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Best Chess App To Learn Chess And Master The Tactics

Chess developed 1500 years ago as a board game and underwent various transformations before becoming one of the best strategy games known today. Not surprisingly, the computer and internet era introduced the digital version of chess, which is equally engaging and educative. Today, you can get the best chess app and exercise your mind like a physical board game.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a chess grandmaster, the chess apps will satisfy you as there is technically no difference in the gameplay. Most online platforms aim for serious players. But there are enough apps that let you play the game with many fun elements involved. The apps feature different playing styles, puzzles, tutorials, and more to enjoy the game in its entirety.

11 Best Chess App To Master The Game

The best chess app allows you to play against a computer or human player. Beginners are encouraged to learn from the interactive videos and improve their tactics. Experts can try different gameplay styles and enhance their skills, competing with people worldwide. So, here are the chess apps that are entertaining and teach you some excellent life skills.    

1. Chess

Chess best chess app

Ask which is the best chess app to have fun with your friends and improve your chess ratings; Chess from Chess.com is the answer. Over 95 million players worldwide are playing it, and you can play with them too. With lakhs of tactics puzzles, videos, and interactive lessons, it will be surprising if you don’t master the game within no time.

Chess lets you participate in real-time two-player game mode with your friends or players worldwide. You can start with a one-minute game and extend it to over half an hour. There are some chess variants you can try at absolutely no cost. If you want to slow down, get into the learning mode and start practicing.


Chess, the mobile app, lets you make an in-app purchase starting from $4.99.

Get Chess for Android / Get Chess for iOS

2. Lichess


Lichess opens a chess world for game lovers with classical, bullet, blitz, and correspondence chess. You can challenge the 150,000 players who come to play here and have the best time of your life. Practice with chess puzzles if you feel you need to do better.

If you are serious about the game, participate in arena tournaments and understand your level. The Lichess app lets you try different game variants, both online and offline. The chess clock comes in handy to set time according to your pace. Being available in 80 languages makes the app all the more popular.


Lichess is a completely free app.

Get Lichess for Android / Get Lichess for iOS

3. Pocket Chess

Pocket Chess

Pocket Chess is the best chess app to access hundreds of chess puzzles and problems to improve your game skills. It is well-suited to beginners who are in the stage of understanding chess patterns. Go for the different difficulty levels if you are ready.

The design of the app interface is simple and elegant. You may see a few ads while in the gameplay, but they are harmless. The design of the board is in such a way that you can focus on the important pieces.


Pocket Chess is free to play, but you can get bundles and packages as in-app purchases, starting from $1.99.

Get Pocket Chess for Android / Get Pocket Chess for iOS

4. Play Magnus

Play Magnus

Play Magnus from Magnus Chess Academy is your new chess world for entertainment and education. Besides playing online chess, you can try mini-games, puzzles, and interactive lessons to improve your gaming skills. Also, learn the best chess tactics from the world-renowned Magnus Carlsen.

Throughout your app journey, Magnus guides you with the best way to top the game throughout your app journey. You will get a detailed game plan according to your skill level. You can choose any time of the day to learn the aspects of the game. Enough tricky puzzles are waiting for you to train your brain at any time.


Play Magnus has a free version, but the app also lets you get a subscription if you want.

Get Play Magnus for Android / Get Play Magnus for iOS

5. Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids is the best chess app for kids to learn and play chess in a fun way. But that’s not just it. The app helps teach the basic rules and even advanced techniques to make the little tots bright. There is something for everyone here, even for parents and trainers.

The collection of kids-safe funny videos trains tiny brains to master strategies that contribute to their overall development. The tricky puzzles give opportunities for regular practice. In addition, kids can play against their friends in a friendly competition.


The free app can be upgraded with a price starting from $7.99.

Get Chess for Kids for Android / Get Chess for Kids for iOS

6. SocialChess


The best way to socialize in the world of Chess, SocialChess. You can play against your friends or face chess lovers from around the globe. You can play correspondence games if you have little time to complete the game in one go. Or, play fast chess with the help of a clock.

The clean interface gives way to a focused game where there is no distraction by ads. Many features make the gameplay smooth and fast. The best thing is that you can play even when you are offline. So, there is no stopping the fun.


Get the app for free or take a membership, starting from $9.99.

Get Social Chess for Android / Get SocialChess for iOS

7. Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess

Don’t worry if you are bad at chess! The Really Bad Chess is the best chess app that offers unending fun for people like us who want to get the game’s feel, no matter what. In addition, you can compete with an AI opponent in a variety of challenges like Daily, Weekly, and Ranked.

Really Bad Chess is not as strict as chess, and it has random pieces, unlike the original. This takes you on a fun ride in the Freeplay mode. You will make the same moves, but the pattern of gameplay is different to give you a relaxed environment.


You can play for free or unlock the full game for $3.99.

Get Really Bad Chess for Android / Get Really Bad Chess for iOS

8. Shredder Chess

Shredder Chess

The famous chess program Shredder is now available at your fingertips with the Shredder Chess app. It has 1000 chess puzzles, and solving each raises your skills. In fact, Shredder can play like a human player to match your skills.

By changing the playing strength of Shredder, you can learn and compete with it as much as you want. The app lets you analyze your game and make improvements. In addition, there is a coach to point out the mistakes and guide you correctly. So, you have ample opportunity to climb the ladder of success.


The app comes at the cost of $3.99.

Get Shredder Chess for Android / Get Shredder Chess for iOS

Best Chess Apps For Desktop

9. The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv.100 is the best chess app for the desktop which allows playing chess with anyone in the world. You can select from the 100 levels to experience different playing strengths. The first level is easy, and the 100th one is the toughest.  

You become a chess expert when you go from the first to the last level. You can play with the computer and collect medals as you win challenges. These medals give you new pieces and board styles to experiment with. If you wish, you can also play with humans to get a more natural experience.


The free app offers in-app purchases too.

Get The Chess Lv.100 

10. 3D Chess Game

3D Chess Game

If you miss playing on a real chessboard, a 3D Chess Game is for you. You can choose your AI level because different people have different levels of skills. It features three modes of gameplay: computer vs. computer, human vs. computer, and human vs. human.

You may not get the most advanced graphics with the app on a PC, but the look and feel are as natural as possible. The functional design is the factor that makes the 3D Chess Game stand apart from its competitors.


3D Chess Game is an entirely free app to download.

Get 3D Chess Game

11. Chess V+

Chess V+

Whether you are a novice chess player or an expert, Chess V+ is the best chess app that sharpens your brain and offers ample fun. We liked that the app lets you play and learn the game at your own pace. In addition, you can choose from the 20 levels of play depending on your expertise.

Chess V+ allows playing against a computer or a human, whatever you choose. It supports redo and undo of moves so that you can focus better on the game. It shows your legal moves and pieces at risk. So, the app offers maximum support to get you to higher levels.


You can use Chess V+ for free or make in-app purchases.

Get Chess V+

Final Thoughts

Chess is an age-old game enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Beginners and advanced players tend to like the popular chess game once they master the tactics. The best chess app helps you learn about chess and improve your chess skills from day one.

Chess is one game you will never get bored of. We have listed the best apps to play chess on your phone and desktop. These great chess apps are an incredible way to learn chess strategy and play like a world chess champion. Most apps are free, but you can upgrade any time you wish.