Educational games and apps like Geoguessr are your go-to solution to acquiring knowledge of the world. Geoguessr is a popular online guessing game where you get to have a classic 360-degree Google Street View of a location to identify the place. But with this much-loved feature being shifted to the premium version, users have started looking for a Geoguessr alternative.

The best alternatives to Geoguessr present a great way to test your Geography knowledge and act as great learning tools. Many have more game modes, unlimited games, and other extra features packed into a free experience. But whether they present a 2D panorama view or a video clip shot, it is a fun way to test your knowledge of geography.

17 Best Geoguessr Alternative To Know About The World

If you are always keen to learn more about the world, a Geoguessr alternative is for you. The best free games allow you to guess the city, state, country, and more. You may create an account to play some games while others are free. So, let us get into the list of the best replacements for Geoguessr.

1. City Guesser

Geoguessr alternative City Gueser

City Gueser closely resembles Geoguessr and thus gets the privilege of being the top Geoguessr alternative. The difference is that it uses videos instead of Google Maps API and comes for free. Moreover, you can select from different categories like Worldwide, Monuments, and different countries.

Once you see the video, you can start guessing by pressing the Start Guessing button. When the map comes up, select the area and press Guess. With four game modes newly released, the gameplay has gone to the next level. If you are bored playing alone, get a friend along and create a room to play or join a public room.


City Guesser is free to play.

Play City Guesser

2. Geotastic


The next one is a free, crowdfunded game you can play with your friends. Geotastic is, again, an online game that asks you to create an account to start playing. The game modes, including popular landmarks and random street views, will keep you thinking and engaged throughout the gameplay. A single player can have a local game, and the multiplayer mode needs an online lobby.

If you are good at guessing country names, you can pick the country-guessing mode and get the correct answer from the clues. Geotastic is very similar to Geoguessr but without any charge. But you are welcome to donate.


Geotastic is free.

Play Geotastic

3. Seterra Geography

Seterra Geography

With over 400 customizable quizzes in 40 languages, Seterra Geography entertains and educates you simultaneously. The Geoguessr alternative has nine different game modes to switch the gameplay when you need a change. The Learn Mode and Show All mode is for your learning, while the others will test your knowledge to see how far you have progressed.

The regions available for the game include North and Central America, the US, South America, Asia, Europe, and more. In addition, Seterra Geography lets you make custom map quiz games by focusing only on the areas of your interest within an existing quiz. You can even share these quizzes with your dear ones to help them learn.


You can play Seterra Geography for free or upgrade to the Pro version as part of GeoGuessr.

Play Seterra Geography / Get Seterra Geography for iOS

4. The City Map Quiz

The City Map Quiz Geoguessr alternative

The City Map Quiz home page welcomes you with a map of a particular part of the world. All the games we discussed depended a lot on users’ knowledge. This one is different because you can choose from the four choices. Isn’t that easier? Also, it gives you 34 rounds to test your knowledge.

The City Map Quiz is an online game where you must look at the city’s layout to identify its name. All the landmarks and names are deleted before the picture is presented before you. Thanks to the multi-choice quiz, it offers relief from similar games like Geoguessr.


Play the game with or without signing in.

Play The City Map Quiz

5. PlayGeography


PlayGeography is a Geoguessr alternative that comes with more questions than Geoguessr. The geographical game developed by TeachMe is a great addition to your game collection to learn more about world geography. Unlike Geoguessr, it quizzes you based on 2D maps. You must guess the place by looking at the map.

You can choose from modes like country, flag, location, province, and capital. For example, if you choose Flag, you will be shown a flag and must find the country. As it has more questions than Geoguessr, you can have unending fun, which is free without creating an account.


PlayGeography is completely free.

Play PlayGeography

6. GeoGuess


GeoGuess is an open-source geography game with Google Map StreetView, like Geoguessr. It helps if you are technically sound because you must set up your own game server to play the game. But the guide is very helpful in assisting you to get it done in just 15 minutes. Once done, you can play any number of games.

You can invite up to five friends to play the game with you. Create a game room for multiplayer mode, and you can have much fun. Each game has five rounds, and you can beat others with the best score if you perform best. The game also supports custom maps, where you must identify the correct location.


GeoGuess is one the best free Geoguessr alternatives you can play.

Play GeoGuess

7. Get Lost

Get Lost

Get Lost is another Geoguessr alternative that makes you get lost in the knowledge of world geography. You can play from three modes – World, North America, and India. Remember that there is no multiplayer option here. But it promises a lot of enjoyment playing the single-player mode.

While playing Get Lost, pay attention to the street signs and boards, and guessing the location may not be as difficult. You must sign up or log in to your account to start playing. One game session has five rounds; the free version lets you play one game daily. You score better if your guess is closer to the actual location.


Get Lost is a free game.

Play Get Lost

8. MapCrunch


MapCrunch features a magical Go button that takes you to any random location. For simpletons, this can be a relaxing game where you just have to not look at the location name on the top left. Now, try guessing to see if you have got the correct answer. If you feel no challenge element is involved, you can use the scripts created by users.

Many users have made scripts to increase the fun factor of MapCrunch. For example, one script hides the name of the location given on the page. You can explore and find different scripts to make the game more exciting.


MapCrunch is free to use.

Play MapCrunch

9. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World

How about playing hide and seek on the world stage? Yes, Hide & Seek World is a great Geoguessr alternative for all children’s game lovers. There are three modes you can select – hide, seek, and compete. You can create a game to play with your friends or join a random game.

As a hider, you select a place anywhere worldwide, and the seekers have to guess it correctly. You get more points if the location is not found. Seekers can collect points by guessing as close as possible. So, select from the Street View or Satellite View and savor some nostalgia while you play the game.


It is a free game, but you can upgrade for more features.

Play Hide & Seek World

10. Explordle

Explordle Geoguessr alternative

Explordle is an easy-to-play game where the home page gives you two options – Daily Adventure and Random. You can select either to see the video of a place or identify the location. You can get clues from the appearance of the people, the nature of the buildings, and so on.

Explordle also features a menu button that takes you to another page, where you can select where you want to explore. For example, you can select by theme or by country. Anyhow, you will see different locations and get multiple choices for answers. So, you can pick an answer, and it shows green for the correct answer and red for the wrong one.


Explordle is a free game.

Play Explordle

11. World Geography Games

World Geography Games

World Geography Games is a Geoguessr alternative for everyone, regardless of age. It has something for seniors, students, kids, and adults and is a great platform to learn about the world. The educational quizzes contain endless questions about different countries of the world. And you can try each and improve your knowledge.

The home page gives you six options: World Games, Africa Games, Americas Games, Asia Games, Australia & Oceania Games, and Europe Games. You can select one and again choose from the subcategories. You will then be presented with questions.


Playing on the World Geography Games website is entirely free.

Play World Geography Games

12. GeoClash


GeoClash lets you experience a multiplayer mode of Geoguessr. Get up to 20 friends and start playing the game to know how much you know about the world. You can try many game modes, each giving a different experience. The game is configurable, so you decide the course of the game.

With GeoClash, you can play on any continent you choose. When the game starts, you will be given a dynamic view of any random place and must identify the location. You score more if the place you guess is closer to the actual location. In addition, you can change the round time to increase the difficulty level.


GeoClash is a free alternative to Geoguessr.

Play GeoClash

13. Zoomtastic


You must be a little fast to crack the Zoomtastic questions, but we promise the Geoguessr alternative will be fun. You get three options: World, Cities, and Wonders. When you click one, you will get the instructions to play. Click the Play button to start the game. Remember that you will get only 30 seconds to answer it correctly.

On clicking the Play button, a map appears along with a timer. After a few seconds, the map will zoom out, revealing a few details. After 10 seconds, you will get four choices and must select one. So, the game improves your speed while you expand your knowledge.


Zoomtastic is a free game.

Play Zoomtastic

14. Where Am I

Where Am I

Where Am I is yet another game with a simple rule – identify the place shown on the page. So, when you open the site on your browser, you will see a random location. It can be anywhere in the world. All you have to do is select a place on the map given on the left and click the Submit button.

Once your answer is submitted, it will display how far it is from the actual location. Overall, it is a simple game that doesn’t feature different game modes or categories to choose from. But it can be fun to explore different places from your browser.


Where Am I is free to play.

Play Where Am I

15. Ducksters


Ducksters is a powerful Geoguessr alternative that not just focuses on Geography but lets you take quizzes on History, Biography, and Science. Unlike the games discussed above, it is not just guessing the location. You can solve word searches, mapping games, crossword puzzles, and more here.

Under the Geography section, you can select from categories like world countries, world capitals, world flags, United States, and more. As it covers all continents, there is no limit to the learning from the games. Once you are in, you will never feel like leaving the site, given the variety of games and educational content.


Ducksters is a free game.  

Play Ducksters

16. GuessWhere Challenge

GuessWhere Challenge

GuessWhere Challenge is a geo-challenge game exclusively for Android devices. It is much like Geoguessr, where you will be shown a random location. You must guess the place and earn points. The closer you are to the exact place, the more your score. For each session, you will get five rounds to play.

GuessWhere Challenge also lets you choose from different game modes like regions, cities, and more. In addition, you can invite your friends to join you on your journey to unknown places or play with strangers in the multiplayer option. Doing all these from the little devices in your pocket can be exciting.


You can play GuessWhere Challenge for free.

Download GuessWhere Challenge

17. Lizardpoint


Lizardpoint helps you learn about the world around you in a fun way. It is a great Geoguessr alternative to be proficient in Geography. You can attempt the interactive map quizzes to understand different states, cities, countries, and physical features. People of all ages use the platform so that you can try too.

Lizardpoint also features a study mode where you get educational materials on countries and the US states. This is a great place that helps you with your geography courses. The site also gives you printable maps for learning purposes.


You can use Lizardpoint for free.

Play Lizardpoint

Final Thoughts

Geoguessr is a popular online game to test your knowledge of world locations. It has remained the top free website for guessing games and as an educational platform. But if you are bored of Geoguessr or don’t want to get the premium version, a Geoguessr alternative will be the ideal choice.

The article gives you many options to learn more about the world by playing Geography games. Many have more game types than Geoguessr and also feature extra game modes. Moreover, all of them are free to play or have a free version. So, which is your favorite Geoguessr alternative?