Have you ever faced the issue of not being able to play an audio file? Well, the reason can be compatibility or file size. Audio files come in various formats and can be of varying size and quality. Pick the best free audio converter from our list, extract audio from the files, and increase the audio content’s functionality.

The media player you use on your computer or smartphone can be another reason why a particular file does not play. You can use an audio converter to reduce the file size and have the file in a format that can be played on most devices. You can even extract the audio content from video files and convert them into a format that occupies less space.

15 Best Free Audio Converter Options To Consider

Not many of us would want to spend money on converting an audio file, especially when there are too many free options available online. Picking one from the myriad options available is not easy. We’ve researched for you and found the most useful and convenient to use audio converter tools.

1. Freemake Audio Converter

freemake best free audio converter

Freemake Audio Converter is an all-purpose music software. The best free audio converter is simple and very easy to use. The interface is convenient to navigate. You can convert all types of audio files and extract sound.

Add the audio file you wish to convert, choose an output format, click on ‘convert,’ and you are good to go. You can change the sample rate and bitrate of the audio file. Freemake also allows you to merge multiple audio files into one single file.

You can choose from more than fifty file formats for converting. You can save a file to MP3 format for any gadget you wish. Freemake is used by millions of people globally and is recognized as the best MP3 converter software. It enables you to upload music to any of the cloud storage options and iTunes.

Platforms: All Windows versions

Download Freemake Audio Converter

2. Switch Audio File Converter Software

switch audio file converter

Switch Sound File Converter can compress and convert audio files of all types. You can use the converted files on your iPhone, tablet, PCs, and Android devices. Users can also extract audio and video content from DVDs and play the converted audio files across various audio players.

Switch audio converter enables you to convert multiple files together in batches. Batch conversion makes Switch one of the most extensively used tools and the best free audio converter. Do you use apps like Pandora and Spotify? You can use this software to record audio that is streaming online.

Switch audio file conversion software supports conversion in various formats – MP3, AMR, WAV, AAC, OGG, and WMA, to name a few. There are forty options available for you to choose from. What more? You can also listen to the tracks before conversion.

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac

Download Switch Audio File Converter Software

3. FileZigZag


FileZigZag is an exceptional online converter that allows you to convert any type of audio file. You just have to make sure that file size does not exceed 150 MB. Upload the file you wish to convert, pick an output format from the drop-down menu, and wait for the ‘download’ option.

You can convert a maximum of ten files per day. You need not worry about the file size limit because most audio files, including songs and long music tracks, come in smaller sizes than the maximum limit. Users do not have to download the software. The best free audio converter, FileZigZag, enables you to convert files online.

The converter supports various formats, including AMR, FLAC, MP3, AAC, WAV, MMF, and OPUS. You can convert more than one file at once. However, just be a little patient as the conversion might take a few minutes.

Platforms: macOS, Linux, Windows, and every operating system with a web browser

Check out FileZigZag

4. VideoUtils

video utils

As the name suggests, VideoUtils is primarily a video converter, but the software works exceptionally well for converting audio files. VideoUtils classifies as one of the best free audio converter options because of the versatility it offers. You can use it to convert all kinds of file formats, extract audio from a video file, and even remove the audio content from videos.

The freeware is also used to compress media. It supports various formats, for example, M4R, WAV, MP3, and WMA. You can use the software without downloading it. All the files are converted online. Upload the file you wish to save, select your preferred format from the drop-down menu options, and click on ‘convert file.’

All the files that you upload will be automatically deleted after a few hours.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Check out VideoUtils

5. Oxelon Media Converter

oxelon media converter

Oxelon Media Converter is an excellent tool to convert audio files. Anyone looking for an efficient and quick way to convert all kinds of media files must get their hands on this software. The best free audio converter supports conversion to various formats like AAC, MMF, MP2, WAV, and MP3, to name a few.

Users can convert multiple files simultaneously. You can recompress any audio using the freeware. You can also optimize the size of all your media files. If you use Windows Explorer, the software gives you seamless integration where the users go to the context menu and convert files using Explorer directly.

What more? You can convert any audio file in your desired format with only three clicks.

Platforms: Windows

Download Oxelon Media Converter

6. MediaHuman Audio Converter

media human audio converter

The audio converter software is very easy to use. The interface is intuitive and simple. The strength of this free tool lies in the fact that it allows users to convert several files simultaneously. MediaHuman Audio Converter also supports iTunes on Windows.

You can convert files to multiple formats like MP3, WAV, ACC, WMA, and AIFF. You can also extract audio tracks from any video. We recommend you to not use the freeware for converting important files since there can be a slight drop in quality during conversion.

A unique feature of the best free audio converter is that it maintains a folder structure. The software splits tracks by the CUE sheet.

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Download MediaHuman Audio Converter

7. VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC free audio converter

VSDC is easy to use and the best free audio converter options we have. The simple interface makes it very convenient for first-time users to understand the workings. You can convert audio files to any format you want with just one click.

The software supports a variety of file formats, for example, WAV, AIFF, MP3, MOV, MP4, OMA, among many others. The most exciting feature of the VSDC Free Audio Converter is that it can import various extensions. If you are stuck while converting an audio file because of an unusual format, resort to this one, and you will be sorted.

The tool is fast, robust, and rich in features. The built-in editor also enables you to delete audio fragments from files.

Platforms: All versions of Windows

Download VSDC Free Audio Converter

8. Online UniConverter

online uniconverter

You must get your hands on this one if you are wondering which is the best free audio converter. Originally called Media.io, UniConverter converts files online. So, you do not have to download the tool to use it. You can simply upload the file you wish to convert and download the converted versions.

Once you have uploaded your file, pick one output format from the multiple options available. After your file is ready, you will see a download button next to it. Just click on it, and the audio file gets saved in your PC. You can download every file individually or in bulk as a ZIP file. You are also given the choice of saving the file in your Dropbox account.

Since it is a web-based converter, Online UniConverter can be used on all operating systems and modern browsers. The list of input and output formats it supports is also quite massive. You can convert an unlimited number of files every day.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, any OS with a web browser

Check out Online UniConverter

9. Any Video Converter

any video converter

Although the name suggests that the software is a video converter, let us tell you that Any Video Converter works exceptionally well in converting audio files. Anyone who is looking for a reputed brand name for file conversion must zero on this one.

You can convert audio files of all types and sizes. The conversion is done without hampering the quality of the file. You can also use the tool to download audio files from the internet and leave them for conversion. The software supports multiple formats, like MPEG, M4A, MP3, WMA, WAV, MP4, and MOV, to name a few. You can also edit audio files.

What more? Rip and extract audio from any video, DVD, or CD. The best free audio converter also works as a video to sound converter.

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Download Any Video Converter

10. Zamzar


A top-rated online file converter, Zamzar is extensively used for converting audio files. It supports a variety of music and audio formats, including some of the uncommon ones. Choose a file from your PC, upload it, and type in a URL to the online file you wish to convert.

Zamzar’s speed is comparatively slow in conversion when compared to the others we’ve mentioned. The software makes sure that users do not wait for an email to avail of the download link. However, you can choose to get an email. Users can remain on the download page until the download option shows up. This enables them to download the file immediately.

Is Zamzar safe? Well, we’d yes. The quality of the file is not hampered during conversion, either.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, any modern browser with an OS

Check out Zamzar

11. Movavi


Movavi is a well-known audio and video converter. The best free audio converter converts files very quickly. If you think some media converters encounter errors while converting, switch to Movavi for the software claims to be error-free.

The tool supports more than 180 audio and video formats for conversion. Movavi Video Converter allows you to convert any type of audio file, extract sound from videos, save an unlimited number of soundtracks, and improve the quality of your file. It is available in 14 languages.

The speed of the conversion is lightning fast. Movavi supports all formats and devices. You can also edit your media content.

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Download Movavi

12. Free Audio Converter

free audio converter

If you have ever wondered what the best audio file converter is, consider using Free Audio Converter. It is simple to use and has a convenient interface, so the first time users are not intimidated. It works well on all Windows versions and allows you to convert all kinds of audio in no time.

The software supports various varieties of input and output formats. Therefore, you can convert it into your desired format using the tool. Free Audio Converter works as an excellent MP3 converter as well. There is a batch mode that enables users to convert multiple files simultaneously.

The best free audio converter has flexible settings. You can create fresh presets, get rid of or edit the previous ones, and modify or change the converter parameters and settings.

Platforms: Windows

Download Free Audio Converter

13. Format Factory

format factory

The best free audio converter, Format Factory, is a multifunctional file processing tool. It is used to convert video and audio files, and as a media splitter, joiner, and clipper. You can also crop files and convert images to a different format. The robust freeware exclusively works on Windows.

Format Factory is also used to recover damaged files and rip DVDs and CDs. You can convert your audio to any format you want and even join multiple files together. One of the main advantages is its speed. The conversions are done very fast.

The tool is available in more than 60 languages. It supports both single and batch modes. So, you can either convert one file at a time or go with multiple conversions simultaneously. What more? You can overlay an audio file on a video and also extract the soundtrack from videos.

Platforms: All versions of Windows

Download Format Factory

14. Hamster Free Audio Converter

hamster free audio converter

Hamster is a free online converter from Malavida that works on Windows. The software makes it to our list of the best free audio converter options because it is simple to use and does your work in no time. You can convert all types of audio files to any format you want. There is no restriction on the size of the file as well.

The tool supports input formats like AIFF, AAC, MP2, MP3, MP2, WMA, and WAV. Some of the output formats that Hamster supports include AAC, AMR, MP3, AC3, WAV, WMA, and MP2, among many others. The software makes room for batch conversion, which means you can convert multiple files at once. Users can also merge various media and make one large file out of it.

You just need to drag and drop your media file, and the software will perform the conversion for you. Three steps required, and you are good to go. The tool claims to work on more than 200 devices. Instead of choosing your preferred format, you can also select a device, for example, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Sony, or Philips.

Platforms: Windows

Download Hamster Free Audio Converter

15. Pazera Free Audio Extractor


Pazera is a universal audio converter and multifunctional software. It is used to convert and extract audio tracks. The tool supports more than 70 video and audio formats. The best feature of the software is that it lets you extract audio clips from video files without hampering the quality of the media.

The best free audio converter has a very user-friendly interface. The design is minimalistic and does not intimidate first time users. Despite this, Pazera Free Audio Extractor is packed with advanced features. It supports more than 20 languages. So, anyone in the lookout for robust software that is easy to use must get their hands on Pazera.

The tool enables you to split any file into parts. Do you listen to audiobooks? You can split it into chapters using the audio converter.

Platforms: All versions of Windows

Download Pazera Free Audio Extractor


Have you wondered how convenient our lives will be if all audio files play across all devices? Well, the situation is too ideal in reality. So, what do you do if you are unable to play an audio file? Choose one from the best free audio converter options that we have listed, and you’ll be sorted.

These enable you to convert and save your audio files in any format that you choose. You can also compress the file, extract audio from video, and save it in cloud storage. All the options that we’ve listed are free. Some require you to download the software, while others perform the conversion online. Be it your iTunes library, music albums, or podcasts, convert all kinds of recordings using an audio converter and overcome compatibility issues.

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