Google+ Hangouts has released an update that now allows you to schedule Hangout chats through Google Calendar. This allows you to create an event, include a Hangout and then invite others to join you. This is a great way to set up a conference call, meeting or other online event where it would be easier to be face-to-face than communicate over instant message or the phone. Once you create your event, you can share it with others to invite them to take part in the Hangout.

How to Create a Google+ Hangout in Google Calendar

In order to create a Google+ Hangout in Google Calendar, you must have an active Google+ account. If you do, proceed to Google Calendar.


Now, click “Create” to create a new event in Google Calendar.


If you have ever created an event in Google Calendar before, you know how easy it is to get started. You can title the event, set a date and time and under event details you will find the area where you can add a Google+ Hangout to the calendar event.

Click “Add a Google+ hangout.”


You will see it switch to a Google+ Hangout calendar event. You can remove it at any time by clicking “Remove.”


To the right of the event details, you will see where you can add guests to your event.


Simply enter in as many e-mail addresses as you want to include, then click “Add” for each one.


They will be added to the guest list which will populate below the add box.

You can opt to cancel an invite by clicking the “X” next to a name at any time. You can also e-mail your guests by clicking “Email guests.” This lets them know in their inbox that they have been invited to a Google+ Hangout through Google Calendar. You can also see who has accepted, declined and who is waiting to respond to your invite.

When you opt to send an e-mail invite, they will receive it in their inbox. They, along with you as the creator, can also receive a reminder about the event so you are not late to the Hangout.


If you happen to be logged into Google Calendar before the event, you can also receive a pop-up notification to remind you, too.


If you visit your Google Calendar after creating the event, you will show it waiting for you on the day you created it to occur.


By hovering over the event, a small pop-up will appear giving you the basic details of the event. You can also delete, edit or even join the Hangout for the event from here.


Click “Join Google+ hangout.”


This will initialize the Google+ Hangout for those joining as well as the creator.

By making it easier to connect through Hangouts, Google Calendar now gives you the option to create an event with video conferencing in one place. Instead of juggling links, events and Hangouts, you can do it all through Google Calendar and make it even easier to connect to one another.

How Will Google+ Hangouts Help When Scheduling Events in Google Calendar?

Whenever you schedule a meeting in person or online, it can be complicated to get it going. It can often involved multiple links, invites, updates and other details that make it even more complicated to actually get the meeting started the day of the event.

By being able to create a Google+ Hangout as an event in Google Calendar, you can stay connected with one another on a meeting day easily rather than juggling multiple web sites, e-mails and more. You can do it all through Google Calendar – even join the Hangout on the day of the event, and this makes the whole process easier for all involved.