It’s the age to be connected. The tablet in your bag, the smartphone in your pocket, that wearable on your wrist or the inconspicuous tag on your clothes – all are linked to the internet, continuously logging your life. Complain as you might, connected devices are becoming more and more prevalent as privacy is shown the door. This might be true for most devices and accessories, but there are some that go off the beaten path and strive to respect the user privacy.

The SilentPocket Dry Bag claims to be such a product that can cut off all wireless connections to your smart device, thus freeing you, for once, from leaving a digital footprint. We put it to the tests.

How Well is Your Digital Footprint Hidden?

Silent Pocket claims extreme privacy and security about their products.

Once inside a Silent Pocket® case you are unhackable, undetectable, and untraceable.

We test how well the SilentPocket Dry Bag manages to break Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Networks and GPS connections.


This was a very simple test. I connected my Bluetooth headphones to my phone, played a video on YouTube and put the phone in the bag. The audio to my headphones instantly stopped as the connection broke.

Cellular Network

The phone is unable to reach the cellular network once in the bag. The call, that I made to the number, went straight to the voice mail. One thing I noticed, though, is that that connection did not break when a phone, that is already being called, was put into the bag. Answering the call though would be pointless, though, as no cellular network would be reachable.


The Dry Bag breaks Wi-Fi connection as well. A simple ping test showed that the phone is not reachable once it is put in the bag. In addition, this time, I had to roll up the bag and lock it in place. Perhaps this was due to the strong Wi-Fi signal with the source being much closer than a network tower.



An attempt to locate my phone with the Android Device Manager was the simplest test to check for how effective the Dry Bag is at stopping GPS transmissions. The device could not be located when it was in the Dry Bag, and the application showed the time when the device was last seen online.


Take the phone out of the bag, and the application is able to locate it immediately.


These basic tests were to verify the claims of how effective the Dry Bag is, and it works. Detailed results of the testing of various SilentPocket can be seen on their testing page.

Use Cases

Now, use case of a product is not something that we have to think about often. But in this case, it is sort of needed. In a world where everything is headed towards more and more connectivity, the accessories about extreme privacy can be… curious.



When I first came across this product, I thought of only one way I can put a SilentPocket product to good use – Put my home phone into the case when I am in office, and perhaps the reverse at home. That is certain to avoid distractions from your alternate phone. The RFID protection wallet might be good, to keep your cards and the information on them completely safe.

Check out their video below as a demonstration of what the products can do.

YouTube video


For the privacy conscious person, this product can be awesome. Frankly, I would not go for the big Dry Bag. It is too big for my taste and I do not think that I am going to be in a situation where I need to make my device unreachable from all sort of wireless transmissions and keep it safe from water. Their other product, The Suit – Canvas would be more to my liking.

Silent Pocket has a range of products that can handle credit cards to small laptops or tablets. Depending on what you want to keep private, you have a choice.

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