For some professions, more words per minute can mean more money in the pocket. For others it can mean faster updates on Twitter and Facebook. While not all of us are adept at typing 216/minute, there are many free sites and services to help us get closer to that goal.

Take a look at these websites we’ve gathered that, with continuous practice, could easily increase productivity and workflow.

Our Top 5 Picks to Improve Typing Speed Online

1. TypingWeb’s Free Tutor


After making a new account, you can choose any course level from beginner to advanced or specialty lessons. Each row of the keyboard has a dedicated lesson so it’s not too advanced even for complete novice users. After going through multiple lessons, TypingWeb learns which keys cause you the most difficulty and will create a custom lesson based on those specific areas.

The more advanced lessons are entire stories, with full and complex words, while the easier sections are lumps of letters to help identify how the fingers should move and ease you into the complex portions.

Use TypingWeb to learn the structure of typing and then keep going through the tutorials to master your own accuracy and WPM goals.

Visit TypingWeb.

2. Rapid Typing Zone’s TypeDown


TypeDown is a game that requires you to type down the ever-moving latter. The words will continue in an upward motion, and the goal is to correctly type each word to eliminate it from the latter and prevent the top word from reaching the top of the screen. While this differs from TypingWeb in that it doesn’t provide lessons for beginners, it certainly forces quick typing in an effort to not lose the game.

For beginners, consider first learning the basics and then using this game to work on improving typing speed.

Visit TypeDown.

3. Typeracer


Typeracer is a game of competition that drives your desire to type faster to beat the opponents. The quicker the keys are stroked, the faster your car moves along the track. Essentially, whoever finished the paragraph first has the fastest moving car and will win the game.

Play with random users, a friend, or on your own for practice. Create an account before you begin to save your scores on the leaderboard and see how you compare to the other users.


If competition makes you work harder, play Typeracer to improve your typing speed.

Visit Typeracer.

4. TypeOnline’s Number pad


While letters are essential to learn in typing quicker words, so too are numbers. Some people can learn faster with the dedicated number pad, where TypeOnline’s Number pad exercises show to be useful.

Choose between eight lessons that test speed and accuracy in using the number pad. This includes the numbers as well as the plus (“+”) sign. Learn which fingers you’ll need to use for each key with the instructions listed below the game.

Visit TypeOnline.

5. Keybr


Keybr offers a really nice, clean design for learning to type. Choose between seven languages, three skill levels, and whether you want to type random text, custom text, or content directly from a website.

A visual display shows the necessary keystrokes needed for beginners to identify on the keyboard. When the test is over, the onscreen keyboard marks errors in red and the most typed keys in bright green.

To tune up your typing speed, consider signing up for an account to compete on the high scores list or connect to Facebook to challenge friends.

Visit Keybr.


Beginners and advanced users will find these sites beneficial for learning and developing a faster typing speed. Bookmark these sites to visit regularly to gradually improve your typing speed.