Bing has some wonderful displays for their backgrounds. While this is true, Google also has interesting and fun Google Doodles. Bing wallpaper for Google homepage is an extension that puts the best of both sites under one hood, allowing a few custom views to create a brilliant display. Install the extension and it works right out of the box. Make a few tweaks to customize the feel of the home page.

Use Bing wallpapers on Google Search

Download “Bing wallpaper for Google homepage” from the Chrome Web Store here.


An icon similar to Bing’s favicon will be placed next to the address bar.


Click the icon once to open the current wallpaper from Bing. It pulls the exact URL of the image, which is what it’s doing in the background.


Let’s first take a look at some of the available options by right-clicking the extension’s icon and choosing “Options.”


With several different settings on this one page, choose “Wallpaper type” to choose what image to use and at what resolution. Select a random home page to have a new, different background upon loading Google or pick a high-resolution version of the current Bing wallpaper to mimic their homepage every day.


The next set of options is for how the image should load. The default value is to “Load every time you open Google.com,” which is what I will be keeping mine at. Stop repeatedly showing past images by selecting the second option and save the third option for loading a Bing wallpaper image only once when Chrome launches.


Stretch the wallpaper, or display it like Bing does in a full-width style, by selecting a corresponding option under “Display setting.” I’ve chosen to “Display like Bing style full width” so the image doesn’t look distorted and I get a good feel of Bing while on Google.


Although the Google Doodle’s are nice to look at, you can shut these down by toggling the next option of “Show Google’s Doodle” on or off.

Many of us access Google Images, Gmail, and Maps from the top menu while browsing Google Search but Bing wallpaper for Google homepage allows us to shut this down as well by choosing to “Hide Black top menu.” The page does look cleaner but it may be a little difficult to navigate around Google’s other services.


Showing or hiding Google accounts with the next toggle will determine whether the “SIGN IN” button is viewable.


Click “Hide account” to disable this button to sign in.


The “Hide button” option is a nice addition, as most people press enter or let instant search do its thing. Hide the “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons by choosing this option.


The final option for this extension is enabling a transparent search box. See more of the background image with this option enabled.


Be sure to save all these options at the bottom before exiting the options page.

With all these custom options enabled and in place, this is what Google will look like:


Using Bing wallpaper for Google homepage is a slick little extension to spice up or spice down I should say, the look and feel of Google. Pages like Maps, Drive, and YouTube are of course still accessible regardless of how these settings are set in this extension, but access will need to be done by manually entering their URLs.

While this will add a nice image for Google’s background, download some nice wallpapers for your Windows background here.

Download Bing wallpaper for Google homepage.