Llama - Automate Various Android FunctionSetting up and actively managing the ringer profiles can be quite a handful task. It is not pleasant when your phone suddenly rings loudly in a meeting or a classroom. As careful as we might be about keeping the right profile active, at times we do forget to do that.

Llama makes your life easier by automatically switching profiles depending on your location. Whether you are at home, in office or out at an event, Llama automatically sets the ringer profile for you as per your settings.

All it takes is a bit of training and its not just limited to ringers but also covers a large number of other automation options .

Llama – Location Profiles sets the correct ringer profile for you, wherever you go.

About Llama – Location Profiles:

Llama detects your location by using the phone masts and triggers preset settings.

For ringer profiles are available by default and more profiles can be added from the menu.

Llama - Ringer Profiles and Network Cells

Llama works quietly in the background and captures readings from the different phone masts in the area. Depending on your area, you may have to define multiple values for a single area.

Triggering Different Settings according to Phone Masts:

Multiple areas can be defined based on the places that you go. The phone masts (towers) need to be added to specific areas to enable triggering the profiles as you move into those areas.

A single phone mast can be added to only one area. Hence if you wish to have different profiles in two areas covered by a single mast, you have the option to set time-based profiles.

Llama - Defined Areas and Events

A few preconfigured events are already available that can be modified to suit individual needs. The events that are not required can be disabled or deleted.

A number of conditions can be set to trigger the events. This gives you the option to precisely select the criteria for triggering a profile change.

Llama - Conditions To Trigger Events and Actions To Be Performed

As a conditions is satisfied a number of actions can be performed – change brightness, run or kill an application or reboot the device.

These actions also allow you automate a number of settings like Bluetooth, GPS,  WIFI or the screen lock. Sometimes you may need to manually toggle the settings and Quick Settings is excellent for the job; but otherwise, Llama automates the settings for you based on your location.

Llama General Settings and Event Settings:

The general settings allow you to set the notifications, change the sound profile settings, cell tracking settings and debugging options.

Llama - General Settings and Event Settings

Change the event name. enable or disable it and change the conditions and actions for the event through the event settings.

Download Llama – Location Profiles from Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one here.

Download Llama - Location Profiles

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