Charging Blues

A phone that is not charging properly or worse not charging at all can be a real pain. While most of us run to the service centers at the first sight of the problem, the solution could actually be a lot simpler than you think.

The issue could be that the phone is charging very slowly or it might not be charging at all. A phone charging issue does not automatically mean that your battery is a dud or that the charger has conked off on you. While these might turn out to be the causes, chances are there is nothing wrong with your hardware that a little bit of tweaking cannot set right.

Let’s look at some tips that can get your phone battery up and running, without any expert intervention. These might seem simple, but they definitely are effective.

Check the USB Port


Phone charging is affected when the insides of the USB port and the charger do not connect or come in contact properly. Continuous inserting and removal of the charger into the port can lead to minor hardware defects that might lead to an improper contact.

While the issue might sound serious, after all we are saying the defect lies in your phone rather than its accessories, it is in fact very easily rectified. Switch off your phone and take out its battery. Once this is done all you need to do is take a tooth pick and maneuver the little tab inside your device’s USB port a little higher. More often than not, your battery charging problems would be miraculously solved when you restart your phone.

Another common problem is any kind of an obstruction present in the USB port. This could be as small as a piece of lint from your jeans pocket or the inside of your purse. This can create a physical barrier against proper contact between the charger and the USB port. A simple blow of air to your USB port can get rid of the problem.

It could be the App you Just Downloaded


The plethora of third-party apps available to us sure make our life a lot easier. However, there are a few that could wreak severe havoc in the charging of your phone. If you have recently downloaded an app after which the charging issue occurred then most probably uninstalling that app should get the job done.

However, if there are no recent installations to your phone, it might still be a third-party app causing problems. Finding the culprit here becomes a lot more difficult. Galaxy S5 has the option to run the phone on safe mode wherein all the third-party apps are disabled. If on doing this the phone starts charging properly then you know for sure that it is a third-party app that is to blame.

Software Crash


Here is a problem that is rather peculiar and difficult to detect. However, if you know that this could be a possible reason for your iPhone not charging then rectifying it is a piece of cake. At times, the phone stops charging altogether and refuses to mend even after trying different cables, chargers, charging sockets and more.

This could be the result of a software crash. While the charging paraphernalia and hardware is all intact, the software that recognizes the charger and leads to the charging is not running anymore. A simple hard reset should get the job done.

Check the cables


Faulty charging cables can cause charging issues. While the main adapter of the charger is fairly hardy and can stand the test of time, the same cannot be said of the charging cables.

A frayed cable could be the cause of all your woes. Using another cable should give you an idea of whether the problem lies with your charging cable. If the phone charges with the other cable then you have your villain while if it doesn’t then this is one less thing for you to worry about.

Wall Plug Adapter


If it is not the cable then it could very well be the adapter that you plug into the electric socket. This is especially important if you have a charger where the cable and the adapter are separate. Try using the adapter and cable combination on some other device to check if the fault lies with your charger or your phone.

Check your Power Source

This might seem rather silly, but often we overlook the most obvious cause of our problems. Your power source could be the issue here. Often while a power supply works for other things it might not be the right fit for your mobile charger. Try charging your phone in other sockets before you hit the panic button.

Software Updates

Both iOS and Android come up with regular software updates to improve their customer experience. A new device can definitely gain from such an update but often an older phone is incapable of managing the higher demands of an improved software. This can lead to several issues one of which could be a slower charging rate.

In order to rectify the issue all that needs done is that you rollback the update. Running an older version on your phone can pose minor security risks which you should be aware of before the rollback.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most recurring causes for battery charging issues. It is important to remember that an ill-treated battery can pose severe risks including an explosion of your device. Never buy cheap chargers or cables that are available for a deal online. It is a better idea to stick to tried and tested brands that offer utmost security.

You should also ensure that you never charge your phone through the night as this could again lead to overheating and explosion. Keeping these simple tips in mind can help you manage all battery related issues with impunity.