If your day begins and ends with your laptop or computer’s screen then wouldn’t you be happy to have a change of scene ever so often? You know how much we love customizing our desktops. We have an entire Windows Themes Gallery for you guys to explore. Keeping up with that spirit we have come up with this exhaustive list of Best Rainmeter skins.

For the uninitiated, Rainmeter is a free, open-source application for Windows PCs which can be customized using skins.  Rainmeter can run any number of skins at one time, even from different sources.

There are many things that Rainmeter skin can do. Some are quite simple and are a single-purpose tool like a widget on an Android device. Some skins are more complex with a multitude of features. They include specific options that help to customize the skins overall form and appearance.

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A Selection Of 40 Best Rainmeter Skins

If you want to install the Rainmeter it is available for all the Windows version from XP to Windows 10.

1. Frost

Frost- The Most Sought After Rainmeter Skin by Music Lovers

This is one of the most attractive Rainmeter skin, specially designed for ardent music fans, and the first in our list. It has a fog-like visual which is classy and different from the rest.

It is minimalist and elegant and does not have a cluttered look. If you are looking for something unusual and you are a music lover, this is a good option.

Get the Frost skin here

2. IronMan Jarvis

The IronMan Jarvis Interface

This skin is perfect for those who love Marvel’s Iron Man character. This skin displays data such as RSS feeds, temperature, hard disk capacity and so much more.

You can create shortcuts to My Documents and other system folders. One can customize it according to your requirements.

Get your own version of J.A.R.V.I.S, the AI computer from the Marvel franchise on your desktop.

Get the Ironman Jarvis skin here

3. Aliens

The Aliens Interface Rainmeter Skin

This skin comes with a splendid design. Just match it with the right wallpaper, and you are ready to go.

You can easily customize the features including system time and data, and internet speed (downloading and uploading). One can also have shortcuts for disk partition and power status.

Get the Aliens skin here

4. Before Dawn – Another Great Rainmeter Skin

A Rainmeter Skin – Before Dawn

Before Dawn Rainmeter skin is simple to use and it needs no additional adjustments. Simply install it and use it.

You will love the elegance of the interface. Your information is displayed in the center of the screen making it different from other skins.

It also displays data like time and date, weather, location, and much more. If you like neat and minimalistic looks then this is best for you.

Get Before Dawn skin here

5. Enigma – A Beautiful Rainmeter Skin

The Enigma Interface for Rainmeter Skin

Rainmeter’s default skin was Enigma in 2009 which became very popular. Enigma is one of the best Rainmeter skins for any desktop PC. Whatever info you require to be displayed on your screen, you can easily customize it.

You can configure the sub-modules which can be managed individually. The background speaks here, which is quite interesting.

Not only that, the taskbar skins automatically resize to adjust their contents. It is a 4k functional skin which should satisfy even the most ardent screen resolution fans.

Get the Enigma skin here

6. Elegance 2

The Interface of Elegance 2

The Elegance skin is just like its name; elegant and minimalist.

The screen displays information such as details about CPU and RAM usage, recycle bin, and media playback.

Get the Elegance2 skin here

7. Newspaper Desktop

The Newspaper Rainmeter Skin Desktop Interface

This skin has the look and feels of a retro newspaper; match it with beautiful wallpaper to complete the look. You can add elements such as an antique clock, or your favorite retro Hollywood actor for a truly unique look.

It looks great and displays information such as disk space counter, weather forecast and much more.

Get the Newspaper Desktop skin here

8. Mass Effect – One of the Popular Rainmeter Skins

The Interface of Mass Effect – A Rainmeter Skin

Gaming fans already know that Mass Effect is a game developed by the Canadian company BioWare. It has had blockbuster success in the last decade and this skin is dedicated to that game.

The Mass Effect Rainmeter skin takes you into the world of Mass Effect with modules such as control panel, network stats, media playback and much more.

Get the Mass Effect skin here

9. Senja Suite

The Senja Suite Interface

A perfect combination of Black and Red, this is a bright and bold skin. Match it with a dark wallpaper and you will have the most elegant desktop around.

It comes with Spotify and AIMP player; music lovers will love it as it comes with media information with control buttons. You can easily access a slideshow of pictures.

If you are looking for something dark and classy where you can expand the bar for system folder shortcuts, try this one.

Get the Senja Suite skin here

10. Neon Space

The Interface of Neon Effect

This particular skin has a very stylish design and is highly customizable. The glowing neon is attractive with classy animation.

It displays information like CPU and RAM usage, time and date, calendar and much more. This has four audio visualizers and you can also change the font to your liking.

If you like darker Rainmeter themes, this is a great choice with its glowing effects and animation.

Get the Neon Space skin here

11. Speed

The Interface of Speed

This has great looking frosted glass effects which look really cool on your screen. Match it with a simple uni-color wallpaper for the best effect.

You can easily create sub-modules for any resolution. It displays basic information like CPU and RAM usage, time and date, RSS feeds, and so much more.

Get this beautiful Rainmeter theme if you are looking for simplicity and transparent looks with minimal colors.

Get Speed skin here

12. Rainmeter Skins – TECH-A – a Unique Choice

The Interface of TECH-A

TECH-A is great for people with a technical bent of mind. The screen is fully loaded with a variety of information.

It displays data like RAM and CPU usage. You can create shortcuts for your system folders.

If you like a skin that has a lot of details and looks futuristic, TECH-A is perfect for you.

Get TECH-A skin here

13. Eker Lina

The Eker Lina Interface

With Eker Lina, you can easily organize all your data in sub-modules in widgets. Eker Lina displays information like time and date, RSS feeds, media controls, etc.

The sub-modules can be arranged according to your requirements. If you like simple interface designs, Eker Lina is the best choice.

Get Eker Lina skin here

14.  Avenger S.H.I.E.L.D OS

The Avenger S.H.I.E.L.D OS Interface

Like Iron Man Jarvis, Avenger S.H.I.E.L.D OS is also based on the Marvel universe theme. All your data is almost presented as a team of superheroes getting together for a mission briefing.

The skin has information such as the shutdown and the restart buttons, volume control, RAM and CPU usage etc. It comes in multiple resolutions.

Get the Avenger S.H.I.E.L.D OS skin here

15. Razor

The Interface of Razor

If you are looking for simple Rainmeter skin, Razor can give you the best experience if applied in combination with the perfect wallpaper.

This skin comes with attractive frosted glass effects. Just set a simple wallpaper to get a real feel of this skin. It displays information like time and data, power status, and network strength.

If you like simplicity and want to give a transparent look to your desktop, try this skin out.

Get the Razor skin here

16. Pileus – A different kind of Rainmeter Skin

The Pileus Interface

This has effects that are attractive and unique. It is not simple but is loaded with information.

Pileus displays a large set of data on the screen like disk partition shortcuts, power status, RSS Feeds, etc. There are dark and light versions available.

If you are info geek and would love to see as much information as possible on the screen, this skin is just right for you.

Get the Pileus skin here

17. Wisp

The Interface of Wisp

Wisp has a unique look about it. Its sub-modules do not have any boundary defining them. You will see the elements directly written on the screen instead of being in a widget.

One has to match it with the right wallpaper for best results. It displays information like CPU and RAM usage, system date and time, temperature, disk partitions, and network bandwidth consumption.

If you like clear desktops and unconventional designs, this Rainmeter skin is best for you.

Get the Wisp skin here

18. Unity

The Interface of Unity

This skin is simple and efficient at the same time. Give your desktop an elegant look with Unity Rainmeter skin.

It displays information such as weather status, system folders shortcuts, media player control bar, time and date, etc.

Get the Unity skin here

19. ABP

The ABP Rainmeter Skin Interface

One can see that ABP is a good-looking skin with drop shadows. The sub-modules fit into a subtle rectangular box giving it a formal look.

There is a variety of information displayed on the screen including CPU and RAM usage, system clock, media player and much more.

Get the ABP skin here

20. Darkness Falls

The Interface of Darkness Falls

Darkness is an amazing Rainmeter skin and was developed for Windows 7. It is one of the top Rainmeter Skins for your Windows desktop.

The skin is beautifully designed with a fancy landscape. Match it with the perfect wallpaper, and it’s done. It displays information like date and time, shortcuts to system folders, temperature, etc.

Get the Darkness skin here

21. Nights and Lights

The Interface of Night and Lights

Night and Lights is a creative and different Rainmeter skin for your desktop. All your information hangs beautifully from strings on the desktop.

You can set shortcuts to your social media profiles or any website. It displays information like time in the binary clock format, temperature, and date.

Get the Night and Lights skin here

22. Adian Bolon Aero – Explore this Rainmeter Skins

The Interface of Adian Bolon Aero Interface

Adian Bolon Aero allows you to customize your desktop screen any way you want. You can view local time, temperature, media player control bar, etc.

Launch your favorite apps with Adian Bolon Aero Rainmeter skin. It has an all in one sidebar look. You can keep your favorite tabs on the screen. The skin has WMP support and many other options for you to explore.

Get the Adian Bolon Aero skin here

23. Windows 2019

The Interface of Windows 2019

This skin called as Windows 2019 is a futuristic Rainmeter skin designed with the future of Windows in mind. The icons for music, video, recycle bin and system operations are on the bottom left of the screen.

When the recycle bin is full, the icon turns red, which is interesting. It displays information like date and time, weather and your to-do-list.

Get Windows 2019 skin here

24. Obsidian

The Obsidian Interface

This is a well-designed and unique Rainmeter skin that nature lovers are sure to admire. It displays information like time, calendar, space left in a particular drive and much more.

The versatility of this skin makes it stand on par with other best Rainmeter skins. The color of widgets is black and glassy, just like obsidian stone.

Get the Obsidian skin here

25. Rainmeter Skins – Make your Space with – Galaxy

The Interface of Galaxy

Galaxy, as the name suggests, brings the beauty of the night sky into your desktop. The skin displays information like date, time, CPU meter with a track of ten minutes, weather, launcher, notes, and music player.

Get the Galaxy skin here

26. MoonGlow

The Interface of Moonglow

MoonGlow is one of the most fantastic Rainmeter Skins in the list. It has a multi-dock which shows you the usage percentage of the CPU and RAM.

This skin displays the temperature of your system. With Reader, you can get four pages and five feeds per page which you can open using your default browser.

MoonGlow is beautiful and detailed skin which is classy and elegant.

Get the MoonGlow skin here

27. Game of Thrones

The Interface of Game of Thrones

One of the most popular Rainmeter skins is The Game of Thrones. You can customize the dock icons to look exactly how you want it to look.

There are instructions to configure the dock icons with the download. It displays information like my computer, documents, media player, CPU and RAM usage, network info and much more.

Get the Game Of Thrones skin here


The Interface of ISSINFO

Are you a budding astronomer who is interested in outer space and other cosmic bodies? The ISS INFO skin is a treasure trove of space information.

Get to know when the International Space Station will transit above you and information about other bright objects in the sky.

Get the ISS INFO skin here

29. Cntr

The Interface of Cntr

Cntr is a uniquely designed Rainmeter skin where the screen is divided into rectangular sections in which the information is displayed. It displays a Google calendar, music players, app launchers, and RSS readers.

This skin is highly customizable to meet your requirements. One important thing to note here is that, if you use Norton Antivirus for your system, you will have to manually clear the Rain RGB4.exe file to choose colors from the color wheel.

Get the Cntr skin here

30. Pragmatic 3.0 – an Award Winner Rainmeter Skins

The Interface of Pragmatic 3.0

Pragmatic is a popular Rainmeter skin and has been awarded the Skin of the month in March and April 2011. It has a total of 24 configurations which you can explore.

The skin is highly customizable and has all the features of a perfect Rainmeter skin from being light sized to being highly customizable.

Get the Pragmatic skin here

31. Hero

The Interface of Hero

If you are looking for some cool Rainmeter skins, you should look up Hero Rainmeter skin. It will give your desktop a totally new look as it has a large collection of info applets.

The skin displays information like clock and weather, media control bar, system info, network info, drives info, photo slideshow and much more. Match it with nice wallpaper and get all the information you’ll ever need on your screen in various sized boxes.

Get the Hero skin here

32. G-Bar v2

The Interface of G Bar V2

Looking for a completely different look for your desktop? Give this skin a try. G-Bar v2 is impressive and has beautiful icons and activity tray.

It displays time, system info, Hard disk info and much more. Set a simple uni-color wallpaper for best effects.

Get the G-Bar v2 skin here

33. iSteve

The iSteve Interface

If you want a minimal design on your desktop, the iSteve Rainmeter skin is your best bet. It has the simplest and the most minimal interface.

The skin displays information such as the temperature of CPU using SpeedFan plugin, a histogram of CPU and RAM, trash bin and others.

Get the iSteve skin here

34. Alignment Grids

The Interface of Alignment Grids

To use this skin, you must have Rainmeter 3.2 or higher. Alignment Grids is one of the best Rainmeter skins; you can combine multiple skins together to create a master skin.

It has 3 vertical and 3 horizontal grids; it is like using multiple desktops on the same PC. This skin can completely transform the look of your desktop.

Get the Alignment Grid skin here

35. Epure – Rainmeter Skin with great Language options

The Interface of Epure

Epure is one of the most versatile Rainmeter skins. Apart from having great graphics and animation, it supports 8 languages including English, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish.

You can customize fonts, colors, and widgets in this skin. It displays information like calendar, time, battery, CPU and RAM usage and much more.

If you are into animation and love amazing graphics with a variety of information on your desktop, this skin is best for you.

Get the Epure skin here

36. Switchin

switchin rainmeter skin
The Interface of Switchin

Switchin is a stylish and elegant Rainmeter skin. Its white bar gives your desktop a classy look. You can easily access your folders and apps with a click.

The skin does HDD monitoring and displays system info (RAM CPU + GMAIL). It is perfect for those who like the classy look in white.

Get the Switchin skin here

37. Orange Glow

The Interface of Orange Glow

This Rainmeter skin is very attractive, with orange effects. It has CD art display, icon packager and much more. The sub-modules have attractive orange highlights and matching cursors.

It displays information such as system info, network info, disk info, weather, your favorite photos slideshow and so much more.

Get the Orange Glow skin here

38. Meteor Glimps

meteor glimps rainmeter skin
The Meteor Glimps Interface

This skin is a classy Rainmeter skin which displays all the required information in a neat way. It has Winamp circles, Rocket docks sublime icons, Digital circles, a flying saucer to switch On/Off and much more.

Get the Meteor Glimps skin here

39. Get Batman as your Rainmeter Skins

The Interface of Batman

The Batman Rainmeter skin will transform your desktop into a Dark Knight themed display. This skin is highly customizable and displays information like RAM and CPU usage, time, network traffic, data and much more.

Batman Skin is great for those who like dark Rainmeter themes on their desktop.

Get the Batman skin here

40. Spectrum Launcher

spectrum launcher rainmeter skin
The Interface of Spectrum Launcher

This is a classy Rainmeter skin. Spectrum Launcher displays all the information in the center. It fits all kinds of wallpapers and has a large hidden full-screen launcher with an awesome animation.

The skin is highly configurable and comes with a color bar with almost 560 icons.

Get the Spectrum Launcher skin here


We have listed the best and the most versatile Rainmeter Skins for your desktop. These skins don’t just change the look of your desktop, they also add important functionalities to your desktop; they make your desktop both attractive and functional. So have fun choosing the best one you like from the list.

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