You might be a big Hotjar fan who tracks your website visitors using the popular web analytics platform. But what about the mobile apps that go unnoticed? Hotjar doesn’t work with mobile apps, which is a shortcoming, as many see. This is where Hotjar alternatives come to the rescue! They give elaborate data about how the users interact with your website. These valuable insights help optimize your website to drive traffic.

Still, it can be a good decision to opt for alternatives to Hotjar. With tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and many others, these competitors and alternatives analyze user behavior on your websites and mobile apps. Regarding cost factors, these applications can cut costs for website owners.

20 Best Hotjar Alternatives For Mobile App And Web Analytics

Here are some of the best options when it comes to top Hotjar alternatives. While tools like Google Analytics give you analytics data, it may prove insufficient in many scenarios. Turning to the best alternatives to Hotjar makes comprehensive data available at your fingertips at any time. So, here we go with the list.

1. Smartlook

Smartlook hotjar alternatives

Smartlook is one of those Hotjar alternatives that work amazingly with websites and mobile apps. When you install the app, the screen recordings are always on, giving you ample opportunity to analyze any or every user session anytime. In addition, it provides quantitative and qualitative analysis, so your site never falls back again.

Smartlook does advanced filtering to pinpoint the moments when users dropped off. So, you need not see all of the recordings. Just viewing the crucial ones suffice. You can filter recordings based on events to narrow down the list. Incredibly, all these can be accomplished in a single click.

By analyzing the heatmaps, you will understand what interests users and what is their scrolling pattern. As a website or app developer, you might have expected certain user behavior. Smartlook gives you clear-cut information about whether or not your expectations are met.

Get the free version of Smartlook, the Pro plan for $55 per month, or the Enterprise plan.

Use Smartlook

2. Glassbox

hotjar alternatives Glassbox

Glassbox is one of the best Hotjar alternatives for digital experience analytics. You can use the app for your websites and mobile apps. You will understand what your customers are up to with the detailed information. When you identify why they take particular actions, you can boost customer growth and loyalty by taking the appropriate steps.

The insights you get using Glassdoor pave the way to better customer understanding. It then becomes possible to grow your business to benefit both of you. You can use these insights to maximize conversions. Unlike traditional analytics tools, the app captures every single digital event to avoid losing important insights.

AI powers Glassdoor and offers great security. The ultimate aim of the tool is to wipe away digital friction in your business journey. So, are you ready to optimize every step of the user experience?

Depending on your requirements, you will get a customized package.

Use Glassbox

3. Fullsession


Fullsession is a website analytics tool that performs quantitative analysis to understand the glitches customers experience with your site. It collects data based on customers’ interaction with web pages, landing pages, and websites. It also acts as a web optimization tool.

Unlike the Hotjar alternatives discussed above, Fullsession doesn’t work with mobile apps. Used by marketing teams, UX designers, web designers, and many other professionals, the app enables event tracking and gives behavioral analytics of your websites. The comprehensive platform enhances your sites keeping in mind your long-term growth.

Session recording and replay are important features offered by Fullsession to track every user event, like hover, mouse movements, clicks, and taps. This helps identify where the customers get stuck. Other features like interactive heatmaps and customer feedback also contribute to the app’s usability. Note that the tool respects the privacy of your customers.


Basic (for individuals): $39 per month

Business (for startups): $149 per month

Enterprise (for big companies): Custom price

Use Fullsession

4. FullStory


Hotjar alternatives are all focused on building happier customers, just like FullStory. FullStory offers comprehensive data that helps you make better decisions. This makes everything on your business journey work, and that too, at a faster pace. Not surprisingly, the app has an excellent reputation in digital experience intelligence.

The proprietary autocapture technology in FullStory lets you analyze why users face setbacks with your website or mobile app. By identifying the vulnerable areas, you can take swift actions to rectify any underlying issue. As you can see every user action using session replays, you can better their experiences according to their needs.

The advanced search functionality, conversion funnels, and debugging tools are a few ways by which the app improves digital experiences. The app’s settings ensure the highest privacy and security so that you can promise these to the end users.  

You can start with a free trial of FullStory or request a demo of the Enterprise, Advanced, or Business plan.

Use FullStory

5. Contentsquare


When you opt for Hotjar alternatives, you must ensure your business and customers are happy with the decision. Contentsquare is a great software that keeps track of every user click and finds ways to improve conversion rates. In addition, it gives real-time insights to improve customers’ digital experience.

Are you bored with the data given by traditional web analytics tools? Then you will be delighted with the useful reports given by Contentsquare that every team member can understand. When everybody is on the same page, making positive decisions affecting company growth and customer happiness becomes easy.

Contentsquare gives visual reports for ease of understanding. They give thorough knowledge about how customers use your app or site. The AI technologies ensure that the company is focused on what matters most regarding user experience.  

You may request a demo to know the paid plans.

Use Contentsquare

6. Mouseflow


When you are using Hotjar alternatives, you must be certain that the data given by them are in your best interest. Using Mouseflow gives the benefit of understanding each user event in-depth, giving you a direction to take. However, it works with only websites, so if you have an app, you may have to look for other alternatives.

Mouseflow ensures that users’ privacy is always protected. So it complies with your site regulations. Every dent in user experience is an opportunity for your improvement. So, the tool spots all of them to drive your team to make changes that result in the best digital experience.

Mouseflow is a SaaS tool that works with heatmaps, funnels, customer feedback, and more to make you understand why fewer conversions exist. You can decide whether to record all the users’ sessions or just the selected ones. At the end of the day, time matters.  

Price: Mouseflow offers a free plan and the following paid plans.

Starter: $31 per month

Growth: $109 per month

Business: $219 per month

Pro: $399 per month

Enterprise: Custom price

Use Mouseflow

7. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Hotjar alternatives like Crazy Egg differ from Hotjar with its A/B testing feature instead of the user feedback enabled by the latter. Crazy Egg doesn’t record every user session, thus limiting its quantitative analysis. But with features like heatmaps, surveys, traffic analysis, and more, it works continuously to make your websites better.

Eliminating errors is important for more conversions. Crazy Egg offers an excellent automatic error detection tool to unearth where site errors happen. This makes error fixing easier and faster. In addition, you can run various experiments, see how these impact the user experience, and finalize the fruitful ones.

Crazy Egg is a cloud platform, and you can install its snippet code on your site and start using it. Integrations with third-party software like WordPress and excellent customer support give an edge over other tools we have listed here.

You can start with a 30-day free trial or ask for a custom plan.

Use CrazyEgg

8. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Turn lucky with Hotjar alternatives like Lucky Orange that come with a range of tools, including surveys, session recordings, and dynamic heatmaps. While the recordings let you analyze each user’s behavior on your site, heatmaps throw light on what elements on a page interest the users.

Lucky Orange also largely works on the surveys conducted to know the technical issues, product preferences, and more. The tool knows that conversion rate optimization and customer behavior analysis are the key elements to better user experience. So, it uses tools to measure these.

Lucky Orange integrates seamlessly with many applications like HubSpot and Google Analytics to use their capabilities. Unlike other similar tools, it features pop-up announcements, form analytics, and live chat. The software backs you in all your endeavors to cement the trust of end users forever.

Price: Use the app for free or opt for the following paid plans.

Build: $14 per month

Grow: $28 per month

Expand: $56 per month

Scale: $120 per month

Enterprise: Custom price

Use Lucky Orange

9. VWO


VWO is one of the Hotjar alternatives thousands companies use worldwide to improve their brand value. What differentiates it from Hotjar is that it features funnels and form analytics. Its A/B testing capabilities attract CRO professionals as they give insights about their apps, websites, and products.

With VWO, you can conduct various experiments to determine how they affect the metrics. You can find out how these experiments influence the leading and regressing parameters. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, there will be no confusion about the changes you want to introduce.

VWO supports many use cases. It is a CRO platform that never goes wrong in its test results. Based on these, you can create the best user experience by enhancing the interface. The click heatmaps, pop-up surveys, and session replays pave the way for qualitative analysis of user insights.  


Starter: Free

Growth: $321 per month

Pro: $739 per month

Enterprise: $1,294 per month


10. Heap


Business owners prefer Hotjar alternatives that put customers first, and Heap is one such tool! It focuses on the end users’ digital journeys to increase conversions and ensure that the same customers return for more. Plus, you can attract new customers.

Heap gives you precise data and insights about what happens in the user sessions that make them leave the site mid-way. This is a trigger that expands your horizon to bring experiments and new features to the table. When these are focused on positive business outcomes, your success is ensured.

A single snippet of code is all you need to reap benefits out of Heap. It uses custom tracking, auto capture, and server-side events to combine all the insightful data and present it in an actionable format. Thanks to the advanced data science capabilities, you discover more opportunities to improve than those provided by other tools.

You can choose from four plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier.

Use Heap

11. Siteimprove


Optimizing digital experiences is the sole aim of most Hotjar alternatives, including Siteimprove. The name itself explains why the tool must be preferred over others. The platform helps improve your site by adding content that attracts the right audience and heightens revenues.

Be it accessibility, SEO, analytics, or quality, Siteimprove ensures that your website tops in all of these areas. It believes that user experiences without friction can only drive traffic to any website. So, it gives all the necessary insights in one place to plan better marketing strategies that work.

If you think that the visual appearance of a site alone makes a difference, Siteimprove gives data to prove you wrong. You must think from the customers’ heads and deliver what they really want. The software is ready to provide content experience, inclusivity, and marketing performance to make your story successful.

Siteimprove offers flexible pricing customized to fit business needs.

Use Siteimprove

12. Inspectlet


Your customers are your valuable assets, and Hotjar alternatives must be able to tell what they want and why. The session recording feature in Inspectlet lets you playback user sessions and get the answers to the two important questions. Then, by making improvements based on the data obtained, you can make them visit your site repeatedly.

Inspectlet is very flexible and lets you choose your data to see only what is really crucial. With the filtering feature, you can see the visitors who are new to your site or see those who dropped off on the last page. This way, you can save time and effort and understand user behavior.

Form analytics, A/B testing, and error logging are three features that are added benefits when compared to Hotjar. Then there are conversion funnels, vital to understanding where users hesitate. When you understand the tool’s pain points, you can up your conversion potential.

Price: Inspectlet has a Free version and the following paid plans.

Micro: $39 per month

Startup: $79 per month

Growth: $149 per month

Accelerate: $299 per month

Enterprise: $499 per month

Use Inspectlet

13. LogRocket


Like many other Hotjar alternatives, LogRocket includes features like error tracking, session replay, and product analytics to enhance user experience. It works with mobile apps and websites to collect data about how customers interact with them. Each team in your organization can use this data to improve their deliverables.

The video replay lets you identify the issues users face at every step. LogRocket performs debugging on a deeper level with the help of Javascript errors, network logs, and more. While watching the sessions, you can crop and share to guide users appropriately. In short, the errors are not just fixed superficially, but the root cause is eliminated.

LogRocket uses machine learning to identify problems much faster than users. It is also well-equipped to assist your sites and apps in optimizing conversion. With additional features like front-end performance monitoring, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Price: Use the Free plan or choose from the following paid ones.

For mobile apps:

Team: $199 per month

Professional: $660 per month

Enterprise: Custom price

For websites:

Team: $99 per month

Professional: $550 per month

Enterprise: Custom price

Use LogRocket

14. UserTesting


If you are searching for Hotjar alternatives, you must be willing to lend your ears to your precious customers. UserTesting lets you do exactly that to create better experiences for them on your websites and apps. The analytics platform analyzes what the users feel and leads the way in formulating plans for better user experiences.

The tool lets you watch recordings of user sessions and make a test plan to ask the end users about their digital journey. The data collected proves beneficial for marketers, product teams, e-commerce brands, and many more.

You can build a connection with your customers using transcripts, visualizations, analysis, and metrics. This way, through digital interactions, you understand what they really need. Then, share your insights with your whole team and initiate a brainstorming session to make your digital platform experience one-of-a-kind.

You can request a trial or opt for one of the three plans: Essentials, Advanced, and Ultimate.

Use UserTesting

15. Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric

Hotjar alternatives like Quantum Metric allow for being customer-centric and understanding customers in real-time. So, understanding “why” takes less time. You can design better products and improve your customer experience when this understanding grows.

Quantum Metric helps to understand the business impact faster. Instead of the many tools you used previously, you can just pick this one and know everything in one place. In addition, the automated data capture records the critical moments for you to analyze later. In fact, you can visualize the interaction data to get a better picture.

So, when Quantum metric is in place, you are not just a passive observer. You get to the issues in real time and know how to act to solve them as soon as possible. As you can quantify how the setbacks can affect your business, you will know what new features will fix the issues for the best.

You can request a demo if you want to know more.

Use Quantum Metric

16. Plerdy


Hotjar alternatives like Plerdy offer tools to improve user experience and search engine optimization. Quantitative website analytics is carried out using funnels and events. Like Hotjar, it provides heatmaps, surveys, and screen recordings to understand how the users feel about your site.

Plerdy comes with conversion rate optimization tools that enable the efficient creation of reports. They create hypotheses to analyze and better the prospect of conversion. The software integrates with many online services that are popularly used by businesses. The various data it collects can be used to understand the website’s usability.

Once Plerdy is activated, you can see real-time data for quick actions. It is also available in a tabular format in the dashboard, so you can refer whenever needed. Note that every feature is available to increase CRO, thus increasing revenue.


All-in-one Start: $98 per month

All-in-one Business: $198 per month

All-in-one Premium: $312 per month

Use Plerdy

17. Mixpanel


Mixpanel is one of the Hotjar alternatives that make your journey from data to decisions easy. As business owners, you can see every customer experience moment and make changes in the way your websites work. The tool gives a lot of data; you can explore them as and when required.

With the data from Mixpanel, you can measure how much your business has grown and whether you can retain customers. In addition, the product analytics solution lets you analyze how end users engage with your site and boost conversions. The high conversion rates push thousands of companies worldwide to pick Mixpanel, among others.


Starter: Free

Growth: $20+ per month

Enterprise: $833+ per month

Use Mixpanel

18. Amplitude


Enhance your digital product strategies with Hotjar alternatives like Amplitude, and you are sure to succeed. With the data it provides, you can understand how users go through your websites and what elements interest them most. The data is highly reliable and has been proven to drive business growth like never before.

Amplitude lets you perform A/B testing to experiment with features and ideas. Once these hit success, you know what works best with your customer expectations. In-depth product analytics is another interesting feature that lets you analyze user behavior data.

The connection you build with the audience gives the perfect platform to understand their needs and personalize the products you offer. Top brands of the world use the software to get insights helpful in getting maximum business outcomes.


There are three plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

Use Amplitude

19. Clarity


Want to go for Hotjar alternatives from tech giants for more reliability? Here is Clarity, the open-source tool from Microsoft, which offers many features to level up your business journey. It is a behavior analytics tool used to understand customer behavior, which is the basis of every business.

With automated insights, session recordings, and heatmaps, it offers almost everything you get from Hotjar. Note that it doesn’t support funnels or surveys to get user feedback. But it enables integration with Google Analytics, so you also get data from there.

Clarity provides powerful insights about where users get stuck. When you identify these points, you can use the opportunity to bring about changes that reflect positively on your business. With the link with Google Analytics, you can access more data than a free Google Analytics account. Clarity is a completely free tool.

Use Clarity

20. Dynatrace


If you want precise answers to all your questions about digital experience, go for Hotjar alternatives like Dynatrace. It monitors your applications securely to provide the best digital experience for your users. The platform powered by AI is great in observability and intelligent automation.

Every team in your organization can benefit from the accurate answers provided by Dynatrace. With an idea of what steps can be taken, they can offer ideal solutions to satisfy the customer journey. In addition, artificial intelligence helps predict issues even before they arise. So the team is better prepared to resolve them.

By optimizing every customer experience, Dynatrace aims to increase conversions and, thus, revenue. The software integrates with all major cloud platforms and supports hundreds of technologies. As a result, innovators are flocking to the platform owing to its excellent features. Dynatrace follows hourly pricing for the features you need.

Use Dynatrace

Final Thoughts

Hotjar and Google Analytics are excellent tools for analyzing how visitors interact with your website. But if you want to take the process a notch higher, pick from the best Hotjar alternatives. These tools encompass most features of Hotjar and more to understand customers’ minds to deliver what they wish for.

The article lists the best Hotjar alternatives and competitors that use different tools to extract web analytics data. These track the user activity on your websites and apps and collect feedback to make necessary optimizations. So, discover what users do on your websites and give them a better experience.