When ChatGPT was launched, techies could not stop talking about how the AI tool made lives extraordinary. ChatGPT is a chatbot that lets you have an incredible AI chat experience online. And users thought they would never look for a ChatGPT alternative. From writing poems and blog posts to giving concept ideas and having a hearty chat, there is no limit to what it can do.

But the story was different. Very soon, users got locked out of ChatGPT due to the increasing number of people using it. Luckily, plenty of ChatGPT alternatives even outperform ChatGPT in their performance. For example, top alternatives like Chatsonic and Bard boast features like internet connectivity, unlike ChatGPT. These are worth your time, owing to the unbeatable AI content they generate.

25 Best ChatGPT Alternative For The Perfect AI Experience

One big drawback of ChatGPT was that it could not generate real-time data as the AI platform is trained with data up to 2021. Therefore, when you opt for a ChatGPT alternative, you look for advanced features that make it better than the popular AI chatbot. There are many latest AI tools, some of which are free and others are paid. Let us now see some great options.

1. ChatSonic

ChatSonic Best ChatGPT Alternative

ChatSonic from Writesonic is the most deserving candidate when discussing a ChatGPT alternative. Call it your friend, philosopher, or guide; it is 100% justified. The AI chatbot is an advanced version of ChatGPT, which can create no-nonsense responses to user inputs. Moreover, integrated with Google, it provides real-time data and images.

ChatSonic, powered by GPT-4, provides excellent support to customer services as it can conduct successful conversations. If you want to converse with different AI personalities, customize the bot by choosing from the 13 different personas. An impressive fact is that it remembers you from past conversations, so you don’t have to introduce yourself often.


You can start using ChatSonic with a free trial. It also gives the Long-form plan at $12.67/month and the Custom Plan.

Chat with ChatSonic

2. Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft Bing ChatGPT Alternative

Visualize a makeover for the Microsoft Bing search engine, and you get the latest Bing AI. Bing AI incorporates artificial intelligence into the search engine to improve efficiency and speed. Users can input lengthy queries as they do in ChatGPT and get accurate responses.

If Bing AI chat cannot get the most precise answer to your query, it gives related responses. It supports various conversational modes, which can be chosen for different scenarios. As it is based on OpenAI’s large language model, it gives tough competition to ChatGPT.


You can use the service for free initially and then pay as you use it.

Use Microsoft Bing

3. Google Bard

Google Bard ChatGPT Alternative

When tech giants like Microsoft left no stone unturned, it was Google’s turn now. Google Bard is a ChatGPT alternative, an experimental conversational AI service. Thanks to the search engine, it better processes user queries with the most recent information. As a result, users expect responses that are informed and up-to-date.

The company cites that Google Bard can create texts, summaries, and more. That said, Bard is in its initial phases, so we never know its future market. Nevertheless, you can sign up to use the service and bombard it with your questions. Let us see if the answers are worth accepting.


Google is yet to decide on a price for the chatbot.

Use Google Bard

4. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat focuses on creating content, be it blog posts, marketing copies, video scripts, or even love letters. It is a professional at using the information until mid-2021 to give the most precise text you requested. It is based on GPT 3.5 and has a partnership with OpenAI, so its authenticity can be trusted.

Jasper Chat proves more helpful if you own businesses like marketing. This is because it is more suited to generating tailored content rather than regular conversations. In addition, it is built with the ability to remember conversations so that it becomes easy to come back and start from where you left off.


You can start with a 5-day free trial and later upgrade to the Starter, Boss Mode, or Business plans.

Chat with Jasper Chat

5. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

If you are looking for a ChatGPT alternative that is simple to use, try Perplexity AI. As it is partnered with OpenAI, the functionalities are similar to ChatGPT. When you chat with the service, you will see that it can easily have regular conversations using the correct responses.

Perplexity AI basically gets its information from various online sources, which are cited along with the responses. But on and off, you may find that it has plagiarized content. It is in its beta phase and is bound to have shortcomings. But, then, there is only textual communication, unlike the few we discussed above.


Perplexity AI is completely free to use.

Use Perplexity AI

6. Claude


Meet the honest and harmless chatbot, Claude. Developed by Anthropic, Claude has a decent reputation as a bot that can carry on conversations and generate appropriate content. The service performs well in searches, summarizations, Q&A, and more. It is mostly aimed at organizations, but anyone can shoot questions to it.

Presently, you can use Claude only through NTDev and Slack. If you have a Slack account, adding the bot and chatting instantly becomes easy. As it is in the beta period, the process is as simple as that. But watch out for the occasional meaningless responses it might give.


Claude is free to use if you add it to your Slack account.

Use Claude

7. OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is an AI chatbot that’s a ChatGPT alternative with all its capabilities loaded. The difference is that it has more advanced functionalities than ChatGPT. But remember that the bot is not for daily users. But if you cannot access ChatGPT, try this one for a similar experience.

With OpenAI Playground, users have the freedom to select a language model. They can then experiment with factors like stop sequences, number of tokens, etc. This makes it more flexible than its competitors. Another noteworthy advantage is that the service quickly addresses your queries.


You can use OpenAI Playground once you create an account.

Log in to OpenAI Playground

8. ColossalChat


ColossalChat is a powerful AI model which can replace ChatGPT in all its rights. It is an open-source solution based on LLaMA model and RLHF pipeline. With reinforcement learning and supervised data collection, the chatbot responds intelligently when prompted. Moreover, it is learning from the conversations it carries out.

ColossalChat gives quick responses, whether you want it to write a code, give a summary or have normal conversations. Furthermore, it remembers your previous conversations, so you can come back to converse with it anytime. The only downside is the occasional inability to access it due to overload.


It is a free chatbot that requires no account creation.

Chat with ColossalChat

9. NeevaAI


NeevaAI is the modern-day search engine blended with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Like any search engine, it gives relationship advice, recipes, and more, the difference being you need not go through the search result pages. Instead, it provides a single response, encompassing everything you need to know.

When the answers are given, the ChatGPT alternative also cites the sources, making it easy to check them. The search engine doesn’t support trackers in any way and works ad-free. It performs a personalized search for all its users and gives real-time answers in a simple way.


NeevaAI offers three plans: Free, Premium Annual, and Premium Monthly.

Search using NeevaAI 

10. LaMDA


Language Model for Dialog Applications, or LaMDA, is another Google answer to ChatGPT. It is fed billions of parameters and trillions of words and trained thoroughly to make it the best AI model. As a result, it is a breakthrough conversation technology that excels in groundedness, quality, and safety.

LaMDA has top-notch conversational skills to match the diverse conversations conducted by human beings. The bot is trained to conduct dialog, to make it a pro in open-ended conversations. Any complex question you give the service will likely give a satisfying response within seconds.


You can join the waitlist to download and use LaMDA.


11. Copilot


Copilot is like a programmer’s oasis. It is built as an exclusive ChatGPT alternative that helps coders develop their functions and codes in real-time. Like many other competitors, it is based on OpenAI and is compatible with editing platforms like JetBrains, Neovim, and many others.

The voice search and chat capability built into Copilot let users feed their queries quickly. It can even suggest code improvements. It understands the syntax of 12 coding languages, including Java, PHP, and Pearl, to name a few. The fact that Copilot is trained using billions of code lines makes it a go-to place for developers.


Copilot has free and paid versions, the latter with the Team and the Enterprise plans.

Code with Copilot

12. YouChat


YouChat is just like ChatGPT in its capabilities but with internet access. So, the chatbot is always connected to the web and delivers up-to-date information as responses to user queries. You can ask it to write codes, give ideas, summarize books, and more. As an obedient bot, it does everything efficiently.

But that being said, remember that YouChat is in its learning phase, so mistakes are bound to happen. There is no support for chat sharing and voice search. But the fact that its database keeps regularly updating with internet connectivity makes it a much better alternative to ChatGPT.


You can visit the YouChat website and type in your queries for free.

Use YouChat

13. Socratic


It is up to you to call Socratic a ChatGPT alternative or not. Socratic was actually built for learning. It is an app loved by students and teachers, who get their queries solved within seconds. Owned by Google, it is an AI model based on education. It supports school subjects like Science, Math, Literature, and more.

Students can upload a photo of their homework and select a specific question for the app to solve. Socratic then gives visual explanations for better understanding. You can also give voice or text input and ask for a solution. The solution is reliable, as it researches the best learning resources available.


Socratic is free to use.

Learn with Socratic

14. Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon Codewhisperer is a software development tool from Amazon and is powered by artificial intelligence. You can ask for suggestions while coding, and it responds with the proper code. It supports languages like C#, Javascript, and a few others, more than enough for a generic programmer.

Codewhisperer uses natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze and debug your code. You can rely on it to find fixes for your coding issues within the least possible time. The user-friendly interface and customization options are worth mentioning.


Individuals can use Codewhisperer for free, whereas organizations can get paid subscriptions.

Code with Amazon Codewhisperer

15. Character AI

Character AI

Character AI is a ChatGPT alternative, which is all about character customization. It is based on neural language models, and you can enjoy chatting with various personalities. From Tony Stark and Sam Altman to Socrates, all the characters respond to your beck and call! So, choose who you want to converse with.

When you choose characters, you can customize their description, voice, and more to have much fun. You can give voice input and expect a voice reply. You can also create fictional characters to talk to. The services sometimes go slower, which might improve with time.


Character AI is free, but you must sign in to an account for lengthy conversations.

Chat with Character AI

16. DialoGPT


DialoGPT works like ChatGPT, but it is a lighthearted AI model compared to ChatGPT. Trained on millions of dialogs from Reddit, it has a decent database. Experience says the chatbot works better if you want to have a normal conversation devoid of complex terms and concepts.

DialoGPT is good at multi-turn conversations. You can have multiple dialogs with it, and it shows memory retention. While it has good sides, it does not support voice searches and personas. But the energy it puts into a regular conversation also makes users energetic.


The developers haven’t mentioned the price as of now.

Chat with DialoGPT

17. Rytr


A ChatGPT alternative to help you write. How amazing is that? Based on a language AI model, Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps create content for you for whatever purpose. For example, you can write a letter, a story, a summary, prepare interview questions, and the list is unending. Rytr is the right tool to get the best content that turns heads.

Rytr comes with many tones and uses cases you can choose from. Also, it supports over 30 languages. So you can build text in any language you want. And it writes ten times faster. The developers claim that you get a perfect copy that can be used directly without editing.  


You can create 10,000 characters per month with the free plan. The premium plan starts at $9 per month.

Write with Rytr

18. Elicit


If you want to use a ChatGPT alternative for research, get Elicit. Elicit is a research assistant that uses the GPT-3 language model to help make researchers’ work easier. In addition, it has a Literature Review feature that gives you summaries from top research papers in response to your queries.

It answers research questions pretty quickly as it has a good amount of dataset in its custody. Moreover, you can be sure of the authenticity of the content as these are extracted from the highest-rated documents. This is highly useful for research students as they need precise information in the least time possible.


Elicit is free to use.

Research using Elicit

19. Tabnine


Software developers can reach great heights with some help from the ChatGPT alternative Tabnine. Tabnine is an AI assistant that helps make coding effortless. Based on the latest technologies, it can complete the code for you. Moreover, it considers the syntax and context to suggest codes.

Tabnine does whole-line and full-function code completions. You can rely on it to create authentic codes devoid of plagiarism. The best thing is you can make customizations to match your coding style. The tool works best even if you want long and advanced codes.  


If you opt for the starter plan, you pay nothing. You can also have the Pro plan at $12/month and the Enterprise plan.

Code with Tabnine

20. Peppertype


There are always buyers for great content, and Peppertype unleashes its artificial intelligence to build unique content for you. So whether it is for your new blog intro, product descriptions, Insta post caption, or any other, give your requirements to receive fresh, well-articulated content in return.

With the support of over 25 languages, Peppertype is eveready to make your writing endeavors successful. You can use the text editor called Pepper Docs to give inputs. There is also an SEO writing assistant in the AI writing tool to help make optimized text. The added advantage is that it checks grammar to keep up the standard.


You can start with a 7-day free trial and upgrade to the Premium or Enterprise plan. The premium plan starts at $399/month for three users.

Create content with Peppertype

21. Replika


Replika is an impressive ChatGPT alternative, like a caring AI companion. Maintaining relationships is the focus area of the chatbot. If you don’t want to chat away but build deep relationships, the tool is very much for you. In fact, millions of people find solace in the companionship of the tool.

Replika is based on the GPT-3 language model. It remembers the previous prompts and carries on the conversations based on your preferences. Since it aims to have deep and caring conversations, its responses are personalized to suit your life, as you have shared.


You can use Replika for free or upgrade it with a paid membership.

Chat with Replika

22. Learnt.ai


Learnt.ai is built like the ChatGPT model, which caters to the needs of education professionals. Making lesson plans, assessments, and the like can be tedious, but not with the brilliant AI service. Thanks to the AI-powered content creator, you can make all these and more in seconds.

First, select a tool depending on what you want to create, and then enter your prompt for Learnt.ai to understand your requirement. Within no time, you will get your content generated, thus saving you time and money. With the tool, you can create any learning resource so that the students can benefit from the best options.


You can use Learnt.ai for free or shift to the Starter plan.

Use Learnt.ai

23. ELSA


Looking for a ChatGPT alternative that can be your coach to learn English? ELSA is here to train you with its artificial intelligence. You start with short dialogues and learn at your pace. Get instant feedback from the bot to correct your mistakes and master the language in a short time.

ELSA is also a speech assistant that translates many languages into English. The chatbot is trained using the voice recordings of people, many of whom are not native English speakers. As a result, it creates smaller lessons customized to the users’ level of English proficiency.




BLOOM is considered one of the largest open multilingual language models. The largest number of AI researchers have come together to build the best-ever model. It has about 176 billion parameters and, as a result, can create text content in 13 programming languages and 46 natural languages.

As it is in the initial stage, researchers can study BLOOM to understand how it performs compared to ChatGT and other chatbots. You can give text assignments to it. Whether it has been trained on that or not, it will learn from every task.


25. Poe


Short for Platform for Open Exploration, Poe from Quora is a powerful ChatGPT alternative that lets you converse with different AI chatbots. Like ChatGPT, you can ask questions, get responses, and even continue the conversation for as long as you like. You can talk with bots like ChatGPT, Sage, and more.

Poe requires you to create an account to access its services. The benefit is that you can talk to any service with a single account. So, Poe is a complete solution where all your queries get answered. iOS users can download the Poe app from the Apple Store.

Use Poe

A Bonus Alternative

26. Chinchilla


Developed by DeepMind, Chinchilla surpasses all its competitors with its performance and artificial intelligence. It is a ChatGPT alternative trained with billions of parameters and manifold data than others. It is an excellent choice for users who want to create unmatched content, whether text, art or any other.

Chinchilla is easy to implement, and the accuracy rate of the data generated is unbelievably high.

NOTE: Unfortunately, public users still need to be given access to the chatbot. But when they start using it, it will be a different picture altogether.

Visit Chinchilla

Final Thoughts

A ChatGPT alternative functions better than ChatGPT in many ways. As ChatGPT can’t provide the latest information, users started searching for tools like ChatGPT that provided up-to-date information anytime. In addition, the powerful AI language models offered solutions that catered to all user needs.

The article gives some great ChatGPT alternatives for coding, writing, and more. Using these opens a world of AI capabilities that cover the limitations of ChatGPT. So, are you ready to do some serious chatting?