Google+FacebookHow do you pick between two social networks? Are you torn over using Google+ or Facebook? If so, the Google+Facebook can bring you the best of both your social networks.

Google+Facebook is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows you to integrate Facebook feed into your Google+ Stream. This allows you to check in on both social networks from Google+ without having to log in to both to keep up to date with everything going on.

Crossrider developed the Google+Facebook extension for Chrome and Firefox. Crossrider is working on making the extension available in Internet Explorer, but for the time being, it only works for Firefox and Chrome.

How to get Google+Facebook for Chrome

If you are interested in using Google+Facebook for Chrome, you want to visit Crossrider’s website.

Once at the website, you can click on “Get Google+Facebook.” If you do not feel comfortable installing the extension on Crossrider’s website, you can go to the Chrome Web Store to install the app as well.

Get Google+Facebook

If you clicked the link, you will be asked by Chrome to continue with the install at the bottom left of your browser window. Click “Continue.”

Continue to install extension

A pop-up will appear alerting you to what the extension can access during your browsing sessions. If you approve, click “Install.”

Install extension

Google+Facebook is now installed in Google Chrome.

How to get Google+Facebook for Firefox

If you are interested in using Google+Facebook for Firefox, you also want to start at Crossrider’s website.

When there, you want to click on “Get Google+Facebook.”

A small pop-up will appear in the left-hand corner of Firefox. Click “Allow” to begin the installation process.

Allow Firefox add-on install

The add-on will download itself.

Firefox add-on downloading

Then, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the installation of Google+Facebook. Click “Install” to continue.

Installing Firefox add-on

Another pop-up will appear in the top left of the browser. Just click “Restart Now” to get started with Google+Facebook in Firefox.

Add-on install complete

How to start using Google+Facebook Extension

Once you have installed the extension in either Chrome or Facebook, you want to login to your Google+ account.

You will notice a Facebook icon on your Google+ toolbar. Click on the Facebook Icon.

Facebook icon on Google+ toolbar

Now, click on “Connect with Facebook.”

Connect with Facebook

You will be required to give SocialAnywhere access on Facebook to share your feed with Google+. If you are okay with that, click on “Allow” to continue.

Allowing access

Whenever you click on the Facebook tab in Google+, your Facebook feed will be loaded into Google+. You can read your feed, interact with updates and update your Facebook status from within Google+.

Facebook on Google+ Stream

How do you choose between social networks?

No matter what social network you use, it is getting increasingly harder to figure out which one is “the best.” Google+ and Facebook are in an ever-increasing battle to out social network one another. As more and more features roll out, those who have jumped ship to Google+ may find themselves torn over what to do with their old Facebook accounts.

Since not everyone will want to give up their Facebook profiles, you may miss out on updates from family and friends. Extensions like the Google+Facebook add-on for Firefox and Chrome make it easier so that you do not have to give up either one, you can simply keep on social networking the way you enjoy.

Get the Google+Facebook extension.

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