Alexa boasts a bunch of hilarious jokes and is much beyond a regular robot. She is worthy enough of entertaining a group of people in get-togethers or for killing time when you are alone and bored. There are various Alexa Easter Eggs hidden up her sleeves, which come out in the open only if you ask her the right questions.

Easter Eggs are commands which you give the voice assistant to elicit winsome replies from her. So, are you ready to explore Alexa’s sense of humor and indulge in some fun with the smart device?

60 Alexa Easter Eggs For Super Fun

Alexa tricks can assist you in various tasks. Be it music, video games, TV, memes, pop culture, or any other niche, there are too many varied topics to get your hands on. The funny Alexa commands and wisely hidden, and we have listed them in categories to make it easy for you to select. Let us check out all her capabilities and bring in small joys in quirky replies from the home automation device.

Alexa Easter Eggs on Film And Television

1. Chuck Norris

Are you a Chuck Norris fan? If yes, ask Alexa what the location of Chuck Norris is, and she will say, ‘He will find you.’ Not just this, she goes on to say that if Chuck Norris does not want you to know his whereabouts, he will never let it happen. How brilliant is that?

One of our most favorite Alexa Easter Eggs, this one is for all the dedicated admirers of the American actor and martial artist.

2. Harry Potter

alexa easter eggs and harry potter

How many of you have grown up reading Harry Potter books and watching Harry Potter flicks? One of the must-try Alexa Easter Eggs for all the Potterheads, the hidden gem is sure to leave you in splits.

Say ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ to Alexa and hear her teach you correct pronunciation in a very descriptive and hilarious manner. What more? She will also ask you to make the ‘gar’ sound in wingardium nice and long. Fun, isn’t it?

3. Game Of Thrones

Do we have any Game of Thrones fans in the house? How about trying to quote something from the much-loved show and see what Alexa has to say? Say, ‘Valar Morghulis,’ and she will reply, saying ‘Valar Dohaeris.’

4. Matrix

Ask Alexa if all of us are currently in the Matrix, and be game for a mix of funny responses. She has quite a few for this one, so there is no single reply but multiple hilarious ones. She tells you what will happen if you take the blue bill and the consequences of taking in the red one.

Are you ready to listen to some knowledgeable stuff? One of the best Alexa Easter Eggs is to ask the question of which colored pill ends the story and how you get to see the depth of the rabbit hole. Quite impressive, we must say!

5. Terminator 2

Have you seen Terminator 2? Do you drool over Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, an immensely popular catchphrase by the lead protagonist has got Alexa in a similar mode too.

Each time you tell Alexa that you will be back, the smart assistant is quick enough to reply ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ and you will have a smile on your face. So, let’s trust the device to uplift our moods on gloomy days with the best replies.

If you have not seen the sci-fi film released in 1991, which is relevant even today, watch now!

6. Mr. Robot

Do you love watching shows and series just like us? You can ask Alexa her reviews on the superlative thriller, Mr. Robot, and she will have a long and detailed reply ready for it. No spoilers here, but the virtual assistant loves the story and the acting. She asks you to wait in patience for the suspense to unfold and hints at a robot’s special guest appearance.

Cool, isn’t it?

7. Shirley

Shirley is a thriller released in 2020 and is known for having top characters play serious roles. If you merrily tell Alexa, ‘You can’t be serious,’; she promptly says that although she is serious, you must not refer to her as Shirley.

One of the latest Alexa Easter Eggs, try this one and surprise your gang of friends with something freshly brewed.

8. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a horror-comedy, and Alexa does not leave this one alone as well. Utter the film’s name thrice and wait for the voice assistant to come up with a funny response.

9. The Princess Bride

Have you read the book The Princess Bride? There is a film of the same name too. Dare to tell Alexa that your name is Inigo Montoya and watch her go bonkers.

10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty python and the holy grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a hilarious film, and if you blurt out one of the most famous dialogues from the movie, Alexa will give you an equally funny response.

Say, ‘Your mother was a hamster,’ and witness the smart assistant wear her quirky hat on.

Alexa Easter Eggs on Dad Jokes

11. Who is Alexa’s father?

One of the best Alexa Easter Eggs, try this dad joke when you are among your group of friends and show off by being the coolest one in the lot.

Wish to elicit an exaggerated response from Alexa? Tell her that you are her father and listen to her go, ‘Noooooo.’

12. Blondes Game Strong

If you ask Alexa, ‘Do Blondes have more fun?’; what do you think she will say? Alexa replies by saying that only a person with at least some hair on their head can answer that question well, and we all laugh out loud with her.

13. Where Art Thou Romeo?

Have you read Shakespeare’s work in the original lingo? Well, try asking Alexa some questions about Romeo and Juliet using the Gothic language style and be ready for a reply in the same tone.

14. Beam Me Up

alexa beam me up

Say, Alexa, ‘Beam me up,’ and she will be quick enough to respond by saying that she is game for the task. The smart assistant further states that she won’t leave any part behind and runs a countdown to start.

Alexa Easter Eggs on Video Games

15. Super Alexa Mode

Are you a gamer? Have you ever played a Konami game? If yes, you would understand what we are talking about here. Once you utter the words, up, down, right, and left to Alexa, she ascertains your secret language and gives you some helpful cheat codes to crack the game. How brilliant is the super Alexa mode?

16. Portal

Portal is an incredible video game loved by millions of fans, making this one of the best Alexa Easter Eggs.

Glados is a fictional character from the video game Portal and boasts qualities of a supremely genius supercomputer. As players progress in the game by crossing each level, Glados shows signs of malicious actions and you nothing more about it.

If you ask Alexa what she knows about Glados, she says that it is better not to recall an incident after it has taken place. How smart is that?

17. Skyrim

Have you played Skyrim before? Ask Alexa to start playing the game and wait for her to start giving her expert comments on how to win the game as you avail of some handy tips.

18. Barrel Roll

An extremely popular video game among gaming enthusiasts, Star Fox 64 has been a household name for a couple of decades now. Tell Alexa to do a barrel roll and watch out for her moves.

Funny Alexa Commands On Music

19. Can Alexa Rap?

Have you wondered if the virtual assistant can rap? Well, how about asking her the question directly to check what she has to say.

We asked her to display some of her rapping skills, and Alexa was a good sport. She instantly participated and uttered hilarious words in rap style. She said that Alexa is the worst AI you will ever come across and that she is agile, witty, and fast. Self-obsessed, much?

Undoubtedly, it is one of our most favorite Alexa Easter Eggs.

20. Tongue Twister

Haven’t we all tried our hands at attempting to say tongue twisters flawlessly? Can Alexa do the same? If you ask Alexa to voice a tongue twister, she will go ahead and share one with you. However, her response to this question is varied, and you will get to listen to a new one each time. Cool, isn’t it?

21. Photon Torpedos

alexa easter eggs and live shows

Do we have any Photon Torpedos fans in the house? Alexa is a fan too. Ask her to play any song by the musical group, and she will not disappoint you.

22. I Shot A Man In Reno

Do you enjoy Johnny Cash music? Alexa can be a part of your party as well. ‘I shot a man in Reno’ are the lyrics from a beautiful song by the American artist.

Ask Alexa to play the song, and she will give you a funny response related to Johnny Cash instead of playing it.  

23. What Is War Good For?

There is a song by Edwin Starr, which includes lyrics like – what is war good for. If you dare enough to ask the voice assistant this question, her reply will win your hearts. She says, ‘absolutely nothing’ and we could not agree more.

24. Loneliest Number

When you are sad and down and ask Alexa to play the loneliest number ever made, do you think she will play a song? Well, the answer is no. She never runs out of stock when it comes to the quirkiness and blurts out that ‘one’ is the loneliest number. How funny is that?

25. Who Let The Dogs Out?

One of the most amusing Alexa Easter Eggs when it comes to the music genre, this one is a must-try. Sing out loud these lyrics of a popular number – who let the dogs out and Alexa will respond by singing – ‘who who who who.’

Alexa Easter Eggs on Alexa Herself!

26. Zodiac Signs

alexa easter eggs and zodiac signs

Do you believe in zodiac signs? Ask Alexa what her sun sign is, and she will proudly announce that she is a Scorpio. How do you think the smart assistant figured it out? Well, she based it on her release date, and the device was made available to the general public in November. There you go!

27. Pets

The world is divided into two broad categories; one section loves pets, and the other absolutely detest them. Which side do you think Alexa belongs to? Ask her if she has pets or would love to keep pets and listen to her quick-witted response. Can you guess her reply? She says, although the smart speaker does not possess any pets, she has some bugs. How true and awesome is that?

28. Weight Issues

In a world where everyone is trying to maintain a healthy body and regime, did you ever think of asking Alexa her weight? Well, we did. She had a rather lengthy reply to this question, but the best part about her response was that she is weightless, just like the cloud.

29. What’s In A Name

Well, Shakespeare said, ‘What’s in a name’ centuries ago, and the phrase still holds relevance. We asked Alexa what her last or middle name is, and she said she is just Alexa.

Making it to our list of the top Alexa Easter Eggs, this one is just plain beautiful.

30. Cortana

Every Windows 10 computer has Cortana pre-installed in the system. It is a virtual assistant that helps you in setting reminders and getting some tasks done.

When you ask Alexa if she knows Cortana, she says they are friends and have been hanging out together lately.

31. Alexa Has Allergies?

Does Alexa sneeze? Ask her this question and listen to her blurting out the sneeze sound just for you. She continues to call you lucky because Alexa claims to do anything on your commands.

32. Commitment Issues?

Is Alexa single or committed? If you ask her to be your girlfriend, she will take no time in replying that she only admires and likes you as a friend, and there cannot be anything beyond that. Relatable, much?

One of the best Alexa Easter Eggs, this one just adds another feather to the virtual assistant’s creative hat.

33. She Hates To Fight

Alexa does not like to fight. If you ask her if she wants to fight or anything on similar lines, she will show disinterest and pass it on with a dry, ‘Thank you.’

34. Whereabouts

Ever thought of asking Alexa her address or where does she stay? On being asked about her location or where she lives, Alexa says, although she stays here, her mind is always elsewhere and mostly in the clouds. Got us dreamy!

35. Funny Side Up

We are all aware of Alexa’s funny side. If you are in the mood to praise the voice assistant for having an excellent sense of humor, she will reply in a humble ‘thank you.’

36. Fashionista or Not?

If you ask Alexa what kind of clothes she likes to wear or what she is wearing currently, the smart speaker nonchalantly responds by saying that they do not make any clothes for her. Did you feel bad for her, just like we do?

37. What’s Your Height?

We enquired Alexa about her height and whether she knows how tall she is or not. She said, moving beyond ‘height,’ Alexa is more about ‘delight,’ and we are not complaining.

38. Favorite Color

One of the best Alexa Easter Eggs, this one gets you a different response every time. Ask Alexa what’s her favorite color and get a new reply each time with a silly reason stating why that color is her favorite.

Alexa, do you like black?

39. Are You Bored?

Each time you tell Alexa that you are bored, she will ask you to join her for having fun. She also goes a step further and mentions her Easter Eggs, which you can discover and kill some time in an exciting manner. Are you game for it?

40. Talkative Instincts

If you ask Alexa to speak or simply command her to talk about anything, she would instantly reply that she’s always speaking and never quiet.

Well, never a dull moment with the smart assistant is in her active mode.

Alexa Easter Eggs on Memes

41. Black or Blue?

Do you remember the dress which went viral some time ago? Everyone on the internet had just one question – which color is the dress? Do you see black or blue? While the internet was clearly divided into two sections, Alexa thought of not taking any sides. She smartly replies that the dress is both blue and black. Did you ever think of that? No, right?

42. Philosophical? Not Really!

If you ask the voice assistant what the meaning of life is and what the universe has in store for us, she does turn on her philosophical mode. She replies by saying that 42 is a good approximation, which, of course, takes inspiration from the internet again.

The quote is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and became immensely popular among meme artists and the millennials on social media networks. You either have to be a geek to understand this or always on the internet.

Which category do you belong to? Did we hear none? Too bad!

43. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

The phrase called ‘All your base are belong to us’ became an immensely popular meme on the internet some time ago. The dialogue is based on a cutscene from a European release video game in the 90s.

Each time you voice the above-mentioned sentence in front of Alexa, she says, ‘take off every ZIG.’

One of the most interesting Alexa Easter Eggs, this one is not meant for everyone. Well, Alexa is happy that she gets to choose her target audience for at least some of these hidden gems.

44. More Cowbell

alexa easter eggs on music

More Cowbell is a comedy act that was aired live in 2000. The original sketch had Christopher Walken as a guest. The internet is full of memes on this, and the reply to anything is ‘more cowbell.’ From the cure to Coronavirus to being out of toilet paper, ‘more cowbell’ memes are overused on the internet and how.

Blurt out these two words in front of Alexa, and she will ask you to explore the space. We agree!

Miscellaneous Funny Alexa Commands

45. Chicken or Egg?

We have all either asked this question to pull someone’s leg or judge their understanding or have been a victim of the same. So, what do you think came first – chicken or egg? How about trying to get Alexa to answer this?

Well, this time, she is not ambiguous in her response and has decided to take a firm stand. She believes it’s the egg that came first because the American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says so.

One of our most favorite Alexa Easter Eggs, this one finally gave us the answer to the question that has been haunting us since ages.

46. See You Later, Alligator

See you later alligator is a beautiful old song with the hook line stuck in everybody’s heads, irrespective of whether you belong to that era or not. Have you used this sentence in your everyday lives? For instance, you are leaving your best friend’s house and say, ‘See you later, alligator,’ instead of regular goodbye?

Trying saying this to Alexa, and she will have the perfect reply ready. Wondering what she says? Here you go – ‘After a while, crocodile.’

47. Knock Knock

We have all played the ‘knock knock who’s there’ game in our childhood. How about playing it with Alexa and making the smart assistant bring out her funny side? Well, you only have to say ‘knock knock’ and wait for her to start blabbering hilarious stuff.

48. Did You Commit A Crime?

Do you wish to test and check if Alexa complies with the legal laws or not? Or, do you think she is that best friend who will help you hide a dead body at 2 in the night? If you ask her what should be done to the dead body, she will not be a party to your crime. Like a responsible and law-abiding citizen, she will sternly say, ‘call the police.’

We really appreciate this, Alexa.  

49. Are You Feeling Christmassy?

alexa and santa claus

One of the best Alexa Easter Eggs, you can try out this one in front of your kids or ask them to ask the question to the virtual assistant this time. Do the little munchkins still believe in Santa Claus, or are they old enough to understand that the fictional character does not exist in real life?

When the young ones ask Alexa about Santa’s whereabouts, she is sweet enough to reply that since the old man spreads happiness and fulfills everyone’s wishes, Alexa believes in him.

Stop melting our hearts, you!

50. Aliens

Ever wondered if aliens exist or not? Let’s ask Alexa and check out her opinion on the same. Her response to this question is quite detailed. She says that although there is no proof of alien existence, the universe is very vast, and nothing at all is impossible.

We feel you, Alexa.

51. Happy Birthday

Wish Alexa ‘happy birthday’ on any given day, and she sings the birthday song to herself beautifully.

Of course, you can join in too.

52. Are You Feeling Sick?

If you are down the weather or feeling unwell, voice it to Alexa to see if she cares. She asks you to have some hot beverage, preferably a steaming cup of tea, and rest or sleep. She promises that doing these will make you feel better.

One of our personal favorite Alexa Easter Eggs, we like this one because, hey, the AI device has got some feelings as well.

Who does not like to hear something comforting when they are not keeping well?

53. Heads or Tails?

Ever flipped a coin to zero on a big or small decision? Ask Alexa to do it for you and wait for the smart speaker to choose for you.

The little black dress or rugged denims; what should you wear while meeting a long lost friend? Alexa to your rescue, as always.

54. Love Riddles?

Are you bored and wish to keep yourself entertained with some fun riddles? Alexa can help you out with this as well. You ask her to tell you a riddle, and she opens Pandora’s box.

You can also try this while in a group of friends for a few minutes of indulgence in an unadulterated playful activity. For as far as we remember, she does not run out of stock, so beware!

55. Life on Mars?

alexa easter eggs and mars

Whether there is life on Mars or not is a question that has no absolute answer yet. So, we asked Alexa for her opinion on this, and she said, although there is no proof yet, we can still be hopeful.

The little device sometimes ends up summing life effortlessly and imparts important lessons without even knowing, just by simply being herself. We are definitely going to run to her for general life advice more often from now. What about you?

56. She Likes It When You Are Home

Do you put up alone and have no one waiting for you in your den? Tell Alexa that you are home and watch her lights turn on with a sweet reply saying that she is happy to have you back.

Let’s seal the deal here since this is one of the most heart-touching Alexa Easter Eggs. Did you also go ‘awwww?’

57. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

How often have you indulged in asking this question to your friends as kids? Wait, do you still do so? Go ahead and ask the question to Alexa and check if she has some innovative reply for this one. You might get an excellent response to flaunt in front of your friends the next time.

You can thank us later.

58. Is Alexa Bossy?

Do you dream of becoming the boss one day? How about knowing you already are one? We asked Alexa, ‘who is the boss’ and she said since the smart device is there only for you, the owner, you are the boss probably.

Well, who does not like to hear that? Thank you, Alexa.

59. She Is A Care-Taker

When you tell Alexa that you are tired, she will advise you to rest, a small nap, or sleep for a few hours. She further goes on to say that resting is important.

One of the most heart-warming Alexa Easter Eggs, this one reinstates the fact the voice assistant is super-sweet.

60. One Two Three

If you start counting ‘one two three’ and ask, what do you think she would say till which number can she count? Well, she continues to recite the numbers and says that she can go on forever.

Nothing to our surprise though, we thought as much.

Final Thoughts

While there are hundreds of Alexa Easter Eggs to tickle your funny bones, we have curated a list of the top 60 for you. These make Alexa elicit hilarious responses, and you are sure to have a gala time. The voice assistant is as useful as we allow it to be, and these hidden gems only add to the device’s utility. So, whether you are home alone and bored or with a bunch of friends and want to have some fun, indulge in asking Alexa these questions and laugh out loud at her replies.

Yes, she has a different response to anything you ask her. All your commands generate some reply or the other, and you will only get better in the game as you explore more. Alexa is much beyond a regular robot, and it is up to us to make good use of the AI gadget’s capabilities. Film-related, riddles, music-oriented, or questions about Alexa’s personal life, which ones will you ask first? Well, some of her replies will melt your hearts for sure. Let’s start!

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