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Jon was previously involved in the IT field, particularly a System Admin. Writing software-related articles is something that comes to him by nature. Aside from learning about software, image editing is one of his greatest passions.

Fix iOS7 Wallpaper Annoyances: How to Scale Crop and Align Wallpapers Correctly

Do you find adjusting the wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad annoying? Having trouble scaling and aligning the images correctly? We have a few tips that might help you get your wallpaper adjusted the way you want.

There are two main reasons your images aren’t displaying how you want them to when you set them as your wallpaper. The first is because of the iOS 7 parallax effect allotting padding around the image to work well with the motion effect. The other possible reason is that your image isn’t the correct size for your device. Let's look at how you can take care of both these factors.

Control Your iPhone or iPad with Head Gestures in iOS 7 Using Switch Control

Switch Control is a feature in iOS 7 that allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to be controlled with head movements with the front facing camera.

A switch is something that your device can perform, like pulling down the notification center. When you tie a source like moving your head to a switch, you can effectively use your head to pull down the notification center, among other switches.

This is a really cool feature in iOS 7 that can help both handicapped individuals or those who wish to use their device with little physical input.

Using the iOS 7 Control Center: Toggles, QuickLaunch Apps & Cydia Tweaks

Control Center is a feature introduced in iOS 7 that makes controlling your device quick and easy. You can turn system switches on and off, like Wi-Fi, launch common apps, like Calculator, and control your music – all from one screen.

Below is a look at the Control Center settings, toggles, and QuickLaunch items as well as some nice tweaks you can grab if you’ve jailbroken iOS 7.

Jailbreak iOS 7: Untethered Jailbreak Comes to iOS 7 with evasi0n [Windows/Mac]

It was six months ago we looked at iOS 7 beta. Since then we have seen the release of iOS 7, and it's consequent update to 7.0.4, but so far no one had figured out a way to jailbreak this iOS version.

The guys behind evasi0n have finally figured out a way to do an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. evasi0n is a portable program that’s usually the first choice of users when it comes to jailbreaking iOS devices. Before jailbreaking iOS 7, it’s important to create a device backup in the event something goes wrong.

Follow along as we look at backing up an iOS device and then jailbreaking iOS 7.

Access Files on Your PC and Mac From iPhone or iPad on the Go...

Younity is an app for iOS that pairs with a Windows PC or Mac computer to give you access to all your files while on the go. The app can view any folder you give it access to, and then you can share the files with others or download them to your own iOS device. This can be done without syncing a single file.

Setting up Younity is really easy. Just select the drives or folders you want the app should have access to. Then just download the app and login to your account to view all your files remotely.

How To Switch From Gmail to Outlook.com in a Few Easy Steps

Migrating mail from Gmail to Outlook.com is now extremely simple with a new mail setting provided by Microsoft. After copying over every Gmail message, you can send and receive mail in Gmail without ever logging in to the website. Instead, use Outlook.com as a centralized hub for both Gmail and Outlook mail.

The process is actually rather simple. Outlook.com has an option to login to Gmail and copy over every message to your Outlook.com account. Then just setup Gmail to forward any new message to Outlook.com so you can leave Gmail without leaving behind your email address.

How to Delete Tweets Automatically After a Set Time Limit

Tweets are sometimes time-specific and need to be removed after a particular date. Spirit for Twitter is an online service that links to your Twitter account to automatically remove tweets after a set period using nothing but a hashtag timer.

Say you’re posting a tweet about a party that’s happening four days from now. You’ll want people to see the tweet until the party is over, after which the tweet is useless. If you’ve signed up for Spirit you can just post a hashtag with your party invitation that tells the service to remove the tweet in four days. Then when the party is over, and the invitation expires, the tweet will be removed.

Signing up is super simple, as you just need to give the service authorization to use your profile.

What is Assigned Access Feature in Windows 8 and How to Use It

Assigned access is a feature in Windows 8 that gives a standard user account access to just one Windows Store app. Not only can the user can't download additional apps, they can’t even open other programs or navigate away from the app.

Assigned access is easy to setup as it’s done from the PC settings section of Windows 8. Just select an account to use with the assigned access feature, choose a Windows Store app, and then reboot the computer.

Follow along as we set up assigned access for a user in Windows 8.

How to Stop Gmail From Automatically Displaying Images in Email

When you open emails that contain external images, Gmail automatically blocks them and lets you decide whether to open them. A new update to Gmail, however, disables this function and instead automatically shows the pictures. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Before the update, any external image that loaded in a message could be tracked by advertisers or the sender of the message. The sender may have been able to view information like whether you’re on a mobile device or desktop, at what time you opened the message and if you clicked on any links or advertisements. This can be a concern for some, which this update would essentially address. This new update from Google that added the option to show images in email by default can be beneficial to you - it has got both pros and cons, and it depends on how you choose to look at it.

How To Create an RSS Feed for a Facebook Fan Page

Some websites or online services don’t provide an RSS feed. Facebook Fan pages fall in this category. You may have multiple brands you may like and one or all of them could be offering good deals, news updates or entertaining information, but you can't possibly check each page everyday. Here you have an option to create an RSS feed yourself. Subscribing to a brands' Facebook page RSS feed will update you with fresh content they post from a single location - your RSS reader.

The most common use for this type of RSS feed is probably to stay abreast of new product updates and offers. For example, some websites have deals or new product alerts that they prefer to post on their Facebook pages to help increase their social media presence, and they want to reward their readers/fans for connecting with them. If you don’t check their Facebook page you may not even see the updates.

We’ll use a free online service to find the RSS feed of a Facebook page and then see how easy it is to view the updates.

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