Key Takeaways

  • If you have an older build of Windows 11, it does not show the clock on all the monitors on a multi-monitor setup.
  • Microsoft added the clock on all the monitors from the OS build 22000.527 and above.
  • If your monitors don’t display the clock, add it with OS support or use a third-party application.

Multi-monitor setups are not uncommon today, with all the focus on productivity. Whether it has been set up at home or the workplace, you may not see the Windows 11 clock on all monitors if the OS is not updated. When Windows 11 was released, it missed the feature showing the date and time on all the monitors on Windows 11. Luckily, Microsoft took the corrective measure swiftly.

You can get the clock for the second display for different reasons, like if you are not using the primary display for the time being. Microsoft updated the OS to show the clock and date on Windows 11 taskbar on multiple monitors. So, those who were disappointed with the missing clock on the second monitor can restore this functionality any time they wish.  

How To Show Windows 11 Clock On All Monitors

You can easily add Windows 11 clock on all monitors using the methods below. Microsoft has added the feature in the redesigned taskbar to display the clock on the secondary monitors as well. So, find out how to add taskbar time and date to all our monitors.

Update Windows

Microsoft is not bad at reading users’ minds. It did identify the shortcoming of the new OS and took steps almost immediately. For OS builds 22000.527 and above, Microsoft introduced the feature of showing the Windows 11 clock on all monitors. So, the first thing you can do is check the Windows 11 build and update Windows if necessary. Let us check the build first.

Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app. In the Settings window, Select System > About.

Select System > About
Select System > About

Check the OS build under Windows specifications.

Check the OS build
Check the OS build

If it is 22000.526 or lower, you must do a Windows 11 update for the secondary monitors to show the taskbar clock. Here is how you can update Windows 11.

Open Settings and select “Windows Update” in the left menu. Click the “Check for updates” button to see if there are any updates.

Click Check for updates
Click Check for updates

If there are updates, they will be listed along with the “Download & Install” button. Click the button to install the updates. Once done, restart your computer. Now, the OS will add the clock to all monitors.

Join The Windows Insider Program

When you join the Windows Insider Program, you can preview all the features of the latest build. Once you take the step, you can see Windows 11 clock on all monitors. This is possible because the preview build has added the clock and time to all the secondary displays. Follow the steps to join the Windows Insider Program. Note that you can go back to the Windows 11 stable channel any time you want.

Open the Settings app and select “Windows Update” in the left menu. On the right, select “Windows Insider Program” under More options.

Select Windows Insider Program for windows 11 clock on all monitors
Select Windows Insider Program

Click the “Get started” button beside Join the Windows Insider Program. Next, link a Microsoft account to initiate the process.

Click Get started for windows 11 clock on all monitors

You will see three options: Dev Channel, Beta Channel, and Release Preview. Select the “Release Preview” option as it offers more stability. Finally, restart your PC when prompted.

Once the reboot is complete, go to Settings > Windows Update. If there is a pending update named KB5010414, download and install it. Restart your PC again.

Now, all the monitors will display the clock.

Use ElevenClock

Whether or not you want to pick the Windows Insider Program can be a tough decision, as the consequences can be unpredictable. So instead, you can choose the easy option of using third-party software like ElevenClock to display Windows 11 clock on all monitors.

When you install the ElevenClock utility, it lets you display clocks on all monitors in the blink of an eye. Another exciting thing is that the utility has a set of customization options. For example, you can change the color and position of the clock in the Windows taskbar and play around with it until you get the best look.

Get ElevenClock from the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded, install it by double-clicking the installation file and following the setup wizard instructions. When you are done installing the application, Windows 11 will display the clock icon on the second monitor and others if there are more.

Get ElevenClock

Note that you can use the utility for up to 10 monitors. For further customizations and to explore the clock settings, visit the ElevenClock settings page.

Final Thoughts

If you use multiple monitors often, you might want to add Windows 11 clock on all monitors. This was not a possibility in the earlier releases of Windows OS. But the new Windows 11 builds support this feature where you can see the clock on all the connected displays.

The article explains how to get the taskbar clock on all monitors without hassle. All the methods are easy to execute and take only a few steps to get there. So, get your clock back and get going!