(6) show files

There aren’t many alternatives to CCleaner out there. When one comes along, it usually fails to live up to the hype. A new alternative has emerged called KCleaner from KC Softwares. KCleaner offers secure file deletion as well as the standard clean up of temporary files, browser history and cache. We’ll show you how to use KCleaner and then you can determine for yourself it is truly is a worth alternative to CCleaner.

How to use KCleaner

Download KCleaner here.

Installation is simple, until you get to the bloat ware included.


If you’re not careful, you may install toolbars and other software you don’t want, so be sure to read each install screen carefully.

When the install is finished, you’ll be introduced to KCleaner.


Then, once more, you’ll need to decline bloat ware installs.


KCleaner, the first time you use it, will open its Settings.

From there, you can choose the language, choose startup settings and even choose data security. Data security allows you to choose the deletion method involved to properly shred your files, folders and more. You can also choose the file types, folders and caches you want KCleaner to remove on your behalf.

CCleaner offers the same levels of what you can delete, you just have a more visual aspect in choosing them.

Click “Save” to save your settings and get started with KCleaner.

(5) main

Now, you’ll be introduced to the main interface for KCleaner.

As you can see, this is much simpler than what CCleaner presents you. However, for some, it may seem like there’s not enough options when really there are.

You can access the options any time by clicking “Options” at any time.

Click “Show files.”


Then, click “Analyse.”

This will begin analyzing your system for temporary files, folders and more based on what you chose for KCleaner to deal with on your system.

Depending on how many files KCleaner finds, it can take some time to run the scan the first time.

When the analysis has run its course, you can go through the results and pick and choose what you want to delete. Or you can take KCleaner’s word for it, and just click “Clean” to delete everything selected.


If you have certain windows or programs open, KCleaner will not be able to eliminate items associated with it.

That’s how easy KCleaner is to use.

Is KCleaner a worthy alternative to CCleaner?

The biggest downfall to KCleaner is that its filled with bloat ware that can cause troubles during install. While KCleaner and the folks behind it use this as a way to provide freeware, it can be a nightmare to uninstall. KCleaner offers what CCleaner does, in a less visual format. For some users, CCleaner’s easier to use format could be what draws them to it rather KCleaner. It’s up to you which title would be better for your PC. KCleaner is just one alternative that lives up to the hype when compared to CCleaner.

Download KCleaner.