Have you seen a face swap video or a photo someone posted and thought they have excellent editing skills? Well, let us tell you that you can also swap your face with another person in just a few taps and get the best edited photo or video in seconds. The secret is the best face swap app for Android and iOS devices.

The face swap apps available allow you to swap faces automatically with your friends or strangers, like how you swap/combine faces using GIMP. The funny faces make for a good laugh to relax you on a hectic day. The feature is available as a face swap filter or effect, which you can apply to photos and videos. So, now you know that using the face swap apps helps iOS and Android users easily swap faces, thanks to the editing tools.

11 Best Face Swap App For Android And iOS

The face swap technology used in the best face swap app cuts one face, pastes it on another head, and vice versa. When you replace the face, it is vital that the pasting is accurate and smooth. Just like iPhone users can have fun morphing photos on iPhone with Face Fudge, the best apps have top-grade tools that ensure that the final pictures and videos look natural.  

So, let us now explore some great face swap apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect best face swap app

Let us start with the best face swap app YouCam Perfect, which does the job with perfect precision. The AI Cutout tool cuts out your face to paste on someone else’s face for the ideal face swap. In addition, the tool boasts over 800 downloads, so we can completely trust the quality of its deliverables.

YouCam Perfect lets you take amazing selfies and perform edits to beautify them further. Once you have swapped faces, you can add animated effects and share them to gain popularity. It can be so much fun to add creativity to your pictures to make them masterpieces.


The YouCam Perfect app is free. However, you may also make in-app purchases starting from $5.99.

Download YouCam Perfect for Android / YouCam for iOS

2. Snapchat

Snapchat best face swap app

Snapchat is a much-loved app due to the versatility it offers! Launching the app directly opens the camera, and you can take selfies to your heart’s content. No manual effort is required to do a face swap. Instead, tap and hold on your face on the screen and wait for the face map. Snapchat’s Face Swap effect does the trick for you.

Select the Face Swap effect under lenses while your camera is in selfie mode. Then, you can ask your friend to stand near you. One-click and ta-da! Your faces are swapped. Snapchat features tons of filters, lenses, Bitmoji, and more to enhance the photos you click every day.


You can use this app for free or with paid plans starting from $30.49.

Download Snapchat for Android / Snapchat for iOS

3. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live best face swap app

The new face swap is switching faces in real time. Face Swap Live is the best face swap app to take your pictures and instantly swap faces. The feature works with videos too. So, take photos or videos and swap faces with anyone you know or a celebrity you love the most.

If you don’t want to use the camera, consider using a photo saved on your phone or taking one from the internet. Then, perform a live face swap or add face masks, whatever your current mood. The latest version of the app offers 3D effects, making the faces look as natural as possible.


You will get Face Swap Live for $0.99.

Download Face Swap Live for Android / Face Swap Live for iOS

4. Reface


The AI-powered Reface app is one-of-a-kind and brings to life amazing AI Avatars. The photos, videos, and GIFs on the app are updated daily, so you get new faces to do face swaps every day. All you need to do is take a selfie, and the app swaps it with anyone you want, even celebrities.

Reface has a face editor that maps your face on another face with the exact facial expressions. The new face will look so natural that even you cannot believe what you see. So, are you ready to share your funny face-swapped memes, videos, and photos with the world?


The free app also allows you to make in-app purchases starting from $2.49.

Download Reface for Android / Reface for iOS

5. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is the best face swap app that lets you swap the whole face or only specific parts like lips, nose, etc., if you like. The plus with the app is that you can swap any number of faces between photos. In addition, the advanced editing tools make for the most realistic pictures ever.

Face Swap Booth lets you swap faces in photos by adding faces manually or detecting them automatically. It is your choice whether you want to switch faces with your friends or celebrities to increase the fun factor. A unique feature of the face swap option is the ability to adjust the skin tone to give a natural look.


Use the free version of the popular face swap app or get the premium features starting from $4.99.

Download Face Swap Booth for Android / Face Swap Booth for iOS

6. B612

B612 best face swap app

The best photo/video editing app B612 has an incredible Face Swap effect with the ability to swap faces. You can swap faces with anyone around or get pictures of famous people to do the swaps. Whatever you choose, you will undoubtedly have a hearty laugh with the people you share the pictures and videos with.

B612, with its editing tools, allows unleashing your creativity to make the best of your free time. It has many stickers, effects, and filters that can be applied to your final swapped images and videos. Just a few taps are all you need to apply the real-time filters and share with friends.


B612 is a free face swap app, but you can get subscriptions from $0.99 onwards.

Download B612 for Android / B612 for iOS

7. Instagram


If Instagram can be your go-to app for all creative tools, why can’t it be the best face swap app? If you have always used Instagram and never noticed the face swap feature, here is how to access it. Tap Add to Story and tap Camera. You will see the Face Swap feature under Browse Effects.

With Instagram, you can swap faces between photos and videos. Then you can apply the umpteen filter options to find which suits you best. Post the final photos and videos on your feed and see how many people love them.


Instagram is free to download and lets you make in-app purchases from $0.99.

Download Instagram for Android / Instagram for iOS

8. Funveo


Funveo offers much fun for people who love to swap faces. The face swap feature lets you upload your photos to perform face swaps on them. Or, you can take live videos and selfies and swap the faces easily. The masks and filters available enhance the final look of your images and videos.

With funny filters and voice changer features, your result will symbolize your imagination. So share your face-swapped videos and photos on social media platforms and impress your friends and anyone who sees them. Note that the app for Android is called Banuba.


The free app also allows in-app purchases starting from $3.99.

Download Banuba for Android / Funveo for iOS

9. FaceApp


FaceApp can be the best face swap app if you use it correctly. The feature lets you swap faces with friends for fun or share on your social media profiles. While you swap faces, you can also edit the photo to change features like smile, age, and more. Try different glasses to find which one gives an expert look.

There are many filters you can apply to your selfies. There are over 60 awesome filters that completely change your looks for the perfect shot. In addition, you can use the compare tool to compare your before and after pictures to see if you want to undo any changes.


FaceApp is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version starting from $7.49.

Download FaceApp for Android / FaceApp for iOS

10. Faceover


Faceover gives you better-quality face-swapped photos than most other apps. If you have the photos at hand, cut the face and paste it on another, and that’s all you have to do. To make the photos real, try trimming or resizing.

Once your photo is ready, apply photo editing effects to improve its appearance. You can even rotate and flip images if you want to change how they look. So whether you are into some serious editing or up for a funny edit, the app suits you well.


Get the app for free and make in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Download Faceover for iOS

11. Cupace


Cupace is only available for Android phones and is the best face swap app you can use to extract faces. It is like a photo editor app, which lets you cut one person’s face and paste it on another person in the photo. The feature called Paste Face is best if you want to create funny pictures and memes in your free time.

While pasting the face, you can zoom in on the image to make the process accurate. This will make the photo look more realistic. If you have used a face cutout once, it is saved in the app if you want to paste it elsewhere.


Cupace is a free app.

Download Cupace for Android

Final Thoughts

Unending pictures and videos are being uploaded every day on social media. One look at them, and we understand that many of them are edited to enhance their aesthetics. For example, you can change hair color, add glasses, swap faces, and more. The best face swap app for Android and iPhone does face detection and selects the faces to interchange them.

The face-swapping apps listed here let you swap faces with celebrities or anyone on the planet, including your cute pet. Most are available on both Android and iOS, except for a few. They perform high-quality face swaps, sometimes even fooling you with their precision.