Gone are the days when you had to install some software to perform most of the tasks on your computer! Today, many websites offer free online tools like online Word to PDF converter that lets you convert Word files to PDF in a few mouse clicks. The advantage is that no registration or complex installations are required to get your output file. However, the secure PDF converter tools require a stable internet connection to complete the process.

Many sites that convert Word to PDF free do so for limited daily conversions. If you want advanced features like the conversion of plenty of files, you must subscribe to a plan that goes beyond the Basic one. You can also use an MP4 to MP3 converter to get MP3 files of the highest quality.

12 Best Online Word to PDF Converter

An online Word to PDF converter is not hard to find, but you must ensure it is legitimate. Some of the sites also let you convert PDF to Word. Check out the converters below to get your required PDF file in significantly less time.

1. iLovePDF Best Word to PDF Converter

iLovePDF Best Word to PDF Converter

Being the best tool to convert documents with file extensions DOC and DOCX to PDF, no doubt iLovePDF ranks first among the lot. Converting the DOC file format to PDF makes it easy to read. Whether you want to work with Mac OS or Windows, iLovePDF has an excellent interface that simplifies things. A few clicks are all you need to change the Word documents to PDF files.


  • Available in 25 languages to enable better interaction with users
  • High-quality PDF files with the smallest file size possible
  • Your archives are removed within two hours, thus ensuring data security
  • Supports batch editing of files
  • Enables uploading from and downloading to cloud storage services
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS


  • Free for limited document processing
  • Premium – $4/month
  • Business – Custom pricing

iLovePDF Converter

2. SmallPDF Word to PDF Converter Online

SmallPDF Word to PDF Converter Online

Users love SmallPDF as it requires no installation or registration on the site. You can choose a file by clicking on the drop-down menu or dragging and dropping the file to start the Word to PDF conversion. The online tool witnesses the smiles of happy users every day when conversions are done in a matter of minutes.


  • The online Word to PDF converter converts Word to PDF in the original layout and formatting.
  • The share feature gives you a shareable download link, or you can get it as a PDF via email.
  • You can edit the PDF using the editing tools before downloading
  • The conversion can be done on any device and operating system
  • Other files, like JPG files, can also be converted using SmallPDF
  • You can store the files on Cloud


  • Free – Convert upto two documents per day
  • Pro – $9 per month
  • Team – $7 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing

SmallPDF Converter

3. Adobe Word to PDF Online Converter

Adobe Word to PDF Online Converter

You might be aware that Adobe is the creator of PDF. So, you can trust them for anything related to PDFs. To convert Word to PDF for free, start by dragging and dropping the file or just click the Select a file button. Once the PDF is created, it gets stored in the Adobe cloud services. By signing in, it becomes easy to share your ready files.


  • The converted files can be downloaded or shared depending on users’ wants.
  • Fast conversion of files which makes it different from other tools
  • The PDF tools offer the best-quality files
  • The tools work well with Mac and Windows OS
  • Easy to convert files with file format DOCX apart form DOC


  • Acrobat Pro – US$19.99/month
  • Acrobat PDF PAck – US$9.99/month

Adobe Converter

4. FreePDFConvert Word to PDF Converter Online Free


With FreePDFConvert, you have options to select a file from your folder, Google Drive, or Dropbox or load it from a link. The process is straightforward. Once the word file is chosen, the online Word to PDF converter initiates the file conversion. The output file will have the same formatting and text style as the original one. Also, your files are deleted from the server, so nobody gets a chance to view them.


  • All the images, tables, formatting, and file content remain intact during the conversion.
  • There are several editing tools to edit your PDF files
  • The files that get converted are secured with a 256-bit SSL file encryption technique for the protection of data
  • Your files are automatically deleted from the server
  • The converter is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux


  • One month – $6
  • 12 months – $48
  • Lifetime – $99

FreePDFConvert Converter

5. SodaPDF Doc to PDF Converter Online


SodaPDF is a relatively simple file conversion tool with a plain interface that looks welcoming. Like many other tools, you can drag and drop or choose a file from your computer or cloud services. The converted PDF file can be saved to your computer or Google Drive, whichever you prefer. You will also get a secure link to download the file via email.


  • The security and layout of the document are taken care of while converting
  • The converted document is saved in PDF 2.0 format so that it can be opened in any PDF viewer
  • The batch feature permits uploading several files at the same time or even a folder to convert Word to PDF for free
  • You can also convert a Google Doc into PDF using SodaPDF


  • Standard – $6.75
  • Pro – $5.00
  • Business – $16.67

SodaPDF Converter

6. PDF2Go Word to PDF online Free Converter

PDF2Go Word to PDF online Free Converter

Whether you want to convert a document with DOC or a DOCX file type to PDF, PDF2Go can be a great assistant. The Word file can be uploaded from your computer or cloud services, and within minutes, you will get the PDF file as good as Word. An additional feature of the online Word to PDF converter is the option to convert with OCR. If you choose “Use OCR,” the text from the pages will be extracted.


  • The formatting remains unchanged, so the look of the file is retained
  • The file remains secure at every step
  • You can convert DOC, DOCX, images, presentations, and other document file formats.
  • The converter can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, and tablets


  • Basic – Free
  • Week pass – $5 per week
  • Professional – $6.50 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

PDF2Go Converter

7. PDF.online Word to PDF Converter

PDF.online converter

If you want a quick and easy tool to convert Word to PDF for free, then PDF.online is your answer. Select a file from your device or cloud services and click the Convert button. You will get a neat PDF file that is no different from the Word file. Furthermore, as the conversion is done locally, there is no need to fear data theft.


  • Enables processing as many documents as required
  • Processing is done on your computer, so files are not saved on the server
  • Registration is not required
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS


  • Free – Perform five actions per day
  • Pro – $9.00 per month

PDF.online Converter

8. DocFly Online Doc to PDF Converter

DocFly converter

DocFly gives you an easy way to get your PDF file in three simple steps: upload a word file, convert Word doc to PDF and download your file. You can click the green button on the home page of the online Word to PDF converter to upload your file or drag and drop it into the box. You will get three free downloads of the PDF file. The online service offers an excellent solution for all your editing requirements.


  • Convert files in less than a minute
  • It offers enhanced version control, so your file looks great
  • The tool’s accuracy results in a PDF file that is almost the same as the Word file
  • The uploaded files are encrypted using HTTPS and stored in a protected database managed by the Amazon cloud
  • The files can be accessed via any device
  • The online file converter is constantly updated, so the users do not have to worry about software downloads or updates


DocFly Pro – $3.99 per month

DocFly Converter

9. CloudConvert Free Word to PDF Converter

CloudConvert converter
CloudConvert converter

CloudConvert uses advanced conversion technology while processing your Word file to produce the highest quality PDF document. You can select the file from any cloud service, URL, or device to start converting Word to PDF for free. Below, you will see options like Pages, Optimize Print, and many others. You can give your input here and get your PDF file optimized better.


  • CloudConvert supports more than 200 file formats
  • It gives utmost importance to data security and takes steps for the same
  • Partners with many software vendors to provide the best user experience
  • The powerful API offers custom integrations with the app


  • Free – Up to 25 conversions per day
  • Packages – One-time payments (pay as you go)
  • Subscriptions – Users are charged every month

CloudConvert Converter

10. PDFBear Word to PDF Free Online Converter

PDFBear Word to PDF Free Online Converter

PDFBear allows you to upload a Word file from your device or a URL. Once the online Word to PDF converter scans the document and finishes the conversion, you can instantly download the PDF. The process is as simple as that. The site boasts of an output file of high quality with all the texts, images, tables, and formatting the same as the original file.


  • The online PDF converter supports DOC and DOCX files conversion
  • The uploaded files are removed from the server in an hour
  • The tool works with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • The word to pdf free conversion is done in the Cloud, so your device’s resources are not utilized.


  • Pro – $9.33 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing

PDFBear Converter

11. Online2PDF Free Online Word to PDF converter

Online2PDF Free Online Word to PDF converter

Online2PDF converts Word to PDF for free and can be used any number of times. It lets you select a file from your device or drag and drop files. The maximum file size you can upload is 100 MB. You can choose up to 20 files simultaneously for conversion, but their total file size should be at most 20 MB. Options like rotating, reordering and selecting pages, and splitting files are available for the users to make their customizations.


  • The site promises automatic file deletion after conversion, and you get only 60 seconds to download the converted file.
  • HTTPS connection is used for data transfer to ensure security
  • It is possible to select multiple files at the same time using the Control key, making uploading faster
  • If you choose “Convert files separately,” a ZIP archive is created with all the files in it
  • If you select “Searchable PDF,” your scanned files are converted to searchable PDF files
  • You can choose “Image-PDF” as the output format to get a scanned document like an image file with only images


The converter is completely free for users. However, you can send donations to support the site if you wish.

Online2PDF Converter

12. Zamzar Doc to PDF Online Converter

Zamzar converter

The online Word to PDF converter tool, Zamzar, can be used to convert your doc files into files in PDF format effectively. You can upload editable Word files by selecting from your computer or drag and drop files. The maximum file size it allows is 50 MB. But, again, the conversion is a simple, three-step process where you choose the file, the conversion occurs, and you get the PDF file for download.


  • It supports a wide variety of file formats.
  • Users are offered unlimited daily conversions.
  • The speed of file conversion is high.
  • Conversion of large files of sizes up to 2 GB is possible, depending on your chosen plan.
  • All the data is secured with an AES 256-bit SSL certificate to safeguard your sensitive files.


  • Basic – $9 per month
  • Pro – $16 per month
  • Business – $25 per month

Zamzar Converter

Final Thoughts

An online Word to PDF converter is the best choice if you instantly want to convert a few Word documents into PDF files easily. You are lucky if the file size comes under the maximum limit. And be careful of how many conversions you do in a day. You must opt for a paid plan if it goes more than the specified number. This is true in the case of PDF to JPG converters also.

The article covers the best twelve converters that convert Word to PDF for free. When we say free, it has limitations like fewer daily conversions, limited features, limited tools, and file size limits. However, you can sign up on the sites to unlock all the exciting features like unlimited file size and choose a plan that fits your budget.