Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme

When it comes to fighting games, there are very few games that can stand up as equal to Mortal Kombat. One of the most violent games of all times, MK is also one of the most popular games in its genre.

Since the game was first released about two decades ago in 1992, the game and the MK series has developed a cult following. The violent nature of the game resulted it being banned in several countries, but that never hampered the popularity of this fighting video game.

The latest edition of  Mortal Kombat is developed by the newly formed NetherRealm Studios and takes the game a level further. The game has Mature rating and viewer discretion is advised due to extreme violent nature of the game.

Mortal Kombat Theme for Windows 7 consists of 20+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, game sounds of the character “Scorpion” and custom icons for a complete Mortal Kombat package.

Screenshots For Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme:

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 01 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 02 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 03 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 17 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 08 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 05 - TechNorms

Mortal Kombat Wallpaper 18 - TechNorms

These are just a few of the 20+ Hi-Res wallpapers that come with this theme. Download the theme to get them all.

Custom Icons and Sounds For Mortal Kombat Theme:

Like all our themes we have chosen a select set of icons to go with this theme.

Mortal Kombat Icons - TechNorms

The sounds from the game are also part of the theme and you can hear them while starting and shutting down your Windows as well as while applying this theme.

Download Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme:

Windows 7 Mortal Kombat Theme

We have a dedicated download page for the Mortal Kombat Windows 7 Theme. You can also browse and download a number of other themes on our Windows 7 Themes page.

Download Windows 7 Mortal Kombat Theme.

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