image If one is looking to find some images online, chances are good that they would try to find them using the Google Image Search – since it provides the most relevant results for our search terms.

If you wish to download the images you searched for you need to click on each image and download them manually one after the other, which is not only time-consuming and slow but also a tedious process.

Multi Image Downloader is a Freeware that lets you download Full Size images from Google Image search automatically, to a destination folder of your choice. No need to manually right-click and save these images one after another. Lets see how it works.

Multi Image Downloader For Downloading Google Search Images:

Multi Image Downloader is a tool that uses the Google Images search engine to locate and download pictures without having to search through multiple sites to get at the original images.

Multi Image Downloader - © TechNorms (622x520)

This nifty little freeware program is highly effective and quickly downloads a large number of images from Google Image Search Results to any folder on your computer.

How to Use Multi Image Downloader:

Once you have downloaded and installed it, fire it up. Next Step  is to Open the Google Image Search page in your browser ( and search for anything you like. For e.g.. above I have searched for “Guitar Wallpapers”.

Once your search is done click on “Get URL” button and the Search URL would get copied in the program. Click on the “Get Image Links” button to make sure if it is able to get to the image links. If it lists the image links – all is working well.

In the screenshot below we see it lists the Original Image links from various sources – right from the search results.


Click on “download” button to start downloading the original size images. Make sure you specify the destination folder before downloading.

Due to changes to Google Search, sometimes the program may not work properly. A workaround is to go to the 2nd search page and manually copy the search URL in the Google Image Page URL box. It works every time. It also helps if you use your default browser on your computer – however it works for all browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Google Chrome.

Go ahead give it a shot – Downloading Full Size Images automatically from Google Search Results has never been easier.

Download Multi Image Downloader