Gmail and Outlook are among the best free email account providers, but they do often create a concern for users by changing their policies. Since the announcement from Google about its changing privacy policy, many users are beginning to worry that their e-mails, calendars, and even documents are no longer going to be secure on the Google services network.

After March 1st, 2012, users will either have to agree to the privacy policy or jump ship. However, many users have already begun finding alternatives to Google. If you are interested in making the switch from Google to Microsoft, switching your Gmail to Hotmail is the first step in the process.

Since Microsoft offers Hotmail, SkyDrive and more, it is one of the easiest ways to continue using services similar to what Google has to offer. This guide will detail how to switch from Gmail to Hotmail in three steps. This is just the start of transferring your services away from Google’s prying eyes.

First, create a Hotmail account

If you do not already have a Hotmail account, you will need to create one to start the process of switching from Gmail. Keep in mind that Windows Live IDs include Hotmail, Messenger, and even XBox Live accounts, so if you already have one of those, you do not need to create a new one to continue.

If you do not have one, visit to get started.

Sign up for a Windows Live ID

In the left-hand corner of the screen, you will see a Sign-up button. Click it to get started.

Fill in the details about your new Windows Live account, including your mobile telephone number and an alternative e-mail address.

Account information

Next, read through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy concerning Windows Live, then click “I accept.”

I accept

It will take just a few seconds to create your new Windows Live ID.

Creating new account

When finished, you will be redirected to Windows Live.

Logged into new account

You can click “Go to Inbox” to take you to your Hotmail account.

Second, import your Gmail e-mails into your Hotmail account

Now that you have created your new Windows Live ID and Hotmail account, you want to import your data from your Gmail account.

Visit TrueSwitch to get started with the second step.

TrueSwitch is a secure service that has partnered with a variety of e-mail service providers to help make the process of switching services easier for consumers. While they normally charge for this service, for now, it is free for those who want to switch from Gmail to Hotmail.

You can only import contacts and e-mails from based e-mail accounts. If you are using a business or services account where your domain name is being used through Google services, you cannot use TrueSwitch to import information from Gmail to Hotmail at this time.

Fill in your Gmail account details and choose whether you want to transfer over all your e-mails or just the last two weeks.

Gmail account

Then, fill in your new Hotmail account details.

Hotmail account

Finally, click “Next” to get the process started.


It should just take a few moments for the process to finish.

Congratulations, you're done!

When it does, TrueSwitch will congratulate you and begin importing your e-mail and contacts from Gmail to Hotmail. Keep in mind that the process can take upwards of 24 hours to complete, especially if you are importing all of your e-mails from your Gmail account. When the process is finished, you will receive an e-mail alerting you as well.

Imported e-mails may end up in your Hotmail Junk folder. Check the Junk folder periodically to make sure you are not missing out on misplaced e-mails from Gmail.

Go to Windows Live Hotmail

Click “Go to Windows Live Hotmail” to check if things have begun importing and to move on to the third and final step of the process.

Update: Trueswitch is discontinued. You can use its alternative ShuttleCloud

Third, sync your Gmail account to your Hotmail account

You will be redirected to the primary Windows Live home screen after leaving the TrueSwitch site.

Go to inbox

Click on “Inbox” to head into Hotmail.

Hotmail Inbox

Your inbox, if the process has started, will begin filling with the e-mails imported from Gmail.

You also want to remember to check your Junk folder to ensure nothing is being lost in the shuffle.

Hotmail Junk folder

Your contacts will also eventually be imported so that you do not have to start creating new ones after the switch.


The final step in truly making the switch from Gmail to Hotmail is to ensure your e-mails are being sent to Hotmail from Gmail.

Click on “Options” at the top right-hand corner of your Inbox.


Now, click “More Options….”

Managing your account

Under the Managing your account sub-header, click the “Sending/receiving email from other accounts” link.

You can receive mail from these accounts

Click “Add an email account” to get started.

Add an email account

Enter the e-mail address and password of the account you want to have sent to Hotmail.

Then, click “Next.”

Setting up your account...

It will take just a few moments for Hotmail to access and configure the information from your Gmail account.

When finished, you will need to set up a few options for the addition.

Add an email account

You can choose to either use a separate folder for the emails from Gmail or simply have them send to your inbox.

You can also choose a default icon for the messages to separate them from other e-mails coming directly to your Hotmail address. This can be useful if you are opting to have all e-mails directed to your inbox as opposed to a separate folder.

Click “Save” to save your settings.

(22) setting uop

This will take just a few minutes to configure.

From that moment on, e-mails sent to your Gmail address will be forwarded to your Hotmail one. You will either see them appear in your Inbox or in the folder you created for them in Hotmail.

Hotmail folders

You have now successfully made the switch from Gmail to Hotmail in three easy steps.

Why would you need to make the switch from Gmail to Hotmail?

While many users are talking about the changes to Google’s privacy policy as the number one reason to make the switch away from Gmail and Google’s other services, that is not the only reason you may need to make the switch from Gmail to Hotmail or even Gmail to another e-mail provider. Depending on what you do online, what services you use and what you find to be the most reliable and easy to use, making the switch from one provider to the other is natural.

When deciding whether or not to make the switch, in this case from Gmail to Hotmail, take the time to weigh your options, truly look into the changes Google is making, and make an informed decision on whether or not it is worth your time and peace of mind to make such a switch.

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