When you first upgrade Windows 8, you have the option of creating your administrator account as either a Microsoft or a Local account. After that, you can create other accounts for users to login if you don’t want to share your computer with multiple people. You can create a number of accounts that can eventually be upgraded to Microsoft Accounts from the initial local account creation.

Our guide shows you how to create user accounts in Windows 8.


How to create user accounts in Windows 8

Open the Charms Bar by clicking the “Windows Key + C.”


Click on “Settings.”


Now, click “Change PC settings.”


Then, click on “Users.”


Under our user accounts, you’ll see the Other users

Click on “Add a user” to start creating a new account in windows 8.


You can add a user to Windows 8 in one of two ways, either through their previously created Microsoft Account or simply through their e-mail address. If you use an e-mail address that’s not associated with a Microsoft Account, they can convert it to one down the line.

When you enter the e-mail address, click “Next.”


It’ll take a few minutes to create the account.


When created, you’ll have the option to turn it into a child’s account to ensure additional safety features for that person. Click the box if it’s a child’s account, then click “Finish.”


Windows 8 will never add that user.


As you’ll see, it’s now added and ready to be used by the user in question.

How to delete user accounts in Windows 8

From your start screen, click “Windows Key + Q.”


Type in “user accounts” and click “Settings.”


Now, click “User Accounts.


This will open the User Accounts settings, click “Manage another account.”


This will list all open accounts in Windows 8, along with your guest account.

Click on the account you want to delete.


Now, click “Delete the account.”


Windows will want to know if you want to save and move the information associated with the account. If so, click Keep Files, if not click Delete Files.

When ready, click “Delete Account” to delete the Windows 8 user account. This process is not reversible, so make sure you truly want to delete the account before continuing.

You’ve now deleted a Windows 8 user account permanently from your computer.


How many user accounts should you create in Windows 8?

One of the biggest benefits of using multiple accounts in Windows 8 is utilizing the Microsoft Accounts associated with them. This allows users to have access to apps no matter what PC they utilize at a given time. Creating an account for each person in your household or who has access to the PC allows them to customize their Windows 8 experience as they see fit.