Creating cartoons avatars from photos is fun, especially when you want to use them as profile picture on social media websites, and various online services. Since adding effects to images is quite popular, many websites today help you create avatar from photo.

The online service let you create cartoon avatar image from your simple photo and get your perfect avatar. Some of these are realistic avatar creators, while others are somewhat funny caricatures and cartoon avatars from your pictures.

Best 17 Services To Create Avatar From Photo

From various types of amazing avatars to caricature maker, from personal avatar emojis to 3D avatars, there is so much to explore. Most of the online platforms help you add special effects and come with photo editing features. Be it a real photo to create generic cartoon avatars, or turning photos into cartoons, the amazing editing tool does it all.

Let us check out the best online platform to create an avatar from a photo.

1. PickaFace


PickaFace helps you create avatar from photo where you have 550+ design features to apply. You can connect with your friends, write comments, and “like” their avatars. It is a cartoon avatar maker where you can create a custom cartoon avatar in just a few minutes, be a part of a community, and get some brilliant new ideas.

There are other advanced features that you can get access to if you are a registered member of PickaFace. Registered users can create and manage a gallery of their unique personal avatar. Plus, you can design new avatars based on your previous work without having to start from scratch that ultimately saves you a lot of time.

Check out Pick a Face

2. SP-Studio ( South Park Character Creator )

Use SP Studio to create avatar from photo

SP-Studio is a service that allows you to create character icons for free. South Park (SP) refers to the infamous cartoon from Colorado. You can create an avatar of yourself based on the show’s style. The cartoon version looks exactly like the show’s characters and is free to use. Every South Park fan should check it out.

You can create a cute cartoon personalized avatar of yourself. Play around with your hairstyle and facial features to create a cool avatar icon. For South Park fans, create your own South Park character using this cartoon avatar photo maker service.

Check South Park Studios Avatar Creator

3. Befunky


BeFunky is an excellent all-in-one creative photo editor that simplifies the process of photo editing and makes it easy to create an avatar from a photo. You can use the various features with easy-to-use tools that don’t require any technical knowledge. You can use it to shrink pictures, and create an animated avatar or cartoon character for your social network.

Upload your photos to BeFunky for editing or use photos from sites like Flickr, the FaceBook app, and Photo Bucket by specifying the URL. You can use JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats.

Check out BeFunky

4. Avatoon

Avatoon to create avatar from photo

One of the best avatar websites, Avatoon lets you create your avatar from photo. The Avatoon cartoon avatar can be created for free. Among Avatoon’s most appealing features are its “auto-generated” avatars, which are created using facial recognition software. To create an avatar, users simply snap a picture of themselves, and the app comes up with an avatar.

Check out Avatoon

5. Avachara Avatar


Avachara is a free avatar maker that can help you create an anime avatar character. You can then use it as your profile picture, be it Google chrome or social media handles.

You can also customize the full-body personal avatar based on face shape, skin tone, eye color, hair color, facial hair, eye shape, skin color, and body shape. You then move on to fashion and can also add accessories. A perfect place to create avatar from photo.

Check out Avachara

6. DoppleMe


DoppleMe is another service that will let you create a simple full-body avatar in a jiffy. You need to register with your personal information to save your avatar. Registration also gives access to more items and expressions for your avatar.

The cartoon avatar creator doesn’t require Flash, ActiveX controls, downloads, or toolbar installation.

Check out DoppleMe here

7. Cartoon Photo


Convert a photo to a cartoon, make a caricature of yourself or create avatar from photo at Cartoon Photo.

Just upload your portrait photo to the service and get many breathtaking face changes: face morphing, changing facial expression, and facial animation! You can apply realistic emotions to a face, make a caricature effect, and convert a comic face photo to an accurate avatar or cartoon for free.

Check out Cartoon Photos

8. Custom South Parks


Can’t get enough of South Park? Here is one more South Park character creator for you which is the perfect avatar builder. Create custom South Park characters and anime characters and share them. This is another service that lets you create South Park avatars. 

Check out Custom South Park

9. – Create Realistic Avatar from Photos


This is the simplest way to apply cartoon effects to your photos. To create avatar from photo, just upload the image you want or enter the URL of an online image.

Once the effect is applied, you can download your beautiful avatar photos in JPG format.

Check out

10. OSOQ


OSOQ, which is a short form for Oh So Cute!, is yet another excellent option to create avatar from photo. It is super easy and needs a few clicks to get the cool result you were hoping for. OSOQ allows the user to depict a story using your pictures and has the best animation tools.

It comes with three paid versions – Individual, Couple, and Group. You can use these incredible creations to gift someone either on their birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion. Another great option that this site provides is that they create special custom cartoon designs for individuals, families, or teams at an affordable rate.

Check out OSOQ

11. Moron Face


MoronFace has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create avatar from photo. With a native photo editor, it lets you make the funniest form of your images. Plus, you can directly copy and paste the “moron photo,” which is how these avatars are called, to your blog or web pages.

There is a URL below every image, which you can copy and paste wherever you want, for instance, on your website, social media profile, or blog. You can share the awesome caricatures and photos on Reddit, Facebook messenger, StumbleUpon, and other platforms since they have made it easy to share your newly minted cartoon photos.

Check out Moron Face

12. Photolamus


Photolamus is another great platform to create avatar from photo. The perfect caricature maker service allows you to get 100% hand-drawn caricatures from real artists. It is a hand-painted Caricature Maker Service where several artists create the caricatures manually. It delivers JPG, photocopy, canvas, and original A4 images.

You can have Digital Drawings, Pencils, Drawings, Canvas Prints, and Printed Drawings. The pencil styles are drawn on A4 paper, and digital styles are drawn on a graphics tablet in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Check Photolamus here

13. AnyMaking


If you are looking for a realistic character creator online for free, you must explore this avatar photo creator. Using AnyMaking, you can apply various fun photo effects to make your photos more interesting.

It is a free online photo editing software that helps you make artful and funny photos with its fun editing tool. It just takes a few clicks and minutes to turn your regular photos into beautiful artwork. AnyMaking is also a free and full of features photo editing tool that allows you to add various exciting editing effects to your photos.

Check out AnyMaking Here

14. Kuso cartoon


Kusocartoon helps you create avatar from photo along with an emoji-like avatar and impressive collages. To create your default avatar – select a style you like, upload your picture, wait for photo effect conversion, and download your amazing cartoon avatar.

The upload photo limit is 500KB with file formats jpeg and png. It requires high-quality photos, and the browser should support JavaScript. To get a good final product, the JPEG quality is recommended to be 90%. The high-quality images will create better quality cartoons. The interface is user-friendly, and takes no time to create your favorite avatar.

Check out Kuso Cartoon here

15. Cartoonify


Cartoonify allows you to quickly create a cartoon-like version avatar from photos online without having to install any software. It is an excellent photo editor and comes with more than 300 graphic design options that will truly make your avatar unique.

It is relatively easy to use and also works fast. You can choose the looks for your face, hair, eyes, clothes, and even a cool background image. The background pattern has dozens of color options too. To make the cartoon of your photo, family, or friends photo, you have to go for Premium Cartoon, which allows you to select your favorite photo and convert it into a new and fresh cartoon avatar with amazing effects.

Check out Cartoonify

16. Instructables


One of the best cartoon avatar creators, Instructables helps you create avatar from photo. The amazing tool helps you turn images to cool looking cartoon and awesome avatars in a few simple steps. If you cannot draw, there is an illustrator with which you can use the auto trace tool, and it will capture the necessary details for you.

The first step is to find an image (the one you want to convert), and it should be at least 300 dpi. Then, choose the compatible image format from .jpg, .ttf, .giff, .bmp, etc. You can add color variants to your creation by using gradients or several layers of color. Then, finally, give it a finishing touch by adding beautiful effects, transparent background, and borders. You have a brand new cartoon character style, and your avatar picture for social media platforms is now ready.

Check out Instructables Cartoon Generator

17. Avatarmaker


Get the perfect avatar profile pic with Avaatarmaker which is a perfect place to create your avatar style in 4 different ways. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can get an awesome avatar image with excellent effects in just a few seconds. 

So, time to update your Facebook profile picture with different types of avatars.

Check out Avatarmaker

Final Thoughts

As privacy threats rise, people often hesitate to share their photos on their social profile and social media accounts. Due to the insecurity of the online world, having a photo avatar is an absolute must. Be it a Google photo or a sticker, an avatar maker makes it easy. With various photo editor apps, anime avatar options, and avatar customization options available online, it’s really easy to create avatar from photo. It is fun and also lets your personality shine. 

(Updated on 23th September 2022)