking your first steps into learning a new language, you should start with Duolingo. This application has several exercises for all learners, but its user-friendly interface makes it the best starting point for beginners. Duolingo has short lessons of 10 minutes each, meaning users don’t have to worry about spending a significant amount of time getting started with learning lingos. You can learn the basics on the go while traveling or doing any other stuff.

Duolingo also has free podcasts if you want to improve your listening skills related to a particular language. Additionally, you can also set a tracker to measure your progress. Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal has labeled it as the ‘best free language learning app’ – a certification enough for you to trust and start learning Spanish with this app right away!


  • Users can learn multiple languages.
  • Lessons are short and engaging.
  • Great app for beginners
  • Various language games to help you learn faster
  • Ensures entertaining and enjoyable learning


  • Not suitable for advanced learners
  • Grammar exercises need improvement.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Price: $9.99 per month

Download Duolingo for Android/iOS

2. Rosetta Stone

roestta stone spanish learning app

If you want a proper app to learn Spanish, look no further than Rosetta Stone – the oldest Spanish learning app in the world. Initially, Rosetta Stone focussed only on Espanol, but now it offers training in 24 different languages.

The best thing about Rosetta Stone is that it teaches Spanish in Spanish and not with a second language, unlike other applications. So, this means you will learn the language just like when you were a child!

The experience might be immersive and exhausting to an extent, but there’s no denying that Rosetta Stone is the best app to learn Spanish. You can schedule lessons with a tutor who is a native Spanish speaker. You can also choose to learn the language versions  – like it’s spoken in Spain or Latin America.

Rosetta Stone also has a speech recognition application that is designed to recognize the pronunciations of non-native speakers. It helps the users in avoiding wrong pronunciation and speaking the language correctly.


  • Immersive learning experience
  • Teaches Spanish in Spanish
  • Enhanced speech recognition tool for non-native speakers


  • Users face a login problem.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


  • Quarterly – $ 39.00
  • $ 59.00 for six months
  • Yearly – $ 79.00
  • For two years – $ 119.00

Download Rosetta Stone for Android/iOS

3. Mondly

mondly best app to learn spanish

Mondly is also an excellent application for beginners who want to learn the Spanish language. It has a user-friendly interface that enables users to understand the overall app and learn to operate it.

Mondly uses multiple methods, such as writing, reading, listening, and speaking. There are specific tools like a verb conjugator and a dictionary.  You can also use the Mondly Chatbot to chat and practice the language.

The Virtual Reality tool makes Mondly stand out amongst its competitors. You can talk to a virtual human in real-time situations from the comfort of your home. It is the best Spanish learning app if you want a unique application that experiments with virtual reality.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly engaging experience
  • Virtual reality tool


The app continually asks for an upgrade.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


  • $9.99 per month
  • $47.99 per month

Download Mondly for Android/iOS

4. Babbel

babbel best apps to learn spanish

Babbel is one of the best Spanish learning apps to turn to if you want a tool that can teach you proper grammar.

With Babbel, users can learn the Spanish language through 15-minute lessons and keep track of their progress. It has a slew of exercises designed to train you in becoming fluent and an expert in your chosen language.

Babble has been lauded for structured content that can also be used by intermediate learners. Some of these exercises include speaking phrases and words loudly to help you get the knack of the dialect.

The Review Manager tool is also a great feature of this learning Spanish app, which allows you to keep or bookmark new words and their meanings so that you can build up your vocabulary while learning. The entire content on the app is downloadable and can also be used offline.


  • Review Manager allows building vocabulary
  • Content can be viewed offline.
  • Progress tracker available


  • The app isn’t user-friendly

Compatibility: Android and iOS


  • $12.95 for 1 month
  • $26.85 for 3 months
  • $44.70 for 6 months
  • $83.40 for 12 months

Download Babbel for Android/iOS

5. MindSacks

mindsacks best spanish learning apps

MindSacks is especially known for providing gamified content; users can learn a language by playing small games centered around a particular theme such as food, music, literature, etc.

In all, there are nine games in the app you can play to enhance your vocabulary. The app also provides recorded audio clips of pronunciations by a Spanish tutor so that the users can learn to speak the language correctly.

MindSacks’ algorithms are personalized to maximize memorization and retention. Additionally, there are a lot of other challenges and quests just to make learning more engaging. The app has 1000+ words to master in 50 levels. It is the best Spanish learning app for gamified learning.


  • Gamified learning
  • Audio clips for teaching correct pronunciation
  • Focuses on memorization


  • App solely focuses on kids and no other age groups

Compatibility: iOS

Price:  Free

Download MindSacks for iOS

6. Learn Spanish For Beginners


Learn Spanish for Beginners is one of the best Spanish learning apps to watch out for, thanks to its super-easy and simple user interface. The app has a great structure consisting of a slew of levels and challenges, which will help you learn the language with ease and at your own pace.

Learn Spanish for Beginners also has a built-in free Spanish translator and comes with a vocabulary for 10,000+ Spanish words. Users can learn different aspects of the language through 26 classes. 

The app also offers interactive and exciting games that will make the learning process a breeze. All in all, Learn Spanish for Beginners is regarded as one of the best Spanish learning apps for rookies as well as intermediate Spanish learners.


  • Learning Spanish through 26 classes
  • Free built-in Spanish translation
  • A massive vocabulary of Spanish words


  • No feature for translating Spanish into English

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price:  Free

Download Learn Spanish for Beginners for Android/iOS

7. FluentU


FluentU is the best app to learn Spanish if you want to learn the language through Spanish culture. This application takes the help of movies, trailers, songs, and many other cultural aspects that can help you get accustomed to the dialect. This method also helps you learn the correct pronunciation, thanks to all the native speakers featured in the videos.

Users can also create lists of words to memorize, take quizzes on the same, and use a bilingual dictionary for understanding complex words in FluentU. You can even personalize the content that you are watching, based on the words that you have learned until a certain point.

For those who also want to learn about Spanish culture, FluentU is one of the best Spanish learning apps that will never fail to deliver.


  • Uses Spanish culture for teaching the language
  • Bilingual dictionaries available
  • Content is personalizable


  • Built only for advanced learners

Compatibility: iOS and Android


  • Monthly – $30
  • Yearly – $240

Download FluentU for Android/iOS

8. Busuu


Busuu is a premium app but also offers a free version for seven days. After the first week of use, you will get to use some of the advanced features, and then you can decide whether you are interested in buying the premium version.

Busuu is the best app to learn Spanish if you want to strengthen your grammar. It provides meaningful exercises that focus on improving your grammatical and vocabulary skills to master the language as soon as possible.

The language learning level of the app is from A1 to B2, and it also offers native speakers the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. All in all, it is a great learning Spanish app to try out if you wish to learn the language.


  • Uses Spanish culture for teaching the language
  • Bilingual dictionaries available
  • Content is personalizable


  • Built only for advanced learners

Compatibility: iOS and Android


  • Six-month plan –  $59.99
  • One-year plan – $69.99
  • Two-year plan – $119.99

Download Busuu for Android/iOS

9. LingoDeer

lingo deer best spanish learning apps

Next up on the best Spanish learning apps list is LingoDeer. This application stands out amongst its competitors due to the useful grammar notes it provides for every lesson. In this way, the users can slowly get a grip on the analytical ability as they progress through.

There are flashcards and quizzes to help you memorize and by heart all that you have learned. LingoDeer also teaches the alphabet of the language in-depth, which also helps in teaching the correct pronunciation of words.

This app also offers short stories at the end to revise what you have learned until a certain point of time. If you wish to learn the correct pronunciation of names in the Spanish language, don’t forget to try these resources.


  • Gamified learning lessons
  • Short stories for revisions
  • Flashcards and quizzes for memorization


  • Doesn’t have enough oral communication exercises

Compatibility: iOS


  • Lifetime membership – $159.99
  • Monthly subscription – $11.99
  • Quarterly subscription – $29.99
  • Multilingual 12-month pass – $79.99

Download LingoDeer for iOS

10. LingoArcade

lingo arcade app to learn spanish

LingoArcade is one of the best apps to learn Spanish for kids and beginners. It has a super-easy user interface that allows you to grasp the language easily. This app houses large libraries of words that help users to build up their vocabulary.

LingoArcade is one of the best learning Spanish apps for both beginners and intermediate learners. It has four game modes that will make the learning process fun and easier. The reason why LingoArcade is the best app for kids is that it helps them visualize mental pictures of the lessons they learn.

Learning Spanish is more like playing a game than learning a language with LingoArcade. It is the best app to learn Spanish if you want to focus on accumulating a vast vocabulary.


  • Fun and exciting to play
  • Good application to build a vocabulary


  • Explanations are insufficient

Compatibility: iOS

Price: $0.99

Download LingoArcade for iOS

12. HiNative


Until now, we have seen Spanish learning apps that offer courses, games, activities, levels, etc. HiNative is just another application where you can try perfecting your Espanol, except that it doesn’t provide all the teaching material mentioned above.

HiNative is a community for language learners where each user can solve his or her doubts by speaking to native users of the language. You can also send audio clips to get the correct pronunciation of the words you want.

On HiNative, you can discuss certain aspects of the language with like-minded people, which helps you grow your knowledge and not remain confined only to the content provided by an application.

Users can ask questions and suggestions if and when they set out to travel in Spain. In that case, HiNative also becomes an immensely vital app to have if you’re traveling in the country.


  • Online community for discussing doubts
  • Good application to build a vocabulary
  • All types of doubts can be answered


  • Not for beginners

Compatibility: iOS and Android


  • Monthly plan – $5.68
  • Yearly plan – $4.96 per month

Download HiNative for Android/iOS

13. Memrise


The very name ‘Memrise’ gives away what the app aims to do for all the Spanish learners. With this tool on their phones, users can build up a gigantic library, given that they consistently use it for learning the language.

Memrise helps you build a large vocabulary, 15 new words at an average per lesson. The best part about Memrise is that you can select from a variety of courses this application offers and build one for yourself. It is regarded as the best app to learn Spanish vocabulary.

Memrise won’t just teach you how to speak Spanish, but it will also tell you how the language differs according to geographical locations.


  • Excellent user-interface
  • A slew of courses and topics to learn from


  • It is not for beginners

Compatibility: iOS and Android


  • Monthly plan – $9
  • Annual plan – $129.99

Download Memrise for Android/iOS

Final Thoughts On Best App To Learn Spanish

Learning a new language, at least getting started with the basics, has become a cakewalk, thanks to the number of learning applications in the market. Talking specifically about the Spanish language, there are many apps you can choose to get started with.

For beginners, apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and LingoDeer are good options to go with. Memrise and FluentU do well for advanced learners, while HiNative is a great app for building a vocabulary. If you are a beginner interested in learning Spanish or any other language, don’t forget to try out the Imendi or Lingt which is a web-based application for learning new dialects.

So, when it comes to the best app to learn Spanish, the choice of application depends upon the needs and requirements of a user.