Facebook Touch is the Windows Store app version of the social network. While Facebook Touch was primarily designed for use with Microsoft Surface tablets, it works wonders with Windows 8. By using the Facebook from the Windows Store, you can ditch having to go to the social network itself in your browser to get updates and stay in the loop.

This guide shows you how to get started with Facebook Touch in Windows 8.


How to use Facebook Touch in Windows 8

You want to start out by downloading and installing Facebook Touch from the Windows Store.

Once installed, click the Metro icon to open Facebook Touch. You will be asked to log in with your Facebook details, so enter those and login to continue.

Now, you will be introduced to the main screen for Facebook Touch.

(2) main screen

At the top of the screen, you will see your toolbar. This is where you will access everything you need to use the app.



Click “More.”


This menu will be familiar to Facebook users utilizing mobile apps. This menu works just like it would on a phone or tablet. You can access some familiar features, browse through friends and pages and check out what apps are linked to Facebook.

Now, click “News Feed.”


While the News Feed is your default area when opening Facebook Touch if you ever navigate away this is what you click to get back to it. The feed works just like any other version of Facebook you use.

Then, click “Profile.”


This gives you access to your Facebook profile, allows you to pursue information and even posts status updates from here. You can also go through your wall as well as what others have posted to it more quickly.

Click “Messages.”


You can go through your private messages here. You can send, read and respond to them from this area. You can also search through messages if you are trying to track down specific information.

Now, click “New Message.”


You can send private messages from here to family, friends and more. Simply enter in the recipient, the message and click “Send” to send it’s on its way.

Then, click “Notifications.”


When you have a new notification, a red number will appear similar to logging into Facebook’s website to alert you to a new notification. You can go through them one by one here.

Click “Events.”


This is where you can see birthdays, events you have been invited to and need to respond to and what is going on a week in advance. You can also see past events and even create your own.

Now, click “Friends.”


This lets you search through your friends as well as simply browse through them.

Then, click “Search.”

Using the Search feature

This will open the Windows search through Facebook Touch. You can type in anything you are looking for, such as a specific post, person or event, and Windows will search through it via the Facebook Touch app.

Click “Remove Ad.”


You can purchase the ability to remove all ads from Facebook Touch for $2.99. Click “Buy” to do so. It is not necessary to remove the ads, but for some users, it may prove for a better overall experience.

Then, click “Refresh.”

This will refresh whatever page you are on and load new data. This will work the best with the News Feed of all places in Facebook Touch.

Click “Chat On.”


This will turn on Facebook Chat and show you who is that you can strike up a conversation with.


You can then start chatting at your convenience.


Finally, click “Logout.”


This will log you out of Facebook Touch, so you can step away or log into another account.

That is everything you need to know to become a pro with Facebook Touch in Windows 8.


How seamless is Facebook Touch in Windows 8?

While Facebook Touch was designed for a mobile platform in mind, it works very well in Windows 8 once you get used to it. It offers a wide variety of information in a familiar Facebook layout but takes advantage of how visually a mobile device lays out information. It makes Facebook look exceptionally beautiful in Windows 8. If you are still heading to to get your updates, give Facebook Touch a chance in Windows 8 through the Windows Store.

Get Facebook Touch.