norton-securuty-scanOne of the quickest ways to determine if you have an active threat on your computer is to use an online security scanner. These scanners come from some of the best names in the anti-virus business, such as Kaspersky, McAfee and Trend Micro. Norton also offers a free security scan to computer users through their website before they opt to purchase software.

This security scan is a new feature to Norton and it helps supplement what users are already doing to keep their system free from harm. This guide will show you how to use the Norton Security Scan and get the most out of this simple tool before investing in a Symantec product.

Getting Started With Norton Security Scan

The first step to using the Norton Security Scan is to visit Symantec’s website.

From there, you can choose to download the Security Scan or opt to utilizing Symantec Security Check. Click “Download Now!” to get started.

Download Now!

Symantec will offer you a brief guide to installing the Norton Security Scan.

Instructions for downloading and installing

Follow these steps, then start Norton Security Scan.

Norton Security Scan

The main screen of Norton Security Scan will give you a variety of information. It will alert you to whether you have security and web protection enabled through either a Symantec product or other anti-virus suite.

If you hover over “Not Detected” in this area, it will prompt you to install a Symantec product for protection. You do not have to, but it is a suggestion to better protect your PC.

Install Protection

Below that, you will see a brief summary of any threats Norton might see active. If you have yet to use the scanner, it will say Threats Found.

To the left of that, you will see when you performed your last scan as well as when the latest definitions to the scanner were updated.

Above that, you will have the ability to start a Norton Security Scan.

Before doing your first scan, click on “Settings” in the top right-hand corner of the main screen.


You can set Norton Security Scan up to schedule scans if you are not available to do so yourself at any time.

Simply click the box next to “Enable Scheduled Scans” and Norton Security Scan will take care of the rest for you. You can also opt to uninstall Norton Security Scan from here.

Click “OK” to return to the main screen.

Now, click “Start Scan.”

Installing updates...

If you do not have the latest definitions update, Norton Security Scan will first update and apply them.

Then, it will begin scanning.

You can pause the scan at any time by clicking “Pause.”

(9) paused scan

Simply click “Continue” to continue the scan where you left off.

(10) scan continued

When the scan is finished, Norton Security Scan will let you know if your computer is at risk or not.

Scan finished

In this case, it has found eight threats which you can see in the Threats box.


When you head to click “Fix Now,” another red pop-up box will appear alerting you to the danger. Click the “Fix Now” in that box to continue.

Fix Now

From there, you will be redirected to the Symantec website to purchase a version of Norton that will help clean up those threats from your PC.

This is where the help from Norton Security Scan ends. If you opt to invest in Symantec’s product, you can do so from there.

How to uninstall Norton Security Scan

If you decide not to invest in Symantec’s software, you can uninstall Norton Security Scan anytime by clicking on “Settings” from the main screen.

Now, click “Uninstall.”

Confirm uninstall

A pop-up will appear, click “Yes” to continue with the uninstall.

Confirm uninstall again

Norton Security Scan will prompt you one more time to confirm the install.  Once again, click “Uninstall” to move forward.

Symantec will warn you what the uninstall might involve, click “Next.”

Removing product

It will take up to a minute to uninstall Norton Security Scan.

Removing Norton Security Scan files

When finished, it will let you know. Click “Finish” to close the uninstaller for Norton Security Scan.


You may want to restart your computer after the uninstall.

Norton Security Scan is now completely removed from your PC.

Pros of Norton Security Scan:

  • Quick, efficient scanning time
  • Offers instant download of latest database
  • Very easy to use for any PC user

Cons of Norton Security Scan:

  • Must buy Symantec software before cleaning up threats

Is Norton Security Scan for you?

Symantec has been a widely respected and frontrunner in the anti-virus software race for over a decade. They offer a variety of protection, suites, and tools for users to take advantage of when protecting their computer from harm. However, without the software installed, the Norton Security Scan is not necessary for a home computer.

Since you cannot remove, interact or quarantine any threats it detects without buying a Norton product, it really does nothing for a user who chooses not to make a buy. If you are thinking about purchasing a Symantec product, using the scanner to see what it picks up and then opting to buy in may be an option. Otherwise, do not even bother with the Norton Security Scan.

Download Norton Security Scan.