k9 - logo starter image (1)Every home needs protection from the latest threats on the Internet. They come in all shapes and sizes. Viruses, malware, spyware, adware are just a few of the threats out there. Just visiting the wrong web site can destroy your computer.

Anti-virus and malware protection is necessary to keep your family safe from harm. There is a variety of security software out there that can protect your computer, but it is becoming increasingly harder to find the right one.

How does K9 Web Protection work

K9 Web Protection is a security suite offered from Blue Coat. It provides up to the minute malware protection, content ratings, continuous protection settings and the ability to filter web sites. This type of comprehensive real-time protection is what is needed to keep a computer, network and your loved ones safe from all the harm that comes with using the Internet.

One of K9’s specialties is being able to filter web content. This means you can keep your children from visiting sites you do not want them to see. K9 can block individual sites and categories to keep your children away. If one of your children visits a prohibited web site, a page will pop up letting them know it is blocked. You can even enable the K9 Watch Dog, Zander, to bark when this happens so if you are in the other room, you can hear that your children are trying to access a blocked site.

How to install K9 Web Protection

In order to install K9 Web Protection, you first must request a license from Blue Coat for the product. You can visit their website to get one.

k9 - request license (2)

It will be e-mailed to you and from there, you can download the software.

k9 - download (3)

Once downloaded, you can begin the installation process. Double click on the installation icon to begin.

k9 - install (4)

You want to read the disclaimer for using the software, then click “I Agree.”

k9 - install (5)

Next, you will have to enter the license key you received in the e-mail from Blue Coat and choose an administrator password. This will allow you to login and edit the settings for K9. Click “Install” to begin.

k9 - install (6)

Once K9 Web Protection is installed, you will have to reboot your computer to finish the process.

k9 - install (7)

How to set up K9 Web Protection

Now that K9 Web Protection is installed, you want to begin the set-up process. In order to start setting up K9, you want to open it up through its “Start Menu” folder.

From the set-up menu, you can choose to monitor “Internet Activity,” “Setup” or “Get Help.”

k9 - setup (8)

You want to choose “Setup” to start with. You will be prompted for the password you chose when installing the software. Once entered, you can click “Ok.”

k9 - setup login (9)

From here, you will have a series of categories to work with to set-up K9.

k9 - categories (10)

Click on “Web Categories to Block” to begin. This is where you can choose what level of filtering you want or you can customize your own.

k9 - blocked sites (11)

You can choose from a variety of categories to block by customizing your filters. You can choose the default ones and add to them.

k9 - blocked sites (11 - 2)

Now click on “Time Restrictions.” This allows you to block certain times of the day you can access the Internet. You can leave this unrestricted or utilize NightGuard to restrict browsing during the evenings when the family is together.

k9 - time limits (12)

You can also opt to customize down to the hour by using the “Custom” feature.

k9 - time limits (13)

The next set-up category you want to navigate to is “Web Site Exceptions.” This lets you manually add sites that your family can browse or add sites they cannot go to that the filter does not catch.

k9 - exceptions (14)

“Blocking Effects” is where you want to head to next. This is where you set up what happens when someone navigates to a blocked page. You can turn on the K9 dog to bark when a blocked page is visited so you can hear and confront the issue right away. You can show admin options so if you are browsing, you can allow access to the site. You can also set up timeouts which will block a user from the Internet for a set time if they visit too many blocked sites.

k9 - blocking effects (15)

Now you want to click on “Blocked Keywords.” This allows you to input words that K9 Web Protection will block if they are on a page someone is trying to visit. This can be any word you can think of that might get around the filter. You can also opt to show what the keyword is on the blocked page for family members to know why it was blocked.

k9 - keywords (16)

If you visit the “Advanced Settings” option, this gives you access to some features you may just leave alone. If you want to reset your K9 settings to default, this is where you would go to do that. The “Force Safe Search” setting is on by default and this tries to filter out inappropriate content when users are utilizing search engines. You can also turn on “Supervisor Mode” which allows all web access for a set time.

k9 - advanced (17)

The “Password/Email” section allows you to change the administrator password used to access K9 settings as well as the e-mail address associated with it.

k9 - email (18)

“Update” allows you to update K9 Web Protection. If an update is available, it will show up here. You want to check this once a week to make sure you have the latest updates to protect your family with available to you.

k9 - update (19)

Once you have K9 Web Protection set up to your liking, you can see what your family is doing online at any time by clicking on “View Internet Activity.” This will give you a log of what sites they are going, if they have run into restricted content and show you admin log changes, too. This can be useful information to see what your family is doing even when at allowed sites.

k9 - view logs (20)

Is K9 worth using to protect your family?

If you are worried your family may be visiting sites that are inappropriate or may cause harm to your network, K9 Web Protection is an easy to use way to keep trouble away. It is easy to install, set up and maintain. It can offer a type of filtering to keep your children away from content you would rather they do not see. K9 Web Protection is a simple way to keep your system and family safe from harm on the Internet.

Have you used content filtering solutions before? If yes, how was your experience with them? Share your opinion in the comments section below.