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Windows 7 Themes: Ice Age Theme for Windows [Movie Themes]


The recently released Ice Age Continental Drift is the fourth movie in a successful animated movie series. The series started a decade ago in 2002 and has been a critical and commercial success. What is exciting is the rumor that there may be a fifth movie in the works. You never know – the franchise has been going good and we may another Ice Age movie coming up soon.

We have quite a few themes based on animated movies. You may wish to check out theme on Shrek, Cars, Kung-Fu Panda, Rio and another recently released animated movie, Brave. Ice Age had always been on the cards and so here it is!

Ice Age Windows 7 Theme consists of 40+ Hi-Res wallpapers and a set of custom icons and sound clips. The Ice Age franchise is back again. Join our mammal friends in their adventures with the Ice Age theme for Windows 7.

Ice Age Windows 7 Theme Screenshots:



These are just a few of the 40+ wallpapers included in the theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds:

As is with all our themes, the Ice Age theme comes with a set of sounds that play when you apply the theme or when you logon/ logoff your system.

The theme also comes with a set of icons to replace the default system icons on your Window 7 desktop.


How to Change The Start Orb and Better Manage Windows Aero:

You can change the start orb to match the theme. If you have not done this before, refer this guide to know How To Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.

You may also like to check out out handpicked 50+ Start orbs for Windows 7.

AeroRainbow is a nice utility to automate the aero color on your Windows 7 system. AeroRainbow has quite a few settings to allow you to set the aero effects as per your liking. You can choose to change the aero color to match your current wallpaper. That way, the taskbar always matches the wallpaper color and gives a more elegant look to your desktop.

Download Ice Age Theme for Windows 7:


Download the theme directly by clicking the link below. You can also check out many other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download Ice Age Windows 7 Theme

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