The New Galaxy

Samsung recently launched the much hyped teaser for its latest Smartphone Galaxy S6. The device will be showcased on 1st March at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona, Spain. Market speculations and consumer expectations have already revealed major features about the device through numerous sneak peeks from T-Mobile and the teaser video launched by the company.

The narrator in the video precisely states, “Metal will Flow, Borders Will Disappear, Reflections will be free”, causing industry experts to reflect on the latest technologies that will come embedded in the device. Let’s dive deeper in to the rumors and speculations that form the #TheNextGalaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6: First Impressions

Image : Samsung Mobile

The first hint about the design comes only at the end of the teaser that shows a sleek device with curved edges. Although the trailer doesn’t reveal much, it has successfully created the necessary traction in the industry by showcasing the various objects that have inspired its development like flowing metal, glass and water.

Galaxy s6 2

The most revealing perspective about the device came from T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who tweeted its partnership with the device as the preferred mobile network carrier and included a link to a page that had a picture with a side view of the device. The photo clearly showcases the curved edged design on one side with a pink T-Mobile styled hue. Reports have stated that an early preview of the device has been showcased to network executives and they describe it as the best of all Samsung phones. It is rumored to have been designed better than Apple’s iPhone with curved edges on both its sides and a full metal construction.

Earlier in February, the case maker company Verus posted mockup Samsung galaxy S6 cases that show a clear rounded design similar to the previous galaxy note. Of course these are mockups based on market rumors but still they provide a deep insight into the upcoming highly anticipated device. Qualcomm also confirmed in recent reports about the change in chipset from Qualcomm to Samsung due to overheating.

Industry experts have indicated that the organization may release 2 variants of the device like its previous Galaxy Note Edge. The first would definitely be the highly anticipated curved edged screened device and the second could be the regular version of the device with similar configurations as the curved device. Users may still prefer the traditional design, as curved screens have not yet gained a foothold in the mobile market. Samsung has always released multiple versions of its devices to suit market requirements and consumer tastes.

Galaxy s6 5
Image : Samsung Mobile

Galaxy S6 would be the first full metal device from Samsung. Previously the Galaxy A3 and A5 were the only metal bodied devices. Reportedly, Samsung started the design and manufacturing of the product from the ground up with the code name: Project Zero (not to be confused with Google’s Project Zero).

According to reports from Bloomberg, one version of the device would have a three screen design with curved edges on two sides. The two-edged design is aimed at left-handed users who were supposedly alienated by the right-handed ergonomic design of the company’s precious devices.


In earlier reports, a redditor who claimed to be one of the persons on Samsung’s product design team informed about the company testing multiple variants of the device with varied technologies.

He also indicated the device screen size to be around 5.2 inches but nothing can be guaranteed as the design specifications change overnight based on rising product requirements and specifications. Rumors also describe a anti-reflective display that is supposedly better than screens on Apple devices.

What Next?

Samsung has earlier reported testing a dual curved edged screen on its galaxy note edge but the idea was dropped due to unspecified reasons. Sources close to company have indicated that the company may set March 2nd as the launch date for the device following its introduction in the Mobile World Congress. This means that the device would be in the market within the end of the month with the dual side curved device under limited sales.

Unfortunately the device will not be available in all countries simultaneously. Korea would be among the first countries to use the handset while the US carriers may release the device within the next few weeks.