Google Chrome ExtensionsGoogle’s design mantra has always been inclined towards being minimalist. Everything they create has a clean, minimalist interface, may it be an online product or desktop software. The same principle is followed in Google Chrome’s user interface.

The right-click context menu in Google Chrome is as clean as it gets – very few options equals less clutter. However, many people who moved from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to Chrome, miss the simple option to set any image they see as a desktop wallpaper. So here are two ways you can enable this feature in Google Chrome.

Option 1: Use The IE Tab Chrome Extension:

The IE Tab extension uses Internet Explorer to display web pages in a Chrome tab. This extension is mainly aimed at sites which can only be displayed properly using IE – with this extension you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome.

The other advantage of using this extension? It enables the Internet Explorer right-click menu inside Google Chrome. So, if you are viewing an image that you would like to set as a wallpaper open the website in IE Tab, and voilà you can right click to set the image as a wallpaper inside Google Chrome.

Set Image As Wallpaper - © TechNorms

Just click on the IE tab button in the extensions menu and the current tab would be opened in the IE tab.

It also allows you to define a list of sites that you would like to always open in IE. So if you visit a wallpaper site regularly to change wallpapers, just add that site to the list in IE Tab extension options.

Get IE Tab Extension for Google Chrome.

Option 2: Set Image As Wallpaper Extension: (Update – Extension is no longer available)

You can use the above-mentioned extension to set the wallpaper.

Now, this extension is geared towards enabling the “Set as wallpaper” feature in Chrome. So it has a few specialized options for setting wallpapers via Chrome.

Set Image as Wallpaper in Google Chrome - © TechNorms

The good part about this extension is that it only shows “Set Image as Wallpaper” option when we right-click on an image, rest of the time it is not even visible – so it keeps the context menu clean as usual.

Stretch - Tile - Center Options - © TechNorms

The other cool feature of this extension is that it allows us to select whether we need to keep the wallpaper at center or select the option of tiling or stretching it.

Set as wallpaper Extension Features:

  • HTML5 previewer that shows your wallpaper in exact proportions.
  • Context Menu that hooks up any image on the web, to set it as wallpaper.
  • STRETCH, CENTER, TILE options available.

Get Set as wallpaper Extension for Google Chrome.

So you can choose any of the 2 methods shown above to add “Set Image As Wallpaper” option to Google Chrome Right-Click menu.

Which one you choose totally depends on your requirements and liking, we recommend either one.

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