Dropbox recently came to the Windows Store months after the initial release of Windows 8. While this announcement came with much fanfare, many users were dismayed by the lack of features available in the app itself. While Dropbox may add functionality in the future, for those looking to get the most out of it now, they still must rely on utilizing the traditional desktop app.

Our guide shows you how to get started with Dropbox app in Windows 8.

How to use Dropbox in Windows 8

In order to get started with Dropbox in Windows 8, head to the Windows Store and use “Windows Key + Q” to open the search. Search for “Dropbox.”


Now, click “Install” to start downloading and installing the app in Windows 8.

Once installed, click on the Metro Dropbox icon.


Login to Dropbox with your standard details.

Once signed in, you will have immediate access to your folders and files.


Click on any of your folders.


This will show you what it contains, and you can begin opening or downloading files to your computer.


If you click on a file, this will open it for you. You can then interact and work with the file as you see fit.

At any time within the Dropbox app, you can search through the folders and files by opening the search feature in Windows 8. Simply click “Windows Key + Q.”


If you want to share a particular folder or file, you can click “Windows Key + H” to open the Share feature.


That pretty much sums up what you can do with Dropbox in Windows 8. As you can see, it leaves a lot to desire for the majority of Dropbox diehards.

When can we expect more from Dropbox?

With the reviews and complaints about the functionality of the Dropbox app in Windows 8, it would be a shame to wait long for new features to be added. Hopefully, in the coming weeks and months, we will see more and more from the Dropbox app. If you are looking for the basics from Dropbox and want to take advantage of the app in Windows 8, just be prepared to use the desktop version, too.

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