Google Docs is an essential productivity suite of Google Workspace. The hundreds of files and dozens of folders we create in Google Docs are stored on Google Drive; each beginner Google Drive account offers a 15 GB storage space for storing documents, spreadsheets, slides, and other files. When the drive storage becomes full, users need to eradicate the Google Docs trash and the unwanted items to free space.

If you are using Google Docs for the first time, know that the unwanted docs cannot be cleared from your Google Docs homepage. Of course, you can clear them from the view, but you need to access the Google Drive account to delete it permanently. If you want to delete a certain chunk of content instead of deleting the entire document, you can know how to delete a page in Google Docs.

Empty Your Google Docs Trash In A Few Seconds

The Google Drive trash contains all kinds of files and documents that you have deleted from view. You can selectively delete the list of files or all of them at once in Google Drive. Users also need to know that all files in the Trash are deleted automatically after 30 days. Let’s check how to empty the trash with a few simple steps.

How To Clean Google Docs Trash In 2 Steps

1. Open Trash in Google Drive from the left pane.
2. Click on Empty bin to clean all files.

Now that you have understood the basics, let’s take a look at how to access Google Docs Trash with the help of images.

How To Access Google Docs Trash Via Computer

You can open the Google Docs trash by following just three steps.

1. Open Trash In Google Drive

Open your Google Drive account and click on the Trash option in the left pane.

Click on Trash in Google Drive
Click on Trash in Google Drive

2. Empty The Bin

Navigate to the right side and click on Empty bin in the top right corner to delete all the existing files.

Click on Empty bin
Click on Empty bin

Delete A Single File

You can also choose to delete a single file forever in the trash. Right-click on a file and select Delete forever from the drop-down menu.

Delete a single file
Delete a single file

Users can restore a file by clicking on the Restore option that appears in the drop-down menu.

How To Access Google Docs Trash In Mobile

Using Google Docs trash in mobile is possible via the Google Docs app itself, unlike it was on the PC.

1. Tap OnThe Three Horizontal Lines

To begin with, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

 Tap on the three horizontal lines
Tap on the three horizontal lines

2. Choose Bin

Make sure you select Bin from the left pane.

 Choose Bin
Choose Bin

3. Delete A File

If you want to delete a file in the trash, select the three vertical dots and tap on Delete forever to remove it permanently,

Remove the document permanently
Remove the document permanently

Unlike the PC method, you cannot delete the entire Trash folder on mobile. Users need to remove items permanently one by one on a mobile device.


Google Docs is the most widely used SaaS product of Google Workspace for creating and storing documents. However, we need to delete unwanted items and documents at times to ensure there is enough space in Google Drive for uploading other types of items and documents. Users can clear the Google Docs trash to free up space for this purpose.

The process of clearing the trash can be done via the computer or the smartphone, depending on the choice of the users. However, it is mandatory on both occasions to open Google Drive since this is where the trash exists. Users can only clear or delete the documents from the Google Docs interface, but they can’t remove them completely.