Discord is one of the favorite apps used chiefly by gamers to communicate via gaming. It recently launched a screen share feature that can help you share your screen with your gamers community. However, many users complained about Discord screen share audio not working correctly.

It can be just another problem like Discord not opening or not getting installed on Windows 10, but it needs to be resolved to enjoy all the app’s features. The reasons for this error can differ from system to system. The section below can help you with the causes and some solutions to fix the audio issues with Discord.

What Causes Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Every issue on Windows 10 occurs for some reason. For example, if Discord’s audio is not working properly while sharing the screen, there are some causes.

  • Problem with the audio feature itself
  • Audio drivers issues
  • Antivirus problem
  • Temporary glitch
  • Administrative access
  • Application-specific issues
  • Incorrect audio settings in Windows
  • Discord not finding a route to transfer the voice

Whatever the reason for the Discord issue is, this guide will help you fix it conveniently to fix the discord screen share audio not working issues.

13 Solutions for Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

You will need access to administrator privileges to try out the below solutions. Also, make sure you have access to the Discord app to make the right changes to its settings. Once all the accesses are in hand, start with the below fixes in chronological order.

1. Restart your Computer

A quick restart can fix if the Discord screen share audio is not working because of a temporary glitch.

Click on the Windows logo from the taskbar and then click on the Power button. Finally, select the Restart option to reboot your computer.

Restart your computer
Restart your computer

After the PC restarts, check Discord screen share feature is transferring audio input without any issues.

2. Run Discord as Administrator

One of the reasons for the Discord audio issue is an administrative privilege. You can run the app as an administrator to avoid this problem.

Right-click the Discord app and then select Properties from the context menu.

Open Discord Properties
Open Discord Properties

In the Properties dialog box, go to the Compatibility tab and check the checkbox next to ‘Run this program as an administrator.’

Click on Apply and OK.

Run Discord as administrator
Run Discord as administrator

Try relaunching the Discord app and check if the no sound issue with the app is resolved or not.

3. Disable the Antivirus Program

The third-party antivirus can interfere with the Discord application preventing the transfer of audio while sharing the screen. You can temporarily disable the antivirus on your computer and check if that helps. If you are unsure how to turn off the antivirus, you can check the online guide on its official website.

4. Reset Discord’s Voice Settings

You can reset the voice setting to fix the Discord screen share audio not working issue. Follow the steps given below to know how to do it correctly.

Step 1: Launch the Discord app and click on the Settings icon in the top left corner of the window to open the application settings. This will open settings on Discord.

Open Discord settings
Open Discord settings

Step 2: From the left navigation bar in the Discord setting, click on Voice & Video under App Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of Voice & Video settings and click on Reset Voice Settings.

Reset Voice Settings
Reset Voice Settings

Step 4: When asked for confirmation, click on Okay to confirm the reset.

Confirm the reset of voice settings
Confirm the reset of voice settings

Now, close the app and relaunch it. Next, you need to start screen sharing in Discord again to check if the audio is working or not.

5. Add your Game under Discord Activity

You can add the game that you want to focus on during screen and audio sharing. Usually, Discord detects the apps and games on its own, but if it fails, you can add the app in the activity section. This will also help you fix Discord screen share audio not working issues.

Launch the Discord app and go to settings by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner.

Now, from the left pane, click on Activity Status under Activity Settings. Next, click on the Add it link to add the game/app.

Click on Add it
Click on Add it

From the drop-down menu, select the app you want to add. Once the app is selected, it will be added to the activity section.

Add app to the Activity
Add app to the Activity

You will now be able to hear the audio from the app while sharing the screen on Discord.

6. Avoid Applications and Games in Full-Screen Mode

There can be issues with Discord screen sharing and audio when the apps or games are in full-screen mode. In addition, it causes some problems with permission; therefore, it is recommended to keep the apps/games you wish to share in a minimized window.

In the case of games, set the screen to Windowed mode. And for apps, simply click on the minimize button from the right corner to exit full-screen mode. Once the changes are made, the audio transfer will be better, and the issue will no longer annoy you.

7. Use Push to Talk Feature

Although it is recommended to use the voice activity option to transfer audio if Discord screen share audio is not working, you can use push to talk. The push to talk feature has its drawbacks, as you need to press a key to transfer the audio. However, it will help you fix issues with audio transfers.

Open the Discord app and go to its settings as mentioned in the above solutions. Then, in the App Settings sections, click on Voice & Video from the left panel.

Now, select Push to Talk under Input Mode. You also need to select the key that needs to be pressed to talk.  

Select Push to Talk
Select Push to Talk

You can now try transferring audio in screen share and check if you can do it without issues or not.

8. Reinstall Audio Drivers

You can reinstall the audio drivers to fix the problem of Discord no audio in a screen share. However, the outdated, damaged, or corrupted driver can lead to many audio-related issues in Windows 10. Therefore, follow the steps below to uninstall the device driver first and install it again. This will also resolve issues like a faulty audio driver.  

Step 1: Press Windows key + X to open the quick link menu and click on Device Manager to open it.

Open Device Manager
Open Device Manager

Step 2: In Device Manager, expand Audio inputs and outputs and right-click on the audio driver—Select Uninstall device from the context menu.

Uninstall audio driver
Uninstall audio driver

Step 3: Once the driver is uninstalled, go to the Action tab and click on Scan for hardware changes. This will reinstall the audio driver for you.

Scan for hardware changes on your device
Scan for hardware changes on your device

Alternatively, you can reboot your computer to reinstall the driver. When the driver is reinstalled, launch the Discord app and check if you can transfer audio or not.

9. Check the Application that is giving Issue

If you are only experiencing issues with a specific application while sharing a screen in Discord, you need to check the app’s compatibility. For example, when the different processes are responsible for graphics and audio, this issue can arise.

You can check if you can transfer audio in other games and apps and get in touch with customer support of the affected app to check if the issue is app-specific. Suppose the app is a troublemaker; you can find an alternative and use that temporarily.

10. Clear Discord Cache and Roaming Data

A corrupted Discord cache and data can cause Discord screen-sharing audio not working issue. You can delete cache and roaming data related to Discord to fix the issue.

Step 1: Exit the Discord app and open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Step 2: In the Task Manager, search for Discord processes in the Processes tab. When found, right-click on it and select End task from the context menu.

End the Discord task
End the Discord task

Repeat this step for all Discord processes.

Step 3: Press Windows key + R and type %appdata% there.

Press Enter to open the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming folder.  

Open Roaming folder
Open Roaming folder

Step 4: Now, search for the Discord folder and right-click on it. Select Delete from the context menu.

Delete the Discord folder
Delete the Discord folder

Once the folder is deleted, reboot the PC and relaunch the Discord app. The problem you were experiencing will be resolved with this.

11. Check Windows Computer’s Audio Settings

If the Windows audio setting is not allowing Discord to use a microphone, the audio won’t transfer during screen sharing. You can check the settings mentioned below and correct them if required. The first thing to check is microphone privacy settings.

Press Windows key + I to launch the Settings app and go to the Privacy section. In the Privacy settings, navigate to the Microphone under App permissions in the left panel.

Now, make sure the switch below ‘Allow desktop apps to access your microphone’ is turned on.

Allow desktop apps to access your microphone
Allow desktop apps to access your microphone

Also, toggle the switch below ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ to enable it.

Allow apps to access your microphone
Allow apps to access your microphone

Lastly, check if Discord is using a microphone or not. If all the above checks are done and correct, move on to the next soundcheck.

In the Settings app, go to System and click on Sound from the left pane. Next, click on the Sound Control Panel from the right corner of the Settings app window.

Open Sound Control Panel
Open Sound Control Panel

Navigate to the Recording tab and check if the audio device you are using as the microphone is enabled here. If it is not, you can right-click on the device and select Enable.

After enabling the device, right-click on it and select Set as Default Device from the context menu.  

Check if Microphone is enabled or not
Check if Microphone is enabled or not

Once everything is checked and changed correctly, launch the Discord app and check if the issue is resolved or not.

12. Disable Nvidia Shadowplay Settings

If you cannot hear the audio from other Discord users, you need to try out this solution. However, this is only applicable for PCs with Nvidia GPU. It is recommended to disable Shadowplay via Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Click on the Nvidia icon from the system tray located in the right of the taskbar. When the window opens, click on the cogwheel next to your username.

Next, go to the General tab and search for In-Game Overlay. You need to toggle the switch next to it, such that it is disabled.

After disabling Shadowplay, reboot your PC. You will now be able to hear the audio from other people’s streams.

13. Reinstall/Update Discord App on your Computer

If you cannot fix the audio issue with Discord with the help of the above fixes, you can update the app or reinstall it. Check on Discord’s official website if there are new updates available or not.

If there are no new updates, you can simply uninstall Discord and then reinstall it. To uninstall it, go to Settings ➜ Apps and search for Discord.

When Discord shows up, click on it and then click on the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Discord
Uninstall Discord

Once the Discord is uninstalled, you can download it again from the official source to reinstall it. This will resolve the Discord screen share audio not working issue.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working On Browser

If you are experiencing audio not working correctly on browsers, you can check out the below solutions, which are browser-specific to rectify the sound errors.

1. Use Discord Suggested Solution

If you are having trouble with the sound mode on the Google Chrome browser, you can try this solution suggested by the Discord support team.

Turn off the screen share session via the Discord app and then refresh the app by pressing Ctrl + R keys simultaneously.

Now, close and relaunch Google Chrome. Play any audio on the Chrome browser before you begin with screen sharing again. You can use YouTube or Spotify for music.

Lastly, start screen sharing once again. You will be able to transfer audio while sharing the Chrome browser as well.

2. Allow Microphone on Chrome Browser

You need to allow the microphone on the Chrome browser to fix the Discord screen share audio not working issue.

Click on three dots in the top right corner of the browser and select Settings from the menu.

Open Chrome Settings
Open Chrome Settings

Now, from the left panel, go to Privacy and security. Select Site Settings from all the screen instructions.

Open Site Settings
Open Site Settings

On the next screen, scroll down and click on Microphone.

Open Microphone settings
Open Microphone settings

Now, select the ‘Sites can ask to use your microphone’ option. You can also select the microphone you wish to use from the drop-down list above.  

 Allow sites to use the microphone with permission
Allow sites to use the microphone with permission

Close the browser window and relaunch it. You can now enjoy the screen sharing feature with audio.

3. Use Another Browser

If the problem with the Chrome browser still persists, you can switch to some other browser. There are many options available for Windows 10 like Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. You can choose anyone depending on your preference and use that with Discord screen share. The bug with Chrome will also be fixed soon, so this is only a temporary alternative.


Discord is an essential app for gamers, and the new features make it more user-friendly for any game activity. However, whenever new features are introduced in any application, some bugs and issues are always reported. For example, Discord’s screen share feature is unique and has some audio transfer and audio activity issues.

The Discord screen share audio not working issue is experienced by many users, and you need to perform some solutions to fix the audio error. You need to modify Discord settings, Windows 10 audio settings or reinstall the Discord app to fix the audio problem.


Does Discord have a screen share feature?

Yes, the new version of Discord has a screen share feature along with audio transfer capability. You need to update your Discord app to enjoy the screen share feature.

Why is Discord screen share audio not working?

The screen share feature being new has some bugs that make it challenging to transfer audio on some apps. However, if the settings are modified, this issue can be resolved quickly.

How to fix Discord screen share audio not working?

You can run Discord as administrator, disable the antivirus, change Discord settings, modify Windows 10 audio and sound settings, work on audio drivers, make changes in browsers settings to fix the Discord screen share audio not working issue.