Facebook Photo Zoom - © TechNormsFacebook has gone mainstream with almost every internet user from ages 6 to 60 is now on Facebook. Our daily online social lives revolve around this service, which also means there is a lot of media sharing and posting everyday.

To view a photo on Facebook not an easy deed, there are a lot of clicks involved. Click to go to the album gallery, then click the album and then click on next till your fingers get blisters. Ok, maybe not blisters, but still it’s a long process.

The Facebook Photo Zoom Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari is the answer to all this clicking madness.

It’s designed to zoom any photo your mouse pointer hovers on. Imagine, no more clicking on photos to view them. Just hover the mouse over the image, and I mean any image, even small thumbnails of profile pictures in messages, and Facebook Photo Zoom will bring the Zooming in effect.

Facebook Photo Zoom in Action:

Facebook Photo Zoom is essentially a time-saving extension – it can literally save you hundreds of clicks when you are viewing photos on Facebook. Once you install the extension, you would see a small button next to the Chat menu at right bottom corner, that allows you to switch it On or Off.

Turn Facebook Photo Zoon - On or Off - © TechNorms

Lets “face” it – Facebook isn’t the fastest when you are browsing the photo albums. Facebook Photo Zoom makes browsing the photo albums a breeze. No need of clicking on each photo to view the full-sized photo. Just turn this extension on and you are golden. Hover the mouse on any image and zoom away.

Now if you aren’t just surfing for photos, all these zooming photos can get annoying – well, using the small button shown in the above image, you can turn this feature off anytime.

Facebook Photo Zoom In Action - © TechNorms

The profile picture zooming is one of my favorite feature for this addon.  My friends keep on changing their profile pictures often and to view the larger image, I need to visit their profile. With this extension, I can just hover on the profile image and see the “larger” picture.

The other good part is that its available for both Firefox as well as Google Chrome both browser, I use quite often. Try it out if you are a regular Facebook user.

Download Facebook Photo Zoom for Mozilla Firefox. Add on disabled by an administrator.

Download Facebook Photo Zoom for Google Chrome.

Do you think this extension would be useful for your Facebook surfing? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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