There was a time when the internet was bombarded with TikTok videos. TikTok is a social media app developed by ByteDance that lets users create, share and discover 15 seconds long videos or more. But the platform for short-form videos was banned in many countries recently, disappointing many users. Fortunately, you can turn to the best TikTok alternative to make and post videos for the world to see.

Apps like TikTok let you record and edit video content before a million users see it. You will find beauty filters, stickers, and text that can be added to make your videos more attractive. When you add effects to each video, the likable factor increases, and who knows, you may even be eligible for cash prizes. While you are busy with video apps, remember the social media manners to stay on track.

15 TikTok Alternative To Be The Next Social Media Star

The TikTok ban gave visibility to the best TikTok alternative that lets you create short-form videos for social media uploads. The apps on this list can also be used to make advanced edits that change your simple videos to something noteworthy. So, here are the best TikTok alternatives to check out.

1. Likee

Likee tiktok alternative

Likee is a commendable TikTok alternative loved by millions of users worldwide. You can make awesome videos with minimal effort with special effects like Face Cut, Face Morph, and more. The short video maker also features funny stickers, quotes, and emojis that will steal anyone’s heart.

Likee is a hub for vloggers, bloggers, and video makers to share content and ideas. You can go live on the app and converse with your audience on a safe platform. What more? If you can impress the viewers, you can even receive gifts and have a community of fans. Depending on your likes, you will get personalized content on your feed, thus promising unlimited entertainment.

Likee is a free app with in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Get Likee for iOS

2. Triller

tiktok alternative Triller

Create, share, and connect using Triller, and you will never stop. The music and entertainment app is created to offer a platform for creators to showcase their talents. It is available on iOS and Android. So, share space with stars like Noah Beck and Josh Richards for the world to know you are no less than a star.

Follow challenges, make music videos, and create the next trendy content, all in one app, Triller. The social video editor lets you add effects and filters before sharing your videos with the world. In addition, you can follow content creators whose work has impressed you. So, Triller offers everything that TikTok offers and more.

Get the app for free and get in-app purchases starting from $0.49.

Download Triller for Android / Triller for iOS

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram is a social media platform that features Instagram Reels for short clips. Reels are favorites of people worldwide as it earns instant attention. Use it as a TikTok alternative to create clips including your daily moments or milestones and see how many people like them. You will get many creative tools here to enhance your videos.

Remember that your videos must entertain others. You can also discover others’ reels and follow their content if you like them. Many Instagrammers promote their content through Reels. So, it is not a bad idea to use the social networking app to create attractive Reels and gain customer attention.

Instagram comes for free with in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Get Instagram for Android / Instagram for iOS

4. YouTube Shorts

 YouTube Shorts tiktok alternative

There is no new information we can give you about YouTube because it is that popular. But YouTube Shorts is definitely something you must try to take short-form videos like Tiktok. In fact, you can have a separate channel just to focus on these short videos to draw the right audience’s attention.

You can create and discover anything on YouTube Shorts from beauty, fashion, education, recipes, and more. The clips are 60 seconds or less, so they must never bore the viewers. Compared to TikTok, the platform offered by YouTube can be profitable from a monetization perspective.

YouTube is a free app with in-app purchases starting from $1.99.

Download YouTube for Android / YouTube for iOS

5. Funimate


A great TikTok alternative must come with the best transitions and effects, and you can trust Funimate for all those and more. Several advanced editing features allow editing like a pro in significantly less time. The filters, animations, overlays, stickers, and more add color to your already polished videos.

The video effects fuel your imagination to build creative videos to share with the users of the Funimate platform. You can also share these videos on social media sites like Instagram to increase your fan following. So why wait? Create the best-ever dance, freestyle, or lip-sync videos to project yourselves.

Use Funimate for free or unlock everything starting from $2.99.

Get Funimate for Android / Funimate for iOS

6. Zoomerang


Zoomerang is an all-in-one solution that allows users to create and enhance videos. Join the millions of users who make and share short videos with a few taps. The tutorials in the app help you learn the basics of shooting creative videos. You can use the different video templates available to make videos that trend.

Enhancements like emojis, GIFs, and stickers can be added to the videos. Adding music is yet another feature of the app, where you can choose from various music types from the library of music tracks available. Be active in Zoomerang to be updated on the latest social media trends. And create and share videos that sync with the audience’s tastes.

Use Zoomerang for free or make in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Download Zoomerang for Android / Zoomerang for iOS

7. Huddles


Huddles is a TikTok alternative that makes connecting with content creators super simple. Formerly known as Byte, the new and improved app is a great platform to make money from what you are good at. You can join communities that interest you and help creators make money by tipping them.

Huddles lets you earn rewards in the form of points, and you can even become a top fan of a creator and thus be visible on the platform. So, whether you want to share your content in a particular field or just be updated with the latest content, Huddles lends support.  

Huddles is a free app to use, but you can make in-app purchases starting from $1.99.

Get Huddles for Android / Huddles for iOS

8. Lomotif


Create music videos and share them instantly on social platforms using the excellent alternative to TikTok, Lomotif. An interesting app feature is saving your creations in the cloud. Give exciting twists to your videos by adding GIFs, adding songs to videos, creating slideshows of videos and photos, and more.

Lomotif supports live videos, and you can join communities to stay updated. You can also collaborate with your friends on creative ideas to make way for brilliant videos. Building engaging content is a great way to connect with other users and build your fan base.

Lomotif is a completely free app.

Download Lomotif for Android / Lomotif for iOS

9. Snapchat


Snapchat is an excellent TikTok alternative, with the app opening right to your camera. Take as many videos as you want and apply bitmojis, lenses, and filters for a complete makeover. The platform is very popular among newbies and established professionals as the content shared over it is outstanding in every respect.

Snapchat helps small and big businesses create videos to project their brands among the masses. With a larger audience, they expect to have a wider reach for their products and services. That said, it also supports all the video endeavors you take up for personal happiness. The free Snapchat also allows making in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Get Snapchat for Android / Snapchat for iOS

10. Vigo Video

Vigo Video

Like Instagram and Snapchat, Vigo Video is a video editing app that shares your short videos across the world with its social media presence. You can make new friends here and share your life with them while they share theirs. An array of stickers, effects, and filters are waiting to make your videos extraordinary.

Whether you are an expert in singing, cooking, fitness, or any other, you will find an audience interested in your content. So, make unique videos that can connect with your audience at the deepest level. You can also follow other creators to know what they are up to. The best thing is that the more shares, likes, and comments you get, the more you earn rewards. The app is free to use.

Download Vigo Video for Android

11. Kwai


Explore the trending concepts on social media using the TikTok alternative Kwai. Kwai is another social platform to create and watch videos that rule the internet. Once you download the app, you can share your content, discover funny videos and memes, participate in daily challenges, and more.

Are you interested in comedy, makeup, sports, or arts? You will find enough and more content on all trending topics to discover. You can also follow your favorite creators. Use the video editor to quickly import your videos and effects and make them ready for upload.

Kwai comes for free with in-app purchases starting from $1.1

Get Kwai for iOS

12. Firework Camera

Firework Camera

Firework Camera is an app used by popular brands and publishers to make their content gain attention. You will find here live stream events and short videos that speak volumes about your favorite content. Do you want to join too? Create short videos and use the editing tools to beautify them, and they are share-ready.

You are not focused on getting more followers in Firework Camera. Rather, it is all about making the best videos to impress the audience. You can add background music and filters, do lip-syncing, and more using the editing tools. You will definitely establish your business successfully. Firework Camera is a free-to-use software.

Download Firework Camera for Android / Firework Camera for iOS

13. Video Star

Video Star

If the music video is your thing, the TikTok alternative Video Star is for you. You can use the huge collection of songs to select your favorite to add to your videos. Reverse videos, slow-motion videos, and many others are trending on the app, with a great number of people downloading them.

Users are confused about which ones among the thousands of effects in Video Star would lend more beauty to their videos. New features and updates are often added, so there is something new every time you open the app. The app community challenges on Instagram are open to users and offer great fun. Get the app for free and make in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Get Video Star for iOS

14. MuStar


Here is another app to show your talent in lip-syncing, MuStar. Your talent can earn you stars by competing with others. You will find millions of songs to lip-sync and create musical videos. If you are good at it, you will see a huge fan following on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

If you don’t want to sing but act, select movie clips to create lip-sync videos. The cool video effects make your videos more attractive, so don’t forget to add them. Get subscribers and likes by adding #MuStar to your post. Be active in the app and discover new contests and features when you least expect them. Use MuStar for free with in-app purchases starting from $2.99.

Download MuStar for iOS

15. CapCut


The TikTok alternative CapCut allows creating fancy videos that you can use on any social platform to attract fans. The video editing functions are carefully designed to enable users to use their imagination endlessly. Features like chroma key, slow-motion, and keyframe animation give a different look to your favorite videos.

The advanced features don’t end there. The auto caption feature creates subtitles for your videos. Once you are done adding filters and effects, you can add audio tracks and prepare the video for sharing across social networks. Be ready to welcome millions of likes, shares, and comments.


Use CapCut for free and make in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

Get CapCut for Android / CapCut for iOS

Final Thoughts

If you want to create fun videos like TikTok, get the best TikTok alternative offering many more features than TikTok. With these apps, you can record and upload short videos for personal or business use. Before posting, you can add effects that make them better than the original.

The article gives you some of the best alternatives to TikTok that will make you famous on social media platforms. With these apps, there is no limit to how you can transform your ordinary videos into extraordinary ones.