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Create Shortcuts For Trusted Programs To Bypass Windows 7 UAC Check

Windows 7 Tips & TricksThe User Account Control (UAC) feature has been criticized for being a hindrance in doing everyday tasks in Windows, but we need to understand that the benefits of the UAC far outweigh its annoyances. It has dramatically improved the security situation in Windows.

However, sometimes, UAC can really be annoying, when you are running a Trusted Program, and it prompts you to let it run. Against better advice you can Turn off UAC, but then we would be missing a crucial security feature in Windows. So in order to make our trusted programs run without any hindrance, we can create shortcuts that bypass the UAC.

The trick is quite simple really. Among the several programs in Windows, Task Scheduler can run unhindered. So we create a shortcut for our Favorite program via the Task Scheduler and bypass the UAC. Lets see how that is done.

Creating a New task In Task Scheduler:

Click on Start and Type Task Scheduler in “Search Programs and Files” box. Click on task Scheduler.

Go To Task Scheduler

In the Task Scheduler window  – Click on Create Task on the Right Sidebar.

Create a New task

In the Create Task Window, Type the name of the Program you want to Run without UAC block. Preferably a small name as we need to use the same name in the Shortcut.

I need a shortcut for the Revo Uninstaller Program – since its a trusted program, I use often and I would rather have it bypass the UAC. So accordingly I have named the Shortcut “RevoUAC”

At the bottom Make sure you Check the option – “Run with Highest Privileges”. Select Configure for “Windows 7” if you are currently using Windows 7. You can select Windows Vista , if you are on Vista.

Create Task for a Program to avoid UAC Prompt

Once the above steps are done, Go to the Third tab – “Actions”. We need to define, what would this task do. Once we are there, Click on the New… button.

When we click on new we get an option to specify an action. Select the action – “Start a Program”

Create New Action in Actions tab

Now we need to select which program we need to start. Click on browse next to the “ Program/script” text-box. Browse to the Program that you want to start and select the correct executable file.
In case of Revo Uninstaller – We went to Program files > VS Revo Group > Revo Uninstaller > revouninstaller.exe

Select the Program you want to run by going in program files

After selecting the exe, you would see the path of selection in the New Action Window.

Add New Action - Start Program - Revo Uninstaller

Click on Ok after selecting the required program. We see the details regarding the action, in the “Create Task” window, as shown below.

Added Action to Start Revo in Task Scheduler

Click on ok, and our task has been defined.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut for the Task in Task Scheduler:

Now that we have the task ready, we need to create a shortcut to run it on the desktop. Right click anywhere on the Desktop > Go to “New” and Select > Shortcut.

Create a New Short cut on Desktop

In the create shortcut window Type in or Paste the command shown below:

C:\\\Windows\\\System32\\\schtasks.exe /run /tn “MyProgramExe”

Now, in place of the “MyProgramExe” – Type the name of the shortcut. In this case we had named the Task “RevoUAC”. So we type that in. Make sure that the Task Name is within quotation marks.

Type the Execution command for the task in Shortcut Window

Click on Next and give a familiar name the shortcut and click Finish.

Next - Give a Name to the New Shortcut

That’s about it, now you have a shortcut on the desktop for your trusted program and its not blocked by the UAC every time you start it.

New Shortcut Created

You can select a different Icon for the shortcut if you wish, or just use the default icon, wither way, it gets the job done!

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