Are you tired of receiving forwarded or marketing emails from known and unknown senders?  Here is how to block emails on Gmail that you’re not interested in.

Since we receive and send emails every day, it is a part of our everyday life. An email is a vital tool for all of us for being in touch with people for personal as well as professional reasons. Thankfully, Gmail lets us manage that pretty well by marking them as ‘Spam.’

However, this method is not foolproof. Certain emails will still find a way to your inbox. Unwanted messages find your way through two sources.

The examples of known sources would be the organizations that you are not currently associated with, and yet you are still on their mailing list. All unknown emails sources would include promotional messages, business purpose, advertisements, or even fake promises of financial gains enticement.

So, how do you block emails on Gmail that you’re not interested in? Here are five easy ways to block emails on Gmail.

How to Block Someone on Gmail

1. Block a Specific Sender

You can block a specific person/email-id in Gmail from sending you any emails.

These are the simple steps:

(i) Log in with your credentials into your Gmail account.

(ii) Go to inbox and open the email of the person you want to block.

(iii) Click on Menu option the one with three vertical dots. (you will find it next to the reply button in the message header)

(iv) Click on block name from the drop-down options.

Selecting the ‘Menu’ option to block a specific contact

2. Block Senders by Manually Setting up Filters

You can also block emails on Gmail from a sender you never want to hear again from by manually setting up filters.

(i) Click on the triangle on the search bar.

Gmail account Search Box

(ii) Type one or multiple names/email ids that you want to block under the From option.

(iii) Click on Create Filter at the bottom.

Filter Creation Option in Gmail

(iv) Select Delete it from the dialog box that appears.

(v) Click on Create Filter.

Select an Action For The Filter You Created

3. Automatically Block/Delete Marketing Emails

Receiving too many unimportant newsletters and marketing emails? Unsubscribe to them automatically by asking Gmail to do so instead of going through the tedious process of doing it manually every time.

(i) Click on the triangle on the search bar.

(ii) Type the word ‘Unsubscribe’ next to – Has these words.

Writing ‘Unsubscribe’ next to ‘Has the words’ before creating the filter.

(iii) Click on Create Filter.

(iv)  Select Delete it from the drop-down menu options.

(v) Click on Create Filter again.

4. Block Unwanted Group Emails

It can be a tedious process to scan through your inbox to look for messages that are subscriptions. But, you can avail Gmail’s search message service to look for the messages that have ‘unsubscribe’ links.

(i) Go to the search bar and type ‘unsubscribe.’

(ii) A list of messages will appear, all of them containing links to unsubscribe.

Searching for emails that give unsubscribe option.

There are two methods by which you can unsubscribe to the unwanted messages.

1. By using the Unsubscribe email link- You can block emails on Gmail by using the Unsubscribe email link.

You need to scroll down to the bottom of the message to click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link. The disadvantage of using this method is that you will have to go through the entire length of the email.

Unsubscribe from unwanted messages.
Click on ‘Unsubscribe’ to avoid any future messages

2. By using Gmail’s Unsubscribe Feature-  You can block emails on Gmail by using Gmail’s Unsubscribe Feature.

Gmail identifies the messages that come with an unsubscribe link. You will see an ‘unsubscribe’ link next to the sender’s name at the top of the message.

Click on “Unsubscribe” to Avoid Getting Future Messages

5. Alternative way – Block by Using a Chrome Extension

Not the most ideal way of blocking someone on Gmail, but you can try this method if you want to explore a different process.

Please note: You should be using Google Chrome as your browser for this.

(i) Add Google Chrome extension called Block sender for Gmail from the Google Web Store.

Download Block Sender Extension from Chrome Web Store.

(ii) Once you have your Gmail account open, go to inbox and open the email of the person you want to block.

(iii) You will see a new Block button added.

(iv) You can choose whether you would want to block all emails from the sender or emails regarding a particular subject.

Block emails from a particular sender

(v) A confirmation message will ask you if you would like to undo the action.

How to Unblock Some on Gmail?

Want to unblock a sender you blocked previously?

There are two ways by which you can do it –

1. If you already have the sender’s messages in your mailbox, click on the message and click on ‘unblock sender.’

‘Unblock sender’ by clicking on the message sent by him/her.

2. If you do not have the sender’s messages in your mailbox, here’s what you can do –

(i) Click on Settings or the gear icon.

(ii) Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu list.

(iii) Click on the Filtered and Blocked Addresses section.

(iv) Tick off next to the name/email address of the person you want to unblock.

(v) Click on ‘Unblock selected addresses.’

Selecting ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ and unblocking the desired sender.


You can, therefore, lessen the myriad of unwanted messages you fall prey to daily by blocking emails on Gmail by using Gmail’s blocking features.

Are you receiving spam emails from a particular company continuously?

Sick of the follow-up emails you get irrespective of whether you’ve read the previous one or not?

Bombarded with marketing emails, you haven’t subscribed to?

In the above article, we’ve listed all the probable ways in which you can block emails on Gmail from a specific sender, emails of any particular type and also the process for unblocking, in case you decide to change your mind.

So, go ahead and make your Gmail account more secure and your inbox more organized.

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