Windows already includes a scheduled task feature but no options come inherently to make it easy for some operations. These include basic features like moving, deleting and copying files. Currently, a batch file with proper commands would have to be made and then executed as a program in Task Scheduler. This is unnecessary and most don’t want to go to the trouble. Download MoveBOT to do these same operations very easily.

MoveBOT works in a simple way. Select a source and destination folder as well as whether the operation should copy, move, or delete the files. This couldn’t be simpler. Take a look at our guide to find out how this works.

How to use MoveBOT

Download MoveBOT here. The original download page is in Italian but to use this page just scroll down to the link near the word “ENG.” Once installed, select the browse button to the right of the first text field to select the source directory. This will be the starting folder – where the copy, move or delete should take place.

Top copy or move, select “Copy files” or “Cut files,” respectively.


We’ve chosen to copy so the files located in the source Cloud Drive\Documents folder will be copied to Seagate\Docs. These particular paths were chosen because now when files are synced through the Cloud Drive to end up on my computer, they will also be copied to my external drive for easy backups without me having to do any additional tasks. Selecting to “Cut files” will do the same except it will then remove the files located in the source area, the Cloud Drive\Documents folder.

The last two options are for removing files. “Trash files” will take whatever is in the source directory and send it to the Recycle Bin. Schedule this remove operation from the the right pane. Find a number of minutes, hours, or days and select the appropriate bubble. A schedule can be run for any operation, whether it be copying, moving, or deleting.

A good directory to automatically delete files from would be one where many downloads or temporary files end up. I always download files to my Downloads folder, so setting up an auto delete every five days is a good decision to help clean up files I only use temporarily and sometimes forget to remove.


Select the bottom right option to start with Windows  to ensure the operation will always run, even after a reboot.

The “Delete files” operation is very similar to sending the source files to the Recycle Bin except they skip the Bin and are permanently removed. If you’re not sure which to use, decide to simply “Trash files,” as you can recover these a bit easier in the event of an accidental deletion.

Select “Activities > Default options” to clear the custom options set since install.


  • All settings are in a single window which makes it easy to setup
  • Options are clear as to their functions


  • Moving very large files may cause a hang in the application (I tried this three times with the same effect)
  • Only one task can be saved at a time
  • A donation prompt will occasionally display until one is given or the full version is purchased from the donations menu item


Although MoveBOT has a few disadvantages, the quick install and easy options make it a great addition to the bare Task Scheduler in Windows.

Download MoveBOT.