An Apple Watch is not just something you wear on your wrist; it unlocks a whole world of possibilities for gamers. The best games may not be playable on the watch, but it is a lot of fun to play the games that are available. The best Apple Watch games come in different genres, like arcade games, strategy games, puzzle games, and more.

An Apple Watch is handy because it is always on your wrist, so playing games anywhere and anytime is possible. Furthermore, playing games on your Apple Watch makes you realize that the rules are simple, given the limited screen size and features. You need to download the games in the App Store that interest you and start playing without any preparation.  

20 Best Apple Watch Games

Apple Watch games are games for Apple Watch that you can download and play at your will. Some games come for free, but others ask for a paid subscription, especially if you want to remove the ads or get access to more features. Here is a list of 20 watch games you can engage in during your free time.

1. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit

The name of the game gives away the kind of game it is. Yes, Pocket Bandit is one of the Apple Watch games where you are a bandit stealing jewels and money from lockers. The deep gameplay lets you find over a hundred treasures as part of your looting endeavors.

Pocket Bandit features stunning visuals and attractive complications. It is a fast-paced puzzle game where you can use the digital crown to move the cursor. Find all the treasures to become the King of Bandits. You must make a one-time payment to play on an Apple Watch whenever you wish.

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2. Lifeline


The game is the first of the Lifeline series. You are literally the lifeline in Taylor’s life. Lifeline is an immersive game where Taylor, an astronaut, is stranded in some unknown land with his fellow astronauts missing. Surprisingly, he can communicate only with you, so your responses can be life-changing.

A simple tap on your Apple Watch makes for a response, and you can help Taylor navigate to safety with your decisions. You will get notifications all through the day. If you have already given responses, you can consider going back and changing them to land a different outcome. Lifeline is a creepy game with messages knocking right on your wrist.

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3. Rules!


Ready to follow some rules? Rules! Is one of the cutest Apple Watch games that takes you into a hundred-level deep maze. It is a fast-paced puzzle game that is challenging and fun at the same time. All you have to do to clear levels is follow some rules.

Each level introduces a few rules which you have to master to apply in all the levels that are to come. The new game mechanics and the fact that you will soon face difficult levels make this game quite different. Choose your type of game from Beginner, Expert, or Timeless, and get started.

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4. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia games are exciting as you don’t know what questions are coming your way. So, test your thinking and memory with the most happening Apple Watch app, Trivia Crack. You can spin the wheel and choose a question from the six categories.

Answer them correctly, and you are on your way to winning six crowns. With thousands of challenging questions in the store, Trivia Crack is one of the best games you will never get bored of. The best part is you can also play with your friends and have a friendly match by firing questions. The game is liked by one and all for the way it teaches you stuff and, of course, the fun part.

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5. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies

A game of conquest is for those fierce players who never miss a chance to fight. Tiny Armies is one of the fun Apple Watch games in the turn-based strategy game genre. As you move through mountains and forests, you can swipe and defeat your enemies as if there is no tomorrow.

Tiny Armies can be a solo game, a game to conquer your friends, or one that lets you play with people worldwide. The fast gameplay suits the Apple Watch, which even comes with an iMessage app to face unknown opponents.

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6. Pocket Plants

Pocket Plants

How about combining your love for plants and exercise? Move your body and grow plants in the process with the most interesting Pocket Plants game. The game is simple and lets you grow hundreds of plants by mixing different varieties to invent new ones. When you complete the orders of NPCs, exciting rewards await you.

The more plant types you grow, you will have access to different magical worlds that will rouse your curiosity. In addition, you can connect the game app on your Apple Watch to Apple’s Health App, thanks to the HealthKit feature. The free game will be a unique experience for people who have a lovely garden and those who want to make one.

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7. Solitaire The Game

Solitaire The Game

Solitaire is a great time killer if you have experienced it on your PC. Solitaire The Game is one of the best Apple Watch games that uses the capabilities of card games to the fullest. There are many Solitaire games, but this one loads the fastest and tests your speed.

The game presents daily challenges for the players, and you can try to complete them to find the solutions. Of course, not every solution will be easy to find. But the more you try to solve them, the more your brain activates. So, get the game and train your brain to be the best.

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8. Snappy Word

Snappy Word

Snappy Word is a word game that will educate and entertain you simultaneously. It is similar to word search games where you must search for hidden words in each level to complete the level and move to the next.

You can swipe the letters and link them to make a word. You get hint gems if you find words that are not on the list. With an unbelievable 400 levels, Snappy Word is a favorite game of many serious players who want to gain some real ability out of fun games.

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9. Komrad


Kind of an offbeat game, Komrad is one of the best Apple Watch games if you are looking for surprises at each turn. Like Lifeline, it is an interactive game. But here you interact with a Soviet Artificial Intelligence from 1985, which doesn’t know how the world has developed.

The AI has been training covertly for about thirty years, and you get connected to it out of the blue. Now, your responses decide what will become of the world. Komrad is an addictive game where you keep waiting for messages. But it sure teaches you something in the process.

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10. Elevate


With over 50 million users, Elevate was named Apple’s app of the year. It includes games that train your brain in different ways. The outcome is a memory boost, better focus, polished speaking abilities, and enhanced math skills, to name a few.

Users will get customized brain training programs that change with requirements. The more you play the carefully crafted games with Elevate, the more your self-confidence, and productivity. Users have reported amazing results with the regular use of the app. So, it is your chance to show the world your mental abilities!

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11. Jupiter Attack

Jupiter Attack

If you want to recreate your memories of playing Space Invaders, Jupiter Attack is one of the best Apple Watch games you could try. You may take up arms against the wicked space invaders whose only aim is to destroy Earth. It is up to you to stop them at any cost.

The Digital Crown on your Apple Watch can be used to move your ship as you combat the invaders. The arcade game lets you gather power-ups like a shield, rapid fire, and multi-shot if you earn the highest score. With the retro sound effects that accompany the game, the app will take you to a much-familiar space.

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12. Ping Pong

Ping Pong

If you miss the good-old Pong game, you can get the same on your Apple Watch. Ping Pong is a watch retro game that packs in all the excitement of the old game and is easy to play. It has eight classic game modes, and you can choose one and start playing.

You move ahead in the game by turning the Digital Crown. There are various levels of difficulty, like you play Pong. You can move slowly by mastering each level. The color customizers let you select a theme for the game. Get the iPhone version of this game and play against your watch game.

Download Ping Pong

13. Octopuz


If you want to get one of the best Apple Watch games to boost your memory power, check out Octopuz. Octopuz is a brain trainer that does the job using memory puzzles. When the game starts, you will get a pattern, which you must replicate within a specific time.

The game features different difficulty levels you can try. Each puzzle has eight options; you can move forward if you replicate it accurately. Your skills like visual perception, memory, dexterity, and spatial reasoning are improved with regular gameplay. Your victory will earn you stars that bring along bonuses.

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14. Lateres


If you liked Ping Pong, you would love Lateres, the retro breakout game. It is a very simple game with simple rules. You will see many blocks on the screen of your Apple Watch. You must hit a ball with the paddle and break all the blocks. Once done, you are eligible for the next level.

The brick-breaking game urges you to score high and be a classic winner. There are twenty levels in Lateres that you can experience one by one. You can play from your watch or iPhone as the app works on both.

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15. Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2

Lifeline was a wonder among the Apple Watch games, and Lifeline 2 has only raised the standard with its fantastic gameplay. Here, you interact with Arika on her journey to find her lost brother and avenge her parents. Your decisions are her hope, and being right is your only choice.

Lifeline 2 gives you more paths to improve your choices and help Arika. You get message notifications, which you can reply to whenever you want. The world and the lone woman await your choices to save them. Are you ready for a life-and-death fight?

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16. Tube Twister

Tube Twister

Arcade game lovers can try their luck with Tube Twister. You are in an endless tube and must guide a runner through it. You must keep going by avoiding all the obstacles and reaching the goal. The holes pose obstacles, but your speed at twisting the tube saves the runner.

Tube Twister features two playable characters, and the number increases as you win orbs. Collecting more orbs makes you more powerful to gain speed. The game supports leaderboards and offers 60 frames per second option, so try it today.

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17. Tap Master

Tap Master

Tap Master is definitely one of the best Apple Watch games you can play if you have some free time. It is a no-brainer; all you have to do is manage to tap at the right time and become a master at tapping. Remember to tap when the circle is above the target.

When you close all the circles by tapping and reach the target score, you reach the next level. As you go up, the levels seem more complicated than the previous ones and that’s the most challenging part. Complete all the levels and see what your personal high score is. The game sure does improve accuracy.

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18. Jellyfish Tap

Jellyfish Tap Apple Watch games

If you know how to play Flappy Bird, you don’t need training for the easy game Jellyfish Tap. Tap to make the cute jellyfish swim. And while it is on its way, remember to make it jump to avoid obstacles. The more it moves forward, the more scores you get.

Jellyfish is a simple game to pass the time that anyone can play, including kids. But it is a highly addictive game. As you keep playing, you will be an expert at tapping at the right time to jump over the obstacles. But watch out; the game will get tough with passing time.

Download Jellyfish Tap

19. Chess

Apple Watch games Get Chess

Thought playing Chess on an Apple Watch’s small screen would be boring? Try the Chess app, and you will instantly love it. It is one of the most popular Apple Watch games suggested by strategy game experts. You can play with over a hundred computer opponents and show your skills.

There are endless opportunities that come with the app. The free game lets you interact with new friends, and you can join online tournaments to compete with players from all over the world. You can even play games in real time and understand your level.

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20. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas! Apple Watch games

You are the monkey Dare in Dare the Monkey, and your task is to travel through tricky worlds and emerge unharmed. However, you must face various opponents and traps before reaching your destination, where glory awaits you.

It is a platformer game that reminds players of some classic video games. But this one has all the qualities of a mobile game you can enjoy on an Apple Watch too. Get the game for free, or go for the in-app purchases to eliminate ads.

Download Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

Final Thoughts

As you saw, the best Apple Watch games give you unlimited fun even on your wristwatch. A watch may not be the best device for gamers, but the best game apps can completely transform your watch screen into a gaming arena. Solo and even multiplayer games are available for devices like the Apple Watch.

We have a list of the best watch games to play on an Apple smartwatch, both free and paid games. They come under different genres, and you can get the ones that push you to take up challenges to pass the time. Needless to say, you have to project your best gaming self out there to enjoy more scores and be a victor. You have enough games to choose from, so have fun!